It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


9. Chapter 9: What A Way To Start A Holiday


Louis' P.O.V  I woke up and slowly opened my eyes and looked about and noticed that Louisa wasnt under my arm like she was last night, I quickly jumped up and looked about franticly, the balcony door was open and the curtain was gently flapping about in the gentle breeze. I heard a small muffled noise and I quickly grabbed one of the golf clubs that were in the bag that the hotel had given us as a complimentary item.   I slowly edged towards the door, club over my shoulder ready to come smashing down on the person that was outside, im pretty sure Squishy would have said something, I stood right outside the curtain and heard the muffles getting louder, ok Lou on the count of 3...  1...  2...  3...  "AAAHHHHHH!!!!" and with that I jumped outside and swung the club as hard as I could  "LOUIS!!"  I looked up and saw no-one... I looked down and saw Louisa holding a boys head in her hands, his body was slumped on the ground and his eyes were closed and Louisa was trying to wake him up.  I stood there awkwardly until Louisa looked up at me  "you knocked him out you idiot!"  I nodded slowly  "he shouldnt have been here"  "well I invited him in"  "but I thought he was a burgular and had kidnapped you"  "hes a guy I met at the breakfast bar earlier"  I paused and looked down and she returned to trying to wake him up, a big lump had formed on his head and it had gone purple/blue, I decided to try and lighten the mood  "well at least it was a good shot, definatly a hole in one"  she looked up at me sternly and I looked down, allowing her to continue. After about 10 minutes he finally came to, he sat up slowly, holding his head in pain  "eurghh, where am I?"  Louisa sighed  "still on the balcony, louis knocked you out"  he looked from her to me, he looked me up and down before looking back down at the floor  "with a golf club, what am I? A bloody burgular"  she nodded slowly  "thats what I said, no go get some clothes on Lou"  I looked down and realised I was still in my trackies, I slowly slumped back indoors mumbling about the fact that I still scored a hole in one.  I went into my room and got out some loose shorts and a loose top before walking into the bathroom and turning on the shower, although I swear I could have heard shouting.  When I was done I finished getting ready before walking out, Louisa was lifting up the sofa and looking about everywhere, almost like she had lost something  "what have you lost?"  she didnt answer and carried on looking. I sighed and flopped down onto the sofa, the part that she hadnt checked, she finally arrived at me  "please move Lou"  I shook my head   "not until you tell me why your in a mood and what you've lost"  she paused for a moment before sighing and standing up  "i know your my twin brother and your supposed to be the one that protects me from all the guys but you have to stop knocking them out with a bloody golf club!"  I jumped up  "it was one time!"  she held her hand up  "regardless!"  she paused and looked down before up at me  "remember when dad took me away that day?"  I paused and looked down before nodding  "well.. since then I had to learn to live without you, I fought my own fights, lost and won some, but I did it.. by myself.. I've been through guys that have done so much bad stuff" I lifted my head up but she shook hers  "see? Even now you want to do something when theyre the other side of the world, seriously Lou I love you so much but I just need to do things by myself sometimes"  I paused and nodded slowly, she nodded and sighed  "but I can still help you though?" I looked up hopeful, she looked up at me  "yeah its just hard now... remember when you always used to cut up my food because you thought it was in too big chunks for me to eat? Remember when you always licked the edges of my ice creams because you thought it would fall on me and you didnt want that? Remember when you would always climb the trees to get my kites down because you didnt think I could climb without hurting myself?”  I nodded slowly and saw a small twinkle in her eyes, she put her hands in mine  "well, im 20 now.. not a little girl... nows the time to let me cut my own food, lick my own ice cream and climb my own trees"  I paused before nodding, I saw tears form in her eyes and I could feel mine brimming up so I pulled her closer and wrapped my arms around her, she did the same and we stood in a hug, I leant my head on hers and she snuggled into me  "im sorry squishy... its just I havent seen you in so long and I only remember you as the little girl that needed me to do all that stuff but your not her now, your all grown up and its so difficult, I feel like dad right now because its almost like I wanted you to stay young and for me to grow up and look after you forever"  she looked up at me   "you do look after me and you always will but just... a little less than before, yeah?"  I nodded and kissed her head  "yeah"  we hugged again before I pulled away   "so... what have you lost?"  "my phone, I cant find it anyw-"  her sentence was interupted by my phone going off on the side, I walked over and looked at the caller ID before sighing and answering   "Alex! I said no phone calls!"  "Louis I need to talk to Louisa! Its something about harry!"  "MY HAZZA!" I shouted, beginning to worry like hell now "WHATS HAPPENED TO MY HAZZA!"   "nothing bad Louis calm down. Just pass me onto Louisa, she'll tell you later"  "fine. But your ruining our holiday!"  and with that I chucked the phone at Louisa who caught it, I mouthed 'Alex' to her and she nodded slowly mumbling something like 'I would never have guessed'   Louisa's P.O.V  "Yello Beautiful" I said down the phone to Alex  "I slept with HARRY STYLES!" she said quickly and my heart skipped about 5 beats, I began to feel anger rise, seriously how stupid could she be? She should know what harry was like  "what! Alex! You've only known him for a day!"  she obviously realised I was angry and tried to cool my temper  "i know, it just sorta happened. We were watching Grease with the boys, then I fell asleep on Harry, when I woke up the others had gone. And then one thing lead to another"  I sighed, still angry with her but I couldnt help but chuckle slightly, at least it was a good film  "we'll talk about this when I get home!"  she laughed  "have a nice holiday!"  I scoffed   "yeah right! Im not going to be able to sleep now I know you did it with harry!" I said between laughs, Louis' head instantly shot up  "SHE SLEPT WITH MY HAZZA!"   "gotta go, bye" Louisa said laughing before hanging up, I laughed and chucked Louis his phone back before walking off out onto the balcony, ignoring Louis' shouting  "SHE ACTUALLY SLEPT WITH HIM! LIKE MADE LOVE! LIKE HAD SEX WITH! LIKE LITERALLY" he stormed out to me and held up both his hands making a hole with his index finger and thumb with one hand and pointing but before he could do that action I rushed to him and held his hands down  "yeah louis I get it. She slept with him. Just dont go into that much detail yeah, its grossing me out enough"  he paused before nodding slowly and walking back in mumbling something like 'she still slept with him'   I chuckled slightly before turning back to the city. We were in Madrid somewhere but I have no clue what sights to go and see, I guess its just a case of either following Louis or exploring.... yeah time to explore.  About 10 minutes later I walked back indoors and saw Louis watching tv, he looked up at me   "you ok squishy?"  I nodded slowly before walking over to the door and pulling on his red espadrilles which matched my rolled up chinos and strapless top perfectly.   I put on some sunglasses and went to open the door  "and where are you going?"  I sighed and turned around to see Louis standing up with his arms folded.  "climbing my own tree"  he paused before slowly relaxing his arms and nodding   "ok but be back for-"  I raised my eyebrow at him, he sighed and nodded, smiling  "go lick your own ice cream"  I chuckled at him and he laughed, I opened the door and just as I was about to walk out I turned and rushed back over to him, leaping into his arms, he gave me a hug before letting me down and giving me a kiss on the forehead  "i love you squishy"  I smiled and kissed him on his nose  "i love you too boo"  he smiled and I smiled back before walking off and heading down to the hotel reception.  I was soon wandering around the streets of Madrid, I shoved my hands in my pocket and smiled, yeah I know this was mine and Louis' holiday but I needed at least one day to myself, mainly to get my head around the fact that ive actually got him back but its all happening really fast and I dont actually think I can keep up.   I sighed and put my hands in my back pockets instead and felt something cold, I pulled it out and brought it in front of me, my phone.  I chuckled slightly and unlocked it, 1 missed call from Alex, I chuckled and opened up the internet. I loaded up twitter and looked around, I saw a bench and jogged over and sat down, at least it was in the shade.   I clicked the Sign Up button and began to fill in the information, I soon had to check my emails and confirm it, I did as it said and I was soon loaded up onto twitter. I smiled and clicked new tweet  @LouisaTommoTheRealOne: finally got twitter! enjoying my holiday with Boo-Bear, so glad we're together again x  I clicked on the search button and began to follow certain people @Louis_Tomlinson, @Harry_Styles, @NiallOfficial, @Real_Liam_Payne and @zaynmalik. When I clicked on zayn's I couldnt help myself but look through some of his tweets.  All of them seemed so sweet and slightly philosphical but a few caught my eye, there were 5 all together, sent with small gaps between them.  1st one - when someone finds someone they've been searching for and you cant help but feel jealousy x  2nd one - getting told you cant have something you want so badly is so unbelievably painful   3rd one - I've been watching you from here, hoping that you'll overhear, my heart, it beats loud and clear, its all, its all for you..  4th one - why is it when I want something so small I cant have it...   5th one - and you still dont notice me, whatever I do  I paused before beginning to piece some things together, I closed down twitter and scanned through my contacts till I found my best friend Zach, I know it would cost a lot to ring so I decided to send him a quick text, even though it was still going to cost a bomb but I knew he would realise the seriousness of the conversation.   Zach had been my best friend for ages and I truly adored him, everyone reckoned that we should go out but we just havent managed it yet, we've had a few kisses when we were slightly tipsy at a party but it never went further, at one point I really liked him but I realised that I didnt want to ruin our friendship so we talked about it and decided to stay close mates, which is just the way I like it. Plus he was the only other one that knew I was Louis Tomlinson's twin  hey im on holiday atm with Lou! Yeah I found him, but I have a problem and I need my Zachy so when I get home im coming over, end of. I need you a lot now, love you idiot xxx   I sent that decided not to check my credit as it was probably all gone by sending that, wow I hate texting abroad.  I made a slow walk back to the hotel, lot of guys were watching me and I soon realised that I wasnt walking the right way, I began to look about to see if I recognised anywhere but I was in a fairly small courtyard area with only a few back alleys.  The sky was getting grey and murky and I really didnt like the look of it, I began to walk faster through different alleys trying to get somewhere that I recognised but it just wasnt happening.  "arent you beautiful?"  I turned quickly and saw a bunch of guys standing there smiling, yeah they looked kinda cute but they all had beer bottles and fags in their hands and I realised they werent my ideal boyfriend, they began to walk closer and I managed to count 7 of them. Crap.  I did the only thing I could and turned and ran, I could hear them following me and calling at me to stop and that they only wanted to be friends, yeah friends my arse. Pervs.  I had no clue where I was going and all these alleys and twistways were really not happening, it began to rain which also didnt help. I was skidding everywhere and just as I skidded a corner I went flying straight into a wall, I fell back instantly and felt my body crash onto the floor, I saw the boys lean over me looking down, oh brilliant wheres louis when you need him. I couldnt end like this, I just couldnt.  Just as one leant down to me I heard another muffled voice, my eyesight was going blurry and my hearing went funny so everyone sounded like they were muffling.   "leave her alone."  I saw the boys walk off and I heard lots of screams, like they were being beaten up... or they were beating someone up, whoever it was they were here to look after me... louis?  I could feel myself drifting off but I fought it to stay awake although the pain was horrible. I managed to stay awake to see someone lean over me, they were different to the other boys and I guessed this person to be the one that saved me, he came to my side and I felt his arms scoop me up and he stood up and began to walk slowly away, my eyelids closed and I drifted off but not before hearing a lot of paniced voices.  
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