Hey Its Anna, You Remember Me?

Anna was best friends with Niall Horan. That is, until he became famous. They were the cutest little guys, and when Anna moved from Mullingar, Ireland, they E-mailed, phoned eachother and texted. But that stopped suddenly and he wouldnt answer to her texts. First it was days... days became weeks, weeks became months... months became years... 12 years and she still remembered him back from when they were 6.. And Anna still waits for that phone call...
But she gets lucky. One Direction coming to where she moved; New York! Buying Front row tickets. Oh not to mention the meet&Greet. But her dream of Niall remembering her... Can it still happen?
And if it does, will he have changed?


4. Concert Tears ~Message~

Anna's POV

I woke up to my alarm, So get out get out get outta my head! And fall into my arms instead! I dont I dont dont know what it is! But I need that One Thing and you've got that; One Thing!"

"Jesus Christ I'm uppp!!!" I hit my alarm clock, maybe a bit too hard. Oh Shit I honestly had a nap while waiting to go to a  concert?? I know it starts at 9pm. I looked at the time. 7:32pm. Well at least I didnt sleep any later... 

"Mom, Im off to the concert!!"

"I'll text you if Im home or not, I might be at Jeff's"


"Oh oops um ok honey bye!"

"Mom who in the name of hell is Jeff?"

"My boyfriend?"

"MOM! Why didnt you tell me?!"

"Well i knew you would act like this so I didn't"

"Alrighty, oh shit my phone."

I ran upstairs once again to my bedroom. Grabbed my phone and realized I havent checked it in a while.

7 Missed Calls From: NiallBear<3
13 Missed Texts From: NiallBear<3
2 Voice Mails From: NiallBear<3

I delete the calls, and the voice mails were just 'Hope to see you at the concert.' greetings. I open each text:

Niall: Hey
         Ummm... well call me back
         OMGGGG I have news... 
       Are you sleeping?


The rest were 'Hello?'s

I replied back

Anna<3: Jesus christ Niall!! Text me alot much? 

I waited a few minutes in the driveway, using my self-phone camera to apply make-up. A bit more eyeliner and- MY PHONE of course HAS TO VIBRATE as soon as i touch my eye with the liner. I hope it doesnt look to noticable.

Niall: I have bad news Anna!! Come to the concert and go through the backstage area and i'll tell security to let you through.

Anna<3: Kay Niall... :|

I hope its nothing that bad.


Still Anna's POV

I see the concert hall and walk out back. Woah.. 20.. 30.. 40.. at least 50 security guards. I knew One Direction was famous, but not THIS famous! 

"Umm. ma'm this is a private area, I am afraid I am going to have to ask you to leave."

"Niall said I was allowed in, he texte-:"


Niall came running towards me. I hugged him smiling at how crazy he is. Oh how I love my Nialler. Do I love him? Of course... Am I IN LOVE with him? I think so....

"Anna I have extremely bad newws and I hate it!" 

"Niall calm yourself and get your ass in the studio!"

We walked/ran inside. Well this isnt something I see everyday.. One Direction getting make-up put on. Niall drags me into a supplies closet with buckets, brooms, and a few cleaning sprays.

"Management.. they wanted that meeting because ... b-b-because there forcing me to date someone for me to get noticed a bit.. And shes really rude. Her name is Eleanor shes a model."

The thought of Niall having a girlfriend, Oh My God. 

"Nialler, how long do you guys have to date?"

"Until One Direction splits up."

I knew that probably wasnt gonna happen anytime soon, it probably will never happen.

"Oh, I'm sorry."

"It's Fine. infact shes here right now.."

I took Nialls hand and we both came out of the closet *Dont take that the wrong way (;* 
Just as a girl probably Eleanor, came running in front of me, knocking me down while still managing to cling onto Niall like nothing she did was wrong.

"Nialler I've missed you soo soo much!"

Nialler? I thought I made that name! I thought it was between only me and Niall!? Eleanor turned around and gave me a disgusted look.

"Who the hell is she?"

"My friend, Anna."

"Dont be friends with her!! She's ugly, fat and well, ugly."

I felt hurt, because Im a person that gets hurt over anything. So of course she made me cry. Tears pricked at my eyes as one rolled down my cheek. 

"Aww, did I make you cry? Too bad your lonely and don't have anyone to cry on! And dont even THINK About touching Niall ever again. I'm watching you."

Niall was about to say something to me and Eleanor but i turned on my heel and ran into the stadium. I stood in my row where some girls were starting to pile up. Great, now I have my own personal stalker. 

Hey hey heeeyy!! so how'd ya like that? And sorry to Eleanor fans... I LOVE HER SOOOO SOO MUCH BUT I NEEDED A CHARACTER! By the way this chapter is only the beginning to a few twists (; And sorry for any mistakes I didnt edit this one, I'm too lazy. Anyways this is IMPORTANT!! Well.. for people that read this and come on everyday to see if I updated... I UPDATE ONCE A DAY!! But if I ever have spare time I either get started on another chapter or actually FINISH a chapter XD Well I think I talked enough...
Happy Reading my little Carrots (Thats what I call u now!!)

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