The Nightmares

A girl named sophie finds a black pencil in the woods and takes it home. She startes to get horrible nightmares about terrible things, she draws the nightmares and the nightmares dont just happen when shes asleep. I rated this yellow because it is slightly a horror story (or will be) so if you get nightmares easily, even if it doesn't scare you when you are awake, dont read this.


3. Chapter Three


Sophie was walking in a forest. It was her Uncles , she knew it well. She saw the delicate green leaves, the dappled sunlight, smelt the fragrant woodland air and heard the birds wings flap, as they flew in and out of the trees. Yet, something was not right. The trees seemed to be whispering, trying to tell her something, to warn her. Sophie stopped walking, she had come to a little clearing of the trees. A single red rose grew in the centre. 

Sophie moved forwards to touch the rose, she bent down to smell its sweet perfume. As soon as she had bent down the rose grew, bigger and bigger and bigger. The beautiful trees all around her turned to charred stumps, a mere memory of what was. The air seemed to be choking her. The rose was horrible, twisted and shrivelled. From each of the horrible blood red petals, a creature emerged writhing in shadow and dust, and as those evil things began to emerge from the shadow, Sophie woke up. 

Sweating,  Sophie sat up. Her heart was racing one million times a minute. She hated dreams and she absolutely loathed nightmares. She was breathing heavily as if see had just been running. She thought of waking her mother, but then she remembered that her mother was dead and that was the only reason she was still living here.

Her uncle was her mothers brother, he had taken Sophie in when she was 2 months old. Sophie´s parents had died in a car crash. Sophie wept now. Thinking of the family she had lost, she hated it when people kept reminding her that she looked like her parents. She did not want to be reminded of them.

Sophie thought that pre-mature death seemed to run in the family. Her sister had died at the age of 12, when Sophie´s mother was not even born yet. No-one would tell Sophie how she had died, every time she asked they would just say "when you are older, we will tell you." Sophie was 13 now. How much older would she have to get before they would eventually tell her?

Simba crawled onto Sophie's lap. He saw that she was unhappy and was trying to comfort her and for a moment, she was comforted. Until Mrs River came into Sophie's room and the early morning peace was shattered by a high pitched, piercing scream!   



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