It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


27. Chapter 27: I'm expecting twins?!


Louisa's P.O.V I was awoke to the sound of niall softly speaking “louisa, lou-lou” I opened my eyes and looked up and saw him smiling down at me “hey nialler” “hello love, sorry to say but I just got a call from Mark and I gotta go deal with a few things, although I made you breakfast” I smiled and sat up slowly “its downstairs” I nodded and got out of bed before giving him a hug “thanks niall, your the best” he smiled and we pulled away  “its fine, anything for you and little man/woman/baby/whatever it is classed as at this stage” he said gesturing to my belly, we both laughed and I gave him another hug before we both walked out and downstairs, he left whilst I went into the kitchen where a full cooked breakfast was laid out neatly with a note by the side Eating for 2 now lovely  hope you enjoyed yesterday  have fun today sweetie, love nialler xxx I smiled, bless his little heart. Thinking of babies I have my scan tomorrow, shit im nervous, maybe I could get Elliot to come along with me... Louis, Alex and Zayn were already supposed to be coming but im sure they wouldnt mind if I brought Elliot, they know how scared I am so I need all the support I can get I suppose. I quickly ate the breakfast and then headed upstairs to get ready. I grabbed a pair of loose trousers and a baggy vest top and underwear before heading into the bathroom. After having a shower, getting changed and ready I was just walking down the stairs when I heard the doorbell go, I squealed quietly before going and opening it, Elliot was standing there smiling at me, he was wearing baggy jeans and his 'show me your dirty face' top and a hoodie. I smiled warmly back at him before quickly slipping on some high-tops and walking out, closing the door.  We spent the whole day together, he brought me lunch and even dinner and we got a lot of clothes and shoes, he was shocked when I told him about the baby but he agreed to stick by me whatever choice I made and he even helped me pick out a few baby clothes but only after we'd put on sunglasses and kept our hoods up, could have got awkward someone seeing Louisa Tomlinson and Elliot Gleave AKA Example shopping for baby clothes, especially as I was with Zayn. After he dropped me off I went straight to bed but pulled out my phone and rang him, after a few rings he answered Elliot - “missing me already?”  I heard him laugh on the other end and I just laughed along with him Louisa - “oh god yeah, haha, anyways I was wondering if youd do a big favour for me?” Elliot - “course princess” I felt butterflies when he called me princess  Louisa - “well ive got my scan tomorrow and im kinda nervous” Elliot - “and you want me to come along to stop those nerves?” Louisa - “pretty much yeah, Louis, Alex and Zayn will be there too but I want you there too, your a good mate” Elliot - “yeah then, I got nothing better to do” Louisa - “cool, thanks Elliot” Elliot - “no problem beautiful, look I gotta go now but I'll come knock on you tomorrow then we can go” Louisa - “yeah ok, bye” Elliot - “bye” we hung up and I flopped down on my bed, hand rested on my belly. I was proper scared no joke, how Alex had gotten this far I dont know. I must have fallen asleep as I woke up half on, half off the bed. Suddenly the doorbell going off made me wake up even more, I groaned a few times before slowly clambering off the bed and heading downstairs, I opened it up and saw Elliot, hes here early?  “why you so early?” he laughed “princess. Its an hour before your scan, wow someone was tired from yesterday” he said smirking, winking. I laughed and let him in whilst I rushed upstairs, I slipped on a pair of Louis' trackies and a loose top and some shoes before we both left the house and went straight to my car. We climbed in and I started it up before we both drove off. When we got out we both rushed inside, seeing as we were already slightly late. Louis, Alex, Zayn and to my extreme dislike Perrie were all standing there, Louis and Alex greeted Elliot warmly before they both gave me a hug but Louis kept his arm around my shoulder.  Zayn came over to me and I looked down at the floor “look im sorry we had that arguement”  I shrugged “whatever, lets just go see this thing” I said, shrugging Louis off and heading towards the room I was supposed to go into, completely blanking Perrie as I went along, her fault.  A nurse was sitting in there and smiled at me when I entered, she gestured over to the bed and just as I sat down and leant back slightly everyone else came in. Louis came and stood right next to me and slipped his hand in mine before resting his other on my forehead lightly, I gave him a weak smile and he smiled back before we all watched the nurse lift up my top and squirt some of the cream on my belly before she brought out the tool. I giggled because the oil stuff was cold and the others chuckled as well before she placed it gently on my belly and began moving it around and we all turned to face the screen. She hovered over one section and what looked like two tiny babies were there “awww well they're both fine, see? Theres one head and theres the other” she pointed to 2 sections before pressing a few buttons but we did nothing, we were all in shock. After taking a few more photos she put the machine away and wiped my belly, I pulled it down slowly and sat up, I looked up at Louis and he looked back with the exact same expression, im expecting twins?!  