The Nightmares

A girl named sophie finds a black pencil in the woods and takes it home. She startes to get horrible nightmares about terrible things, she draws the nightmares and the nightmares dont just happen when shes asleep. I rated this yellow because it is slightly a horror story (or will be) so if you get nightmares easily, even if it doesn't scare you when you are awake, dont read this.


1. Chapter One

Sophie was running through her uncle´s forest, her arms out-stretched and letting the leaves of the trees slide effortlessly though her fingers. Her hair was flying wildly about her head. She closed her eyes and kept running blindly through the trees. This was not a very wise thing to do, as she soon found out, because she fell over an old rotting tree.

Sophie had, instinctively closed her eyes even tighter as she fell, however when she opened them again, she found her eyes level with a black pencil, fully sharpened and with a gold inscription at the un-sharpened end. It read “Sophie ” Just “Sophie ”. It seemed like that pencil belonged to her. Sophie felt that she simply, could not leave it lying there.  

She stood up, not noticing the blood running from her shredded knee. Sophie reached down and gingerly picked up the pencil. She straightened up and cupped it in her hand, and held it gently, like it was a living thing. Carefully, Sophie slid the pencil into her deep pockets and ran back to her uncle’s mansion, her home.


Once she was inside the great hall, Sophie stopped, as she always did. She looked around her and stared at the ancient chandelier, the Victorian furniture and the generations of family portraits, covering the walls. Sophie ran up the staircase, ancient, grand and wide enough to be someone’s living room. She ran across the landing to her room.

Sophie’s room would have been the suite of the Lady of the house, in the olden days. Its doors were made of solid oak, carved with intricate patterns. The curtains were made of silk so thin, that in the wind, it was blown like a leaf in autumn. The carpets were thick and Persian and a mahogany desk stood against the wall. The walls themselves, however, were covered with pictures of Sophie´s imaginary friends.

Sophie had two imaginary friends. One was called Olga and the other was called Chika. They were two girls who could shape-shift into any living thing, whether it was a plant, an animal or a sea creature.

Sophie´s favorite animal was a lion. So now she sat down at the giant desk and drew a lion cub. She was surprised that she drew so well with this new pencil she had found. It was sharp enough to draw with, but not sharp enough for it to snap, and, it did not seem to be getting any blunter.

Sophie wondered who had dropped the pencil and how long it had been lying in the woods. She thought that if pencils had feelings, it must have been very depressed, although, had she known any better, she would have known that all the time the pencil had been lying there, it had been plotting.

Sophie had finished drawing the lion cub, and for no apparent reason she drew her bed behind the lion. In such a way that made it look like the cub was sitting on her bed. Once she had finished colouring in her picture, it was time for Sophie to go and have her dinner, so she set her new-found pencil down on the desktop and ran out of her room and down the gigantic staircase.    

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