It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


25. Chapter 25: E For Excellent... Or Example


Louisa’s P.O.V   I woke up on the sofa, I looked around and saw rubbish and bottles everywhere, well at least it was a good night. I sighed and slowly stood up, I went into the kitchen and saw Liam fast asleep against the fridge, I smiled and walked into the downstairs bathroom and saw Louis and Niall slumped together with bottles and, in Niall’s case, a half eaten baguette with god knows what in it, harry had left with Alex ages ago. I sighed and walked into the lounge just in time to see Perrie walk out the door, I felt anger rise as I stormed into zayns room, he was up and about, wearing trackies and trying to tidy up as much as he could. He stopped after realising I was standing there, he looked up slowly and dropped the bottle onto the bed before trying to walk over to me but I stepped back and shook my head. “why was perrie just leaving?” He shrugged “I don’t know, she probably stayed the night and was leaving, that ok for you?” he said in a slightly angry tone, I folded my arms and leant to one side “well no its not because im fed up with all this shit around you and perrie!” “well its stopped now we’re public!” “has it zayn! Has it!?” “yes!” “so stop doing things that will attract it all!” “im no-“ “shes leaving your flat after staying the night, what the hell do you think the papers will think? Oh yeah, perrie slept with zayn whilst hes with Louisa, his bandmates sister!” By this time the others had all arrived and were standing around watching the scene, Louis tried to put his hand on my shoulder to calm me down but it wasn’t working, I was angry and I was angry at zayn, who was still silent. “go on then, put my mind at rest… where did she sleep?” The room fell silent and everyones eyes were on zayn, he looked down then up at me slowly. I sighed before turning around and storming out, I had had enough of him and was literally at the end. I heard shouts coming from the room and thuds but that didn’t stop me from slipping on some shoes and walking out the flat, just as the door closed I heard it open again, I felt someone grab my shoulders and spin me around, next thing I knew I was leaning into them crying my eyes out. Their strong arms that completely enveloped me were a welcoming feeling, I felt them rub their hands up and down my back trying to sooth me, the irish accent came out as soon as they started speaking “hey, its ok sweets, they didn’t do anything with each other, just fell asleep in the same bed, I promise” I nodded slowly into him and allowed him to slowly carry on, I looked up slowly “really?” Niall nodded slowly  “although I don’t think you need to fight zayn for much longer, hes going to be in hospital any minute with the rate Louis’ going at.” I chuckled slightly, usually I would have cared but this time zayn deserved it. “Nialler…” He chuckled his adorable little laugh before looking down at me “yes Tommo…” “do… do you fancy coming with me to the example show today, it’s just Louis got me two backstage tickets to spend like half the day together and Alex has gone off with harry so I was wondering if you wanted to go?” He paused, thinking, before answering “Don’t you want to go with Louis? He was the one that got you the tickets anyway?” “yeah but I think he wants to spend the day with Eleanor, get what I mean?” I winked and he burst out laughing, I laughed along with him as he nodded before stepping back slightly and offering me his hand, I smiled and took it and we walked into his flat. He rushed off and got changed, I smiled and we walked into Louis’ flat, he was sitting on the sofa with Eleanor dabbing a spot of blood on his lips, he saw me and instantly jumped up and came rushing over, nearly knocking over a lamp in the process. I was enveloped in his arms and I wrapped mine around him as well and we stood there in a hug for a while before he pulled away and placed both hands on my face, holding me close to him “are you ok? Please tell me your ok? He didn’t actually cheat, they just fell asleep in the same bed, but please tell me your ok?” I nodded slowly and he pressed his forehead against mine, I smiled and closed my eyes as he planted a kiss on my nose “so what are you doing now?” I pulled away slowly, his hands were still on my face and mine were wrapped around his waist “im going to go and get changed then me and Niall are going to that Example show you got me tickets for” He smiled and nodded allowing me to rush off and get changed, although I heard Louis begin to talk to Niall as I did. I went into my room, yes I had my own room at