I turned to face the others, Alex had a huge smile on her face, Elliot joined her, Zayn stood there with his mouth slightly agape and Perrie looked like she couldnt care less, wow she was really annoying me. I turned to the nurse, who was now printing out some pictures of the babies “so your telling me I have twins?” she nodded and smiled “yes congratulations Louisa” I managed to force a smile before Louis helped me off the bed, I looked up at Zayn, who looked at me “guys lets leave them to talk” Louis said, beginning to push everyone out the room, Perrie and Elliot protested but did as he said anyway, the nurse realised and left the photos on the bed before joining them and closing the door, leaving just me and zayn standing there as awkward as ever. “why him?” I looked up at Zayn, really? Thats the first thing he can say? “um because hes my friend perhaps? Why perrie?” “well because shes my friend too” “but you know how I feel about her especially after new years, you are trying to get my trust back arent you? Or have you forgotten that I still hate you for sharing a bed with her?”  we were both beginning to shout now “oh bloody get over it! Youve stayed in guys beds before and only been friends and how do you think I feel with you bringing him in here, I know how much hes your biggest crush, Alex showed us your obsessive collection and all the shows youve been too” “so what if hes an idol to me? At least i've not been romantically linked to him but also been with someone, got them pregnant, with twins as well!” I said, waving the photos in front of him before chucking them on the floor. “well your going to be if you keep hanging around with him and wearing his clothes!” I scoffed, looking down at the trackies I was wearing “there Louis'!” “i dont care!” “well you should do, these are your flipping kids zayn!” “yeah well what if I dont want them!” “what if I dont want them either!” Suddenly Louis burst in and was just about to jump on zayn angrily when Elliot grabbed him from the waist and pulled him out the door, he was cursing and trying to get to zayn but Elliot held him back before Alex mouthed sorry and closed the door again. I turned to zayn “you know, maybe being in a relationship with you isnt all the glory I expected it to be” I said quietly, he sighed before shaking his head “maybe its not” he said quietly too.  I turned and sat on the bed before looking up at him “im leaving you” he paused and looked at me before down at the floor for a few moments. It was silent for a second before he spoke “well then thats that, we're splitting up, if your keeping the kids then I'll still see them and give you all the money you need” I stood up and sighed “i dont need your dirty money and as for seeing them, you can count that out as well, the only time you'll see them is in the newspaper or if they come and see the boys, end of.” I said before picking up the photos and heading to the door, I turned to face him “goodbye Zayn” and with that I opened the door and walked out, Perrie instantly rushed into the room to see Zayn and Louis jumped up at me, engulfing me in his grip, I hugged him back and felt tears pour out of my face, I felt his hands rub my back and my hair, he kept kissing my head and promising that everything was going to be ok, that I didnt need him, that he would stick with me through everything and would even leave the band to stay and look after them with me. I smiled weakly before looking up at him, he brushed away my tears with his sleeves “i love you boo-bear” he smiled and kissed my nose “i love you too squishy-bear” We hugged again before we pulled away and Alex gave me a hug, saying she'd always be there whenever or wherever I needed her. I thanked her and pulled away before turning to Elliot, who already had his arms open for me, I smiled and accepted his welcoming arms.  “i'll never leave your side Louisa” I heard Elliot whisper into my ear, I smiled and snuggled deeper into him before pulling away slowly and turning to Louis “i want to go home” he nodded and we all began to walk outside, Louis and Alex gave me one last hug before they got into Louis' car and drove off, me and Elliot went over to mine just as Zayn and Perrie walked out, hand-in-hand, bastards. Elliot reached over and placed his hand on my leg before reaching forward to me and planting a small kiss on my cheek when the two were looking.  I smiled warmly at him and we started up the car, just as I was about to pull out of the driveway I saw a few people standing by the roadside holding big professional cameras and badges, oh shit.. the paps..
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