It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


26. Chapter 26: Hipsta Please

Alex's Point of View

I opened my eyes slowly. I kissed Harry on the cheek before slowly getting up. I slipped into one of Harry's "Hipsta Please" tops, which only just fitted over me and the bump, and a pair of red skinny jeans and then walked downstairs. I yawned as I went into the kitchen and made myself a hot cup of tea and grabbed a few biscuits out of the cupboard. A pair of hands wrapped round my waist and I spun around slowly. Harry was stood there just in his boxers and I smiled slightly as i stood on my tiptoes and kissed him. He kissed me back and pulled me closer into him. We pulled apart and he chuckled slightly as he ran his hand through my hair. He bent down and kissed my bump. Then he kissed me again. He turned and walked off to get changed.
When we'd had breakfast, we got into Harry's car and he drove me to work. When the car stopped, he walked round to my side and opened the door for me. I smiled.
"Come on Mrs Styles, don't want you to fall behind with your work now do we?" Harry chuckled.
"I'm not Mrs Styles yet Mr Styles!" I laughed.
I took his hand and led him inside.
Harry sat down next to me as I loaded up the computer and started reading through my emails. I stopped. I hovered the mouse over one email in particular. The one which was sent from: my brother. My hands started to shake and I ran out of the room. Harry ran after me and I stopped. I could feel the tears running down my face.
"Alex whats wrong?" Harry said, pulling me into a hug.
I slowly wiped the tears from my eyes. "There's an email... from my brother."
Harry's eyes widened slightly and he hugged me tighter.
"You don't have to read it. Just don't run away because of it."
I smiled slightly. "Okay."
He took my hand and we walked back into my office. I sat down at the desk and moved the email to the junk folder. I couldn't bring myself to open it. I knew I had to read it someday but today wasn't going to be that day.
"Why don't you ring Louisa and have a girly night tonight. I'll hang with the guys and you two just chill."
"Harry, thats sweet but Louisa's out with Elliot shopping remember!"
He rolled his eyes. "Well at least let me treat you to something." he pulled me close and kissed me. I kissed him back and, slowly, he started kissing my neck. I smiled and he pulled away and kissed me again.
After about 5 minutes, we were heading out of the building and Harry drove me home. When we were inside the house, Harry and I cuddled up on the sofa and watched Titanic until we both cried our eyes out. After that, all I remember was Harry carrying me up to bed and falling asleep cuddled up to his beautiful body.
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