The Nightmares

A girl named sophie finds a black pencil in the woods and takes it home. She startes to get horrible nightmares about terrible things, she draws the nightmares and the nightmares dont just happen when shes asleep. I rated this yellow because it is slightly a horror story (or will be) so if you get nightmares easily, even if it doesn't scare you when you are awake, dont read this.


5. Chapter Five


Thud Sophie shut the door and introduced Simba to the outside world. The Lion took one look at the trimmed bushes and flower beds, and decided that he wanted to go inside!

"Come on Simba, don´t tell me you´re scared of roses!" She says. He whimpers and his head bobs up and down, as if he is nodding, agreeing with what Sophie just said. "Haha! Follow me simba, I wnat to show you my Uncles forest!"

Sophie and Simba walk for about 5 minutes until they come to the woods. By now, Simba wasn`t scared of the outdoors, he was running along beside Sophie. However when he say the ancient trees, a new and daunting challenge, he stopped. They stood towering over him, massive compared with little him.

"You`re not scared of trees aswell are you?" said Sophie, jokingly.  Simba shrugged and followed Sophie into the forest.

[5 mins later]

Sophie was trying to find a space to sit down and eat the sandwiches she had snuck into her pocket. As she and Simba continued to walk, she came to a clearing. She had never seen this place before, which was strange because she came to these woods everyday.  The trees seemed restless, the wind seemed to be saying something, something in an ancient language that time had left behind. 

Sophie thought that this place would be great to stop and eat her lunch, so she found a tree with lowish branches and clambered up, then she carried simba up next to her. Then, just as she was about to bite into her first sandwich, when something made her stop. Simba could see nothing very interesting, except a little scrap of paper. Of course he couldn't read, otherwise he would have known that the paper said "Sophie" but the rest was just a pile of ashes on the floor.   


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