It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


3. chapter 3: Till the end


Louisa's P.O.V I slowly grumbled and rolled over pushing my photos and top on the floor, my head was feeling extremely painful and I had a lump in my throat only making me cough and splutter like I was about to die. I sat up slowly and yawned again, I looked over at my bedside table, the clock said 8:29am. I groaned louder and fell backwards and closed my eyes   Alex's P.O.V I was sitting on the sofa eating breakfast when I felt my phone go off, I had been texting Harry and Niall and occasionaly Zayn, Harry and Niall had given me their numbers and I soon had all the boys and they had mine, Louisa being Louisa had regected the offers which the boys didn't like but they didn't complain that much. I opened the text  Harry - Well you'll like this suprise babe ;) xxx I sighed, Harry had been saying he had a suprise for me the past 3 hours, I sighed again before pulling my hair into a rough ponytail, I stood up and dumped my bowl and spoon in the sink before walking into my room. I quickly got changed into some shorts and a halter top, I trundled downstairs and before I could do anything else the doorbell went, I sighed and leant by the stairs looking up  "Door!" No answer, I sighed, if shes still asleep at, I paused and looked at my watch 13:39pm then shes in trouble, it was probably for her anyway "Louisa get the bloody door!" More silence, I sighed and stomped over to the door flinging it open. Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn were standing there grinning widely, Harry stepped forward and opened his arms "Suprise!"  I sighed and gave him a hug, I hugged the others before letting them past, I showed them into the lounge and they followed, we all flopped on the sofa and Louis stared up at the wall opposite us, because Louisa was doing her art course she was using a blank wall for her final piece.  The outline of a city and a batman symbol in the sky was drawn and he stared at it for a few moments whilst the others chatted about, I went and sat next to him after showing Zayn the way to the kitchen so he could make a drink. "Like it?" He nodded and turned to me smiling "Yours?" I shook my head and gave it a quick glance before looking back at him "Louisa's, its for her final piece" He nodded slowly and looked around before back at me "Where is she?" I sighed and remembered that she was probably still asleep, I stood up and faced the boys "i'll be right back" They nodded and I walked out, I went up to her room and slowly peeked in, Louisa was fast asleep half on, half off her bed. Photos of her and Iouis were spread out on the floor and the Peter Pan top accompanied it.   I sighed and walked out closing the door gently, I walked back downstairs and looked over at Louis   "Go wake her up for me, shes ignoring me" He nodded slowly and jumped up and I showed him to her room, I opened her door and he slowly stepped forward. When his eyes saw the photos and top, his mouth fell open, he stepped forward and I took this to my advantage and gently closed the door and turned back to go downstairs only to bump into Niall "Leave them to it" His eyebrow raised and I realised that he thought they would be getting it on, I quickly shook my head "No, no, no, no, not like that, just... just leave it, they'll explain soon" He nodded slowly and we walked off back to the others.    Louis' P.O.V I heard the door behind me slowly click, I knew Alex had left us to it. I walked forward and bent down to look at the photos, I picked them up and began flicking through them, I felt tears begin to fall down my cheek.  I looked up at Louisa, smiling weakly I slowly pulled back the duvet slightly, and looked at her neck, there was still a small scar where I had cut her on our 4th birthday by accident. I chuckled to myself before picking up the Peter Pan top and smiled, I brought it closer to my chest and used it to wipe away a few tears, I looked up at Louisa slowly. Squishy-bear. She stirred slightly and rolled over on her side with her back facing me, I smiled and pulled back the duvet gently before slowly sliding in the bed with her. She obviously felt it as she instantly turned around to me, I smiled and she smiled back, I saw her eyes fill with tears as I put my hand on her face  "I love you squishy-bear" They began falling down hers just as fast as they were flowing down mine as she turned around properly and smiled up at me "I love you too boo-bear" I kissed her forehead and she instantly snuggled into my chest as I held on tighter than I've ever held someone. We were both crying as we gripped onto each others tops, 15 long years away from each other and now I finally had her back in my arms, where she belonged.  We lay together for a while before I stopped stroking her hair, she looked up at me  "How did you know it was me?" I paused and looked down at her  "Well you're the only one with a Peter Pan top that has the name Louis Tomlinson inside but a line through it saying Louisa's" She laughed and leant her head into me "You did give it to me remember?" I nodded and rested my head on hers, wow I had missed her so much. "It's yours forever" She nodded and sighed heavily before leaning on me again "I guess we did meet again" I nodded and chuckled slightly "Told you we'd be together forever" She nodded and her grip tightened again "I've missed you alot boo" I sighed and brought her closer  "Me too Squishy, me too" Before either of us could say anything the door opened and the boys and Alex walked through, shit.    