Hey Its Anna, You Remember Me?

Anna was best friends with Niall Horan. That is, until he became famous. They were the cutest little guys, and when Anna moved from Mullingar, Ireland, they E-mailed, phoned eachother and texted. But that stopped suddenly and he wouldnt answer to her texts. First it was days... days became weeks, weeks became months... months became years... 12 years and she still remembered him back from when they were 6.. And Anna still waits for that phone call...
But she gets lucky. One Direction coming to where she moved; New York! Buying Front row tickets. Oh not to mention the meet&Greet. But her dream of Niall remembering her... Can it still happen?
And if it does, will he have changed?


8. He Understands ~Message~

I'm kinda having a writers block :/ No fun, but i'll try my best for drama, pain, tears, Oooh maybe fights even? Heehee... 
Happy Reading!

Anna's POV

As Louis walked me home, I kept thinking if I could tell/trust him about the major issues in my life. I just wanted more people to talk to besides my mom. I have no dad, and Niall doesn't have time for me anymore...

"Is something wrong love?" Louis stopped and gently took my shoulders so I was facing him. I guess he saw the frown on my face.

"Well, not really."

He pulled me over to one of the benches on the sidewalk and nudged me over to him. It felt awkwardly comfortable being so close to Louis. But Niall wouldnt like that. Or would he even care...?

"Anna. You have to understand me when I say this. You can tell me anything thats going on in your life, And I will promise not to tell a soul, Or be the crazy Louis that I am."

I smiled at the last part. He's so sweet, I guess I might as well tell him.

"Umm...Ok. It all started that day of the car accident. I was looking forwards to a baby sister, more than mom was! And when she didn't make it, I was heartbroken. I... I started cutting myself, saying it was my fault for not getting my mom to the hospital sooner, It was my fault for not protecting my mom more than I did." I sniffed, as the tears stained my cheeks.

Louis took his thumb and slid my tears away, ever so gently. I scooted closer to him, leaning my head on his shoulder.

"And... Then I tried to commit suicide." Louis tensed up and then relaxed. "Anna." 

"No let me go on." "You don't necessarily have to An." Louis Tomlinson just gave me a nick name, mental note: Fangirl. 

"I tried it on my stomach. It hurt like living hell, actually so bad I thought I was dead. And I didn't do it just because of the death of my lovely non-born sister, Also for Niall. I was so sad and heartbroken that the most best friend anyone on the galaxy could ever have, almost forgot about me. So I tried... but passed out before I could cut my stomach again."

"Oh Anna, please promise me that you wouldn't ever do that to me. EVER!" Louis pulled me closer, if that was possible. 

"I can't promise you. But then after that when I was out of the hospital, I started doing drugs..." My voice cracked at the last word. Memories of my past flowed through my head vioently, like it was threatening to make my brain burst open.

"Anna..." He took my face in his hands so I stared right at him. I tried so hard not to lean in and kiss him. But he suprised me by leaning in to kiss me. I kissed him back. It felt like all of my pain was just being sucked out of me. It felt so wrong kissing Louis, knowing I thought I loved Niall. But maybe this was meant to be?

We both pulled away at the same time, and I just kept searching his eyes, as if the answer to all my problems was in there. 

"I've been wanting to do that for so long." Louis smiled and held me there. I layed my head on his chest, curling up on his lap. 

"Your light as a feather. How much do you weigh An?"

I hated it when people asked me this. I used to be teased about my weight when I was at high school last year. So ever since then I have been starving myself everyday. One time I went to my docter and she said if I didnt eat a bit more soon, I was going to die.

"75pounds." I muttered. I hoped he didnt hear it, but I guess he did. 

"OH MY FLACKING CARROT CAKES!" Louis slowly got me off his lap and stood up, grabbing my arm. "WERE GOING TO NANDO'S!" 

"I'm not hungry." I was actually starving, but you know.. yeah.

"No Jimmy Protested! You are getting something to eat!" I was a bit glad he was making me eat. 

I decided to walk with him and check twitter. *Idk if ANY of the twitter names I use are real, so if they r and it's your twitter or sumthin, Sorry!*

@Gracylynn134: @Annalove<3 You don't deserve Louis! Stop being a slut, I've seen you around wit Niall.

@Nina327: @Annalove<3 OMG you slut! you filthy little slag LAY OFF LOUIS!

@Stephanieluvsu776: Holy shit @Annalove<3 you DONT deserve Louis. you fucking whore.

How did they find out me and Louis were together? I scrolled ot the next tweet, my eyes blurry from the tears warning me that I was about to cry. 

"Anna what's up?" Louis put his arm aorund my waist and I put my phone back into my pocket, not wanting to really know any of the other things people said. 

"It's nothing." I stared down at my feet.

"Remember what I said before." He whispered so close into my ear, sending shivers down my spine.

"I know, it's nothing. I need to go, text me tomorrow?"

He looked a bit shocked that I'd taken off so soon. But he allowed it. 

"Fine." He smiled and kissed my forehead.

"Bye Lou."


I ran all the way home. I slowed to a walk when I turned on my street, and I saw someone standing on my porch. As if they were waiting for me. 

I squinted my eyes to see better, and soon enough I was at the bottom of the steps.

The person was holding a magazine, on the front cover was a picture of me and Louis on the bench, kissing.

Oh shit.

"Why didn't you tell me? Why, Anna?"
It was Niall.


Yep, I know. Crazy huh? This is meant to be a Niall Horan fan-fic. Just so you know it IS  NOT a Louis one.
I feel like a loner. I feel like nobody is reading this story so I shouldn't even go on with it...
If you like it, please share with friends? vote/fan/comment? I still need the new title name voting's... I haven't got any. Wow, this is hopeless.

I try my best.. 
Happy Reading

P.S I have a busy weekend, Sleepovers and birthday parties. SO I cant update on saturday, maybe late sunday night. I'm not sure so I posted 2 chapters today to hopefully make up for it!

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