Runescape: The Wake of Daemonheim

After the discovery of Daemonheim; the Fremennik try desperately hard to keep what goes in and out of Daemonheim. But two ambitious adventurers who've hardened their way into the heart of Daemonheim and defied the rules by bringing their weaponry into the air of Daemonheim. They will face the consequences... but will they perish in Daemonheim's wake?


1. Landing: To Daemonheim

"What bothers you?" Nero asks, placing his hands on Aran's armor, feeling the cold air placed droplets of water on Aran's Adamant armor. His breaths were uneasy, his arms were shaking, his eyes peered left and right. His scimitar hung aimlessly down his belt as he rose up and walked over to the head of the ship.

"Nero... how do you feel about what we are about to do?" Nero scoffed, lifting his robin hood hat over his head and dusting off his red dragonhide chaps as he walked up to Aran. Pulling up a dagger he placed it near Aran's neck,

"I tell you one more time Aran. We can possess the power of Daemonheim if we allow our armor to be infected." Aran pushed back Nero's hand and walked away, opening the crude wooden door of the ship and stumbling as the giant hull rocked back and forth. Nero slumped onto the deck as he watched the Fremennik's pull their lines. One of them screamed,

"Land! We've reached Daemonheim!" and Nero got up. Dozens of adventurers poured out of the cabin and cheered. As Nero looked around, he saw a familiar face; a woman with red hair as she walked out of the ship as she proudly wore the gleaming Dragon armor and the Abyssal whip hanging from her waist. Her helmet directly at her side and wearing her Cape of Strength defiantly as she strutted off the ship first. She made one dashing look back and met Nero's eyes. His eyes widened, his breath became rash,

"Isbella..." he muttered.

Aran walked past Nero.

"Its time..." Aran murmured

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