It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


23. Chapter 23: I really do have everyone's support

Louisa's P.O.V

After dropping Alex off at our old place I drove straight back to the boys, harry was not in my good books and when people arent in my good books they always get an earful from the bad side.
I pulled up in the driveway and instantly jumped up, anger was literally flowing through me as I stormed up to the front door, just as I was about to push my way through the door opened and I went straight into the person there.
We both stumbled back and I looked up slowly, Niall was standing there with tears flowing down his face and his cheeks were all puffy and his usual cheeky grin was replaced with a look of extreme hurt.
I sighed before stepping closer and wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him closer, he carried on crying as he wrapped his arms around my waist and held on tight.
We continued to hug until he pulled away slowly, wiping his eyes, he looked up at me but kept his hands on my waist and my hands were still rested on his neck.
“did... did alex ever actually love me?”
I paused before nodding slowly
“yeah... just in a different way to harry”
he nodded slowly, understanding. 
“you know Niall.. zach always used to tell me that everybody deserves a second chance”
he nodded slowly
“so you going to talk to alex?”
he nodded again but then looked up
“not yet though, I think I need to calm down and clear my head”
I nodded, completely understanding
“ok well im here if you need me”
he smiled weakly 
“thanks... I guess I gotta go then”
I nodded and he stepped pass me, I stepped in the doorway and he went over to his car before I heard a shout
“hey Louisa!”
I turned to him and saw he was standing by his open car door, smiling
“merry christmas Tommo”
I chuckled and nodded
“merry christmas to you too Nialler”
he smiled and got in his car before waving as he drove off, I waved him off before closing the front door and heading inside, before I could go anywhere Zayn appeared in front of me smirking. I giggled and sauntered over to him, he gave me a small kiss before reaching down and grabbing my legs and hoisting me up over his shoulder.
I screamed out in protest but he just laughed as he walked into the flat, shutting the door, I kept slapping his back to get him to put me down so eventually he did, except I fell on the bed. I looked up at him and he poked his tongue out at me before climbing above me and planting small kisses along my neck. 

6 days later – New Years eve

Louisa's P.O.V
I woke up in Zayns arms again, I slowly slipped from his grip and headed downstairs, the lounge was still a mess but thats only because we had a pillow/cheese ball fight last night, I chuckled at the memory, I went through to the kitchen and I poured myself a glass of water and just as I was about to take a sip I felt my stomach clench up. 
I dropped the glass instantly, allowing it to smