The Nightmares

A girl named sophie finds a black pencil in the woods and takes it home. She startes to get horrible nightmares about terrible things, she draws the nightmares and the nightmares dont just happen when shes asleep. I rated this yellow because it is slightly a horror story (or will be) so if you get nightmares easily, even if it doesn't scare you when you are awake, dont read this.


4. Chapter Four


Sophie stood, head bowed, shame-faced in her uncles office. He was telling her off for frightening the house-keeper and more importantly, HAVING A LION!!! "I am ashamed of you, Sophie." he said sadly "I am ashamed because I can only assume that you stole that lion from a Zoo somewhere. Where this Zoo is and how you got there..." "But I DIDNT steal it! It just APPERARED!Out of...NOWHERE!" Sophie didnt want to tell him her suspisions , because he would just think that she was insane.

Sophies uncle thought, Sophie NEVER tells lies and she isnt the kind of girl who would go to the Zoo to steal a LION, Ah, well. She can keep the lion."Sophie" He said "I have decided to trust you. Innocent until proven Guilty. You may keep the lion"

"YES! Uh , I mean, Thank you uncle, If you will excuse me , I have a lion to feed." And with that Sophie ran out of the room, Practically fell down the stairs and found herslef in the kitchen. "Mr Hather, do you have some raw meat that I could give to Simba?" "Yes, little treasure I have some nice meat for your puddy tat" He was messing around, Sophie pulled a face at him and took the meat "Thanks, Mr Hather" "ANY TIME, KID" He yelled back. But she was already half way up the stairs and did not hear him.

Back in her room Sophie gave Simba the slab of meat. He devoured it with relish, savouring the quality beef. He looked up at Sophie, hoping for more. "No more, Simba or else you will get fat!" The lion looked at Sophie, disappointedly."Come ON Simba! You cant expect me to get you a WHOLE animal, so just be contented with what you have. Lets go outside, we need some exercise." 

Sophie led Simba out of her room for the first time.He seemed overwhelmed by the ancient furniture and the endless portraits of adults with long noses and children with golden ringlets. He stood still at the sight of the ginormous Oak door.

Sophie pushed the door open and let Simba into her Uncles extensive gardens.     


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