The Nightmares

A girl named sophie finds a black pencil in the woods and takes it home. She startes to get horrible nightmares about terrible things, she draws the nightmares and the nightmares dont just happen when shes asleep. I rated this yellow because it is slightly a horror story (or will be) so if you get nightmares easily, even if it doesn't scare you when you are awake, dont read this.


2. Chapter Two



When Sophie woke the next day, she felt strange, as though, there was something not quite right about her room. She realized that there was something warm and heavy, lying on her feet. She jumped, and whatever it was on her feet was thrown violently to the floor!

Sophie heard a little whimpering sound coming from the floor at the foot of her bed, Sophie threw aside her sheets and crawled cautiously to the end of her huge four poster bed. Once she had reached the edge, Sophie peered over the end of the bed, so slow that you could barely make out that she was moving.

It was a lion! A lion cub! Sophie gaped at the little creature; it had a tuft of fur between its ears…. Sophie had drawn a tuft of hair on her lion exactly like that! It was almost as if it was the lion she had drawn. It suddenly dawned on Sophie that if it was the lion the she had drawn, Then her drawing would be a blank piece of paper.

Sophie jumped of her bed and ran over to her desk, the drawing wasn't blank..... it just wasn't there! It was gone! Sophie felt faint , she was struggling to draw breath. Then, everything went black. 

When Sophie woke out of her faint, the little lion was standing on her torso. He was pawing her black hair and sniffing her face with his little wet nose. Sophie moved her arm slightly and one of the lions claws scratched her and made her bleed. "OW!" Sophie cried out. The lion looked at her with wide, innocent eyes. "Don´t look at me like that!" Said Sophie, "First things first young lion, you need to get your nails cut." 

 (small time lapse)


Sophie had finished cutting the lions nails and was now watching ´The Lion King´ with her lion on her lap. Strangely, Sophie had absolutely no idea as to what she should name her lion. Suddenly, Sophie had a minor brainwave,´why not name her lion after one of the lions in ´The Lion King´ "OK Lion, I am going to call you Simba. 

Simba looked up at Sophie, he seemed to understand her and he looked, strangely, like he was smiling.  He seemed pleased with his new name and he snuggled into her lap, practically asking to be petted and Sophie smiled. It would be the last time she smiled with inner-warmth for a long time. 

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