Louis’ flat, I was thinking of moving in permanently, he wanted me to so I was probably going to. I grabbed my black vest top with a big yellow E on the front and some white skinnys, might as well make the most of them before I have a bump. I quickly got changed and slipped on some converse before walking back downstairs to the boys, just as I was about to walk into the lounge I heard Louis and Niall talking “just look after her for me please” “Louis for the last time I will, she’ll be fine, I promise” I heard Louis sigh deeply “I know, im just scared” “about?” “I don’t know, the whole being pregnant with zayns kid thing” “whats wrong with it? You were well happy when you found out” “I know but now Perrie and him are getting closer, I hate it, I really do.. I want Louisa with someone that will always be there, not just every now and again when him and Perrie argue” “trust me it will work out, either her and zayn will sort things out and live happily ever after or she’ll meet some other guy and then they’ll live happily ever after, either way shes going to live happily ever after” I heard Louis chuckle slightly “I do love yah nialler” He laughed “me too Lou” I decided now was the time to walk in, both boys looked up smiling, they both jumped up and Louis handed Niall the tickets from the mantelpiece, he put them in his back pocket, Louis came and gave me a hug, I hugged him back “Ellies in the shower but she says she hopes you have a good time” I smiled and nodded, pulling away from the hug “tell her I said thanks” He nodded and gave me a quick kiss on the head before me and Niall walked out the flat, just as we were about to walk out the main door we heard a door open, we turned and saw Zayn and Liam walking out of Zayn’s and head over to Liam’s. We caught eye contact and I saw that Zayn had a cut lip and a bruised eye, oh Louis.  Zayn looked between me and Niall but I stopped him from doing anything by grabbing his hand and pulling him outside, he could clearly tell I was still frustrated with Zayn as he just went along with it and didn’t mention anything as we both got in his car and he drove off. 2 hours, and a lot of moaning, later and we pulled up in the big carpark at the back, Niall obviously knew the way as he had probably performed at this place millions of times before. Our guard came out to greet us, Niall began chatting away and showed him the tickets, we went inside and I was slightly starstruck with everything. Before I knew it we were standing in a big empty looking up at a massive stage just as the man himself walked out. Elliot(A/N Example’s real name, I’ll call him that from now on) walked out on stage with a microphone, he smiled when he saw us as he jumped down, greeted Niall with a handshake/man-hug and stopped when he saw me. “ok you look hotter in person” I chuckled slightly  “so do you” He offered me his hand, I placed mine in it and he brought it up to his lips, giving it a gentle kiss. I giggled slightly before he let it go and turned to the guard “ok there with me now” He nodded and walked off, Elliot called over everyone else “Dave! Andy! Get down here!” David Stewart and Andy Sheldrake soon appeared on stage and came jumping down, they greeted us warmly before David turned to Niall “want a drink or something to eat?” I sighed as Niall nodded and rushed off, following them, that boy and his food. Elliot turned to me “so you’re a fan then?” I nodded slowly “sorta… well yeah..” I said trailing off “aww its ok, your cute” I felt my heart skip about 500000000 beats… ok maybe not that many but you get the idea, Elliot called me cute and I was not going to forget that in a hurry.  “thanks..” my voice trailed off slightly He must have noticed  “oh yeah my bad, forgot about your zayn” he said in a way that made it seem like he didn’t like him I looked away and felt tears prick my eyes, Elliot must have noticed as he came closer and wrapped his arms around me, I wrapped mine around his neck and my fingers ran through his black hair, I buried my face in his neck/shoulder and he rested his head against mine “im sorry I brought him up, your clearly upset, I haven’t read any gossip stuff in a while so I don’t know anything” I shook it off “its fine and its nothing big, but last night at the new years party thingy we had Zayn shared a bed with Perrie and I don’t know what to do” He nodded slowly “ouch… wait is Perrie the blonde idiot from that band Little Mix?” I chuckled slightly and nodded into him “yeah her” He chuckled slightly “well if its anything I wouldn’t cheat on you with her, she isn’t nothing compared to you” I paused, was this actually happening?  “what in the name of Nandos is going on here?” Me and Elliot pulled away quickly and saw Niall, David and Andy standing there looking at us like we were wierdos… no comment on that.. They just sighed and got on with whatever they were doing, Niall and David began working on guitars as Elliot looked at me, he smiled and I smiled back “well I gotta get up there and rehearse for tonights show, my stuffs over there” he pointed to a seat with a bag and a coat wrapped over the back “you can sit with it and help yourself to the sweets and drinks if you want?” I nodded at him smiling, he returned it before jumping up on stage and preparing for his first song. Niall jumped down and came over to me smiling, I smiled back and we both went over and sat where Elliot had directed me to go.  When we had sat down Niall located the sweets and began tucking in, I helped myself a few times but I finally took the bag off him before he ate them all, We looked up at the stage, Elliot was going through Stay Awake and kept smiling at me whenever he looked over at me. “get his number” I turned to niall, who was smiling cheekily at me, he winked and I laughed, shaking my head “he wont give me his number” Niall nodded  “either that or you’ll give him yours” I shook my head before gently shoving him “yeah right niall, when I get his number pigs will fly across the sky” He nodded slowly “fine then, don’t believe me, but when you see a pig you’ll know im right” We both started laughing before leaning back and enjoying the pre-show. When Elliot had gone through everything a guard came and said people were now beginning to queue up outside we were all told to go backstage. I grabbed Elliots coat and bag before following them all, I put them by the side of the stage and someone soon came and took them to his room.  I watched as he pulled his top off and gave it to one of the workers, we could now hear the crowd arriving and beginning to scream along and backing music was now being played.  Niall reached over and shut my mouth for me, I laughed and hoped Elliot didn’t notice, he winked and grinned at me, ok he noticed. I blushed slightly but felt better when he slipped on another top after sorting out his mic that went down the back. Everyone was gearing up and someone soon arrived “El your on in 3” He nodded and quickly turned and came over to me “go out with me sometime please?” I was still and quite shocked “what?” “I know your with zayn but we can still be friends” I nodded slowly “ok then” His smiled grew and the person behind him shouted out “10 seconds Elliot!” He nodded and began to rush “I can get your number at the end of the show” I nodded and just as the man behind him was about to shout out something he grabbed my face and planted one straight onto my lips, I felt his lips go in sync with mine for about a second before he pulled away and ran onto the stage shouting at the crowd. I stood there in pure shock before turning to face niall slightly, who was smiling cheekily “I didn’t see anything” I managed to pull a smile at him “thanks, I wasn’t expecting that” He laughed and came over to me “I don’t think he was either but hey ho, oh look Louisa a pig” He pointed to the sky, I laughed and shoved him gently, we both started laughing and he looped his arm around my neck and pulled me closer and we began singing along and dancing about, enjoying the show. Elliot was full of energy the whole way through, from beginning to end, Niall reckoned it was the kiss but I begged to differ. Pretty soon he came off stage after saying goodbye and thank you to the crowd, the main lights come up and people began leaving as he came over to us, the workers handed him towels and bottles of water and he quickly wiped himself over and drank thirstily.  He came over to us and smiled, still wiping the sweat off his neck “so what did you think?” Niall nodded and offered him his hand, Elliot took it and they pulled each other closer and niall gave him a pat on the back “that was sick bro” “thanks man” Elliot turned to me smirking “so… did I measure up to your expectations?” I nodded slightly eager “oh definitely” He smiled happily before taking his top off and gesturing for us to follow him, we did and ended up walking backstage through corridors. “bet you already know your way to the main dressing room?” he joked about with niall who nodded eagerly and began skipping his way to it Elliot laughed and turned to me when Niall was out of sight “so… yeah im sorry about kissi-“ I reached up and put my finger on his lips “its fine, I know why you did” He paused and looked away before back down at me “you… you do?” I paused before shaking my head “well no, not really but it sounded good” He laughed and rested his hands on my waist, I found mine slowly trailing up his arms before entangling the back of his hair “look I know your with zayn so I wont do anything with you, not to mention the fact that im 30 and your 21 and everything could just blow up way too huge!”  I nodded slowly before reaching into my back pocket and pulling out my phone, I handed it to him and he typed in his number, I moved out of the way of people coming backwards and forwards from the stage.  When he gave me my phone back I put it in my pocket before we went into the dressing room. Niall was flopped on the sofa eating a bag of doritos, flicking through the channels on a tv. “honestly niall, this isn’t your flat you know” He shrugged and Elliot just laughed and nodded at him, I laughed and sat down next to him as Elliot chucked down his towel and slipped on a cleaner top, he began to take his trousers off and I quickly turned around, he laughed but soon appeared next to me on the sofa with more nicer clothes on his phone in his hand, his arm had landed around me but I didn’t act on it. I quickly grabbed his phone from his hand and went onto create new contact, I typed my number and put my name down as Louisa the better Tommo Twin.  I began to look through his apps and came across twitter, I smiled to myself before clicking on it and waiting for it to load. When it was done I clicked on a new tweet @Example: I love eating cheese with chocolate. Chocolate and cheese. #imgay  I sent  that out before closing it down and turning to face him, he was staring at me with a raised eyebrow “chocolate and cheese… really?” I laughed and nodded, leaning into him, he chuckled and rested his arm on my back, Niall turned and saw us before smiling and turning back to the tv.  We were watching it for about an hour before I yawned and Niall got a text off Louis saying we should come home soon and that I was probably getting tired, Elliot and Niall burst out laughing, calling it twin connection. Elliot walked us to Nialls car and niall got in, I turned to Elliot “text me later then?” He nodded and smiled “course I will” I smiled and we had one last hug and I reached up and planted a small kiss on his cheek “goodbye Louisa” “goodbye Elliot” I smiled before getting in the car, Niall started up and we drove off, waving at Elliot before we were gone from sight.  I turned to Niall and he was smiling his big idiotic grin, I sighed and nodded “ok so maybe I did get his number and he got mine” He laughed and nodded “told you, im a genius” I laughed  “lets not go that far nialler” He laughed and carried on driving, I sighed and slipped my shoes off before pulling my legs up with me, I wrapped my arms around them and felt my phone go off, I pulled it out of my pocket and saw I had 1 new message from… Elliot the total babe. I laughed and opened it Elliot – hello sweets ;) like my name? I do love yours, cant chat long you need sleep but fancy meeting tomorrow?? Xxx I paused and niall laughed “text the poor guy back” I laughed and nodded before clicking reply Louisa – heyy, I do love your name :P im shattered but ok, heres the address … xxx I gave him the address of mine and Alex’s place before sending it and turning to niall “can you take me to mine and Alex’s please?” He nodded and smiled, understanding I didn’t want to see Zayn at that point. I closed my eyes and leant my head against the window and watched as the lights shone around everywhere, cars passed us going this way and that. Niall put the radio on quietly and Rihanna – California King Bed was on and he began to sing along quietly, I smiled and closed my eyes and allowed the soft music and his beautiful irish accent to send me off to sleep. I woke up to the feeling of being carried, I looked up and saw Niall smiling as he carried me along, I sighed and leant into his chest, I noticed the wallpaper and saw it and soon recognised the idea that we were in my room. I felt myself being placed down and I looked over at niall “thank.. you.. nia-“ He interrupted me by putting a finger on my lips “that’s ok tommo” He disappeared for a moment but soon came back with a blanket, he placed it over me neatly and reached over tucked me in properly before planting a small kiss on my forehead “night Tommo” I smiled weakly “night Nialler” “I know this is weird but im shattered, can I crash on the couch?” I nodded slowly and managed a small smile, he smiled and stroked my hair before heading out and closing the door, I rolled over onto my side and was out within seconds.  
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