Runescape: The Wake of Daemonheim

After the discovery of Daemonheim; the Fremennik try desperately hard to keep what goes in and out of Daemonheim. But two ambitious adventurers who've hardened their way into the heart of Daemonheim and defied the rules by bringing their weaponry into the air of Daemonheim. They will face the consequences... but will they perish in Daemonheim's wake?


2. The Plot

"What now?" Nero asked as the two disengaged off the ship, passing by adventurers who were walking alone and passing those who were in a group. As the two neared the entrance Nero grabbed Aran's shoulder,

"Listen to me... we mess this up; we'll be stripped of our titles." Aran was reluctant to listen and he continued to walk. The Freminnek banker stood ahead of them screaming,

"No weapons, armors, foods, whatever it is you have inside of Daemonheim! Everything is put in the bank!" Aran and Nero walked passed the man slowly and soon passed the instructors. Nero's eyes landed on Isabella again, unarmed this time. She turned back,

"Oh hey, its sore loser Nero!" as she walked over hugging him. Nero's eyes backed out.

"Oh hi Isabella..." was all he could mutter. But she let go and looked at the cave,

"Ready to go into Daemonheim? I came without anyone, and I figured I could join you guys." Aran looked at Nero, shaking his head vigorously. Nero looked back at Isabella,

"Okay... but promise me you'll agree to what we'll do." Nero paused,

"We're sneaking our equipment into Daemonheim..." Isabella was about to object but Aran cupped her mouth punched her in the gut, rendering her unconscious.

"Shit! Aran! Why!?" Aran shrugged,

"I panicked..."

Shaking his head, Nero looked back and saw no one being attentive. Immediately he pulled Aran over,

"Lets get ready..." He immediately slunk down into the cave. Aran looked over his shoulder and slinging Isabella, walked into the cave as well...

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