Hey Its Anna, You Remember Me?

Anna was best friends with Niall Horan. That is, until he became famous. They were the cutest little guys, and when Anna moved from Mullingar, Ireland, they E-mailed, phoned eachother and texted. But that stopped suddenly and he wouldnt answer to her texts. First it was days... days became weeks, weeks became months... months became years... 12 years and she still remembered him back from when they were 6.. And Anna still waits for that phone call...
But she gets lucky. One Direction coming to where she moved; New York! Buying Front row tickets. Oh not to mention the meet&Greet. But her dream of Niall remembering her... Can it still happen?
And if it does, will he have changed?


10. Ermm, Why is your head in the toilet?

Hey little carrots, sorry I took long to update AGAIN! But i'll try and update more often now, yeah? I was planning on making this 2 books a.k.a a sequel, but I don't think so anymore. I might just start another 1D fan-fic after i'm done this one. But it won't be for a while so I don't have to worry! SORRY IT'S SO SHORT!

xx Happy Reading


Anna's POV

I couldn't believe I saw Niall walking down the street, his hair was almost flat, his clothes looked a bit dirty and he hadn't shaved. Someone didn't get to sleep.


He stopped and turned around. 


"Why are you like, dressed in yesterdays clothes with no hair gel in and you didn't shave?"

"I kinda spent the night on your porch hoping you would talk to me."

I couldn't believe he just said that, but I believed it for some odd reason.

"Well I'm sorry." I replied, tears starting to well up.

"C'mon Niall, your going back to the hotel."


Niall's POV

She apologized, and thats all that matters. And now here we are, standing in front of my temporary home... the hotel suite.

Zayn answered the door.

"Hey Niall! Hello, An. C'mon in!" Zayn opened the door and we were led into a VERY messy living room. 

The boys tipped the couch and it had silly string all over it, I take it the couch was used for a shield. Louis was crouched behind it, aiming for Harry's head with his silly string. Harry had on a bra, god knows where he got that. And 2 socks dangling from his ears. Louis had a carrot hat on, followed by his suspenders wrapped around his ears as well. there was green, yellow, pink and blue silly string in every spot you could think of. Even on the lamp shade.

I cleared my throat.

'Erm, boys, where the hell is Liam?"

Louis dropped his silly string.

"Umm, Shopping?"

"Louis, tell the truth!"

"He's shopping!"

"Anna, come here." Anna walked over and I whispered to her my plan. Let's hope she would do it.

"Gotcha Nialler."

She sexily walked over to Louis. 

"Now Lou-lou, where's Liam?"

She traced her finger around his lips, making him shiver. 

"Ummm... I said shoppinng." It took all my might not to burst out laughing.

"Naughty boy, I know your lying. Perhaps I need to arrange a punishment." She winked at him and started to rub against him. This was too good.

"AHHH OK OK OK WE TIED HIM UP IN THE BATHROOM JUST DON'T RAPE ME!" Louis ran and grabbed his silly string gun, arming himself. 

"Bloody hell, Louis!" Anna ran into the bathroom to find a sleeping Liam, head in the toilet. 

"Errmm, why is your head in the toilet?" Anna took Liam's head and spun him around.

"I was thirsty." 

"There's a tap right there. I thought you were supposed to be the smart one?"

Liam grinned and got up, untying his hands from the rope Louis put around him.


"Jeez, Li. No need to be so cranky." Harry smiled cheekily and started cleaning up with Louis.

Yep it's short, sorry! 
Happy Reading xx


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