Hey Its Anna, You Remember Me?

Anna was best friends with Niall Horan. That is, until he became famous. They were the cutest little guys, and when Anna moved from Mullingar, Ireland, they E-mailed, phoned eachother and texted. But that stopped suddenly and he wouldnt answer to her texts. First it was days... days became weeks, weeks became months... months became years... 12 years and she still remembered him back from when they were 6.. And Anna still waits for that phone call...
But she gets lucky. One Direction coming to where she moved; New York! Buying Front row tickets. Oh not to mention the meet&Greet. But her dream of Niall remembering her... Can it still happen?
And if it does, will he have changed?


11. Feelings

Louis' POV

I was starting to like Anna. But I knew Niall had some feelings for her. This isn't good. I have Emily, Niall has Eleanor. maybe I'll just call it off with Em? Yeah, I really need to.

I dialed Emily's number.

"Hey Louis!'

"Hey Emily, look. We need to umm... break up."

"It's ok Louis, I was thinking the same thing. I mean, I have some feelings for someone else."

"Really? Me too." 

"So no hard feelings?"

'Nope. But we can still be friends."

"Of course!"

"Ok, bye then!"

"Bye Lou!"

Well that went better than I thought. I thought about going over to Anna's maybe. Yep... perfect idea.

I called her.

"Hey Louis, what's up?"

"Not much really, hey I was wondering if you wanted to hangout tonight?"

"Sure, sleepover at my place?"


"Great, be here in an hour!"

"Ok, bye!"

Well, now I have plenty of time to tell her how I really feel. I dont want to hurt Niall though. I mean I've seen the way he looks at her. I packed my red and white striped tee and my white skinny jeans and suspenders. I slipped on a pair of blue TOMS and headed out the door with my bag. I knew it would take quite a while to get over to her place and I wanted to stop for a coffee at starbucks. So I should just leave now. 

I thought about driving but then decided against it. I went into starbucks and saw Emily in the corner, playing on her phone. 


I didn't want her seeing me, I walked up to the cashier and ordered my coffee with 1 coffee 2 sugar, and quickly went out the door, as I heard her call

"Hey Lou!"

I ran to the trash bin and crouched behind it, spilling coffee on my TOMS. and some on my brand new white knitted jumper. 

God damnit.

I saw Emily come out of the shop and she turned her head towards my direction. I prayed that she wouldn't see me. I got lucky.

I stepped out from behind the trash bin as she dissapeared around the corner. I meam shes nice and all but shes really annoying, and very nosy.

I stepped out away from my hiding place and continued towards Anna's place. I couldn't wait to get there! Although Niall may get upset with me. But my love for her i'm afraid, is tooo strong for me to really care.


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