Louisa's P.O.V Me and Louis shot out of bed but the boys mouths were already wide open and they're eyes were already out of their skulls, me and Louis both raised our hands "It wasn't what it looked like" We both said synchronised, we turned to each other smiled then turned serious back at the others, Harry stepped forward waving his finger between us "So you're going to sleep with a girl that is practically the same as you" Louis sighed and stepped forward "That's the thing, shes my-" Harry interupted him again "Thats sick bro!" Louis shook his head "She's my sister!" This time it was Niall's turn, he stepped forward and came up to me, he reached up and poked my cheek, I stepped back slightly scared "Niall" He ignored this and carried on coming closer, peeking closer to my face, like he was trying to figure me out, I leant back and looked over at Louis "Boo... help" Niall came closer but Louis came and pulled me behind him, Niall looked around at me "She doesn't look like Fizz or Pheobe or Daisy or Lottie plus her names Louisa" me and Louis sighed but Zayn stepped forward and pulled him back by his collar "That's cause she's Louisa the missing twin duh!" he said in an obviously tone, he turned to me and smiled "Vas hapenin'!" I laughed and came out from my hiding place AKA Louis. Zayn offered me his hand and I shook it slightly, he reached up and planted a small kiss and gave me a wink before hearing Louis' stern voice. "Zayn" he said sternly, we all laughed and he carried on "I'm watching you... you Bradford Bad Boi!" he said the last part in his best attempt at Zayn's accent. We all laughed and Zayn looked over my shoulder at him "For the last time Louis I don't say that anymore!" I raised an eyebrow at him "Meaning you used to actually say that?" His cheeks went darker and he shrugged looking away, everyone continued laughing and Liam, Niall and Harry all jumped on him and they began playfighting and teasing Zayn at the idea that he used to say it. I laughed and watched as Alex guided them all out, threatening them that they'd owe her £100,000 if they broke anything. They soon stopped fighting. I turned around to Louis and smiled  "So Boo-Bear.." He smiled and stepped closer, wrapping his arms around my waist "Let's go on holiday!" he said full of his usual cheer, I stared at him like he had two heads even though it would be pretty creepy. "Errr, come again?" He sighed and smiled "Let's go on holiday" I was silent and shook my head "Again?" He looked down at me with a raised eyebrow "Do you want me to spell it out for you or something?" I shook my head quickly and I looked up at him "But where? Why? How? What? With who?-" before I could ask anything else he put a finger on my lips and sighed smiling his big idiotic grin. "Anywhere you want, because we have alot and I mean alot of catching up to do, by plane obviously even though we can still fly without one, go on holiday for the last time and me!" I chuckled and nodded slowly "Ok then" His smile grew which I didn't think was possible, if it grew anymore then it would go off his face "Really?" I nodded and smiled at him "Yeah, your paying though" Louis nodded "Wouldn't have it any other way" I laughed and watched as he began to pack my stuff "You packing too then?"  He nodded and carried on "Course Squishy, I always pack for the boys"  I nodded slowly and watched as he chucked random things in my suitcase, I sighed and prayed that he would pack things I needed, I stood up and walked over to my wardrobe, I gently shoved him out of the way and reached up and grabbed a pair of black chinos and a grey top, I grabbed some underwear and quickly got changed before rolling up the bottom of my trousers and grabbing my white braces and clipping them on and looping them over my shoulders.  Louis finished my packing and turned to me, he smiled when he saw what I was wearing, I raised my eyebrow at him and walked over to my suitcase "What?"  He gestured to my clothes before giving me a quick hug "You look lovely"  I shrugged it off and walked over to the door "It's nothing important, I wear this stuff all the time" He smiled and we walked out, he carried my bag all the way downstairs. I followed and walked into the lounge where the others were all chilled out on the sofas and in Zayn's case the floor. “Guys we have some news” They all looked at Louis confused and I smiled and leant my head on his shoulder “Me and Squishy-bear are going on holiday so dont even bother trying to call us, text us, smoke signal us, track us down, two cups and string us, contact us in any way or I shall turn nasty” Everyone stared at him weirdly and he turned to Liam “I'll get the spoons out” he turned to Zayn “I'll break all your hair stuff” he turned to Harry “I'll cut those curls” and he turned to Niall “and... and I'll... damn this” We all burst out laughing and I reached up and gave him a kiss on the cheek before dragging him out “C'mon you or I'll turn nasty on you” Everyone continued to laugh and we all shouted bye, except Harry and Louis who confessed love... again. We went over to his car and loaded up before piling in, he instantly turned the music up before speeding off towards the motorway, I smiled over at Louis who gave me a quick one back, I sighed and leant my head against the window. This is how it should be, how it should have been but most importantly... how it Always will be. Me and Louis against the world. Squishy-bear and Boo-Bear till the end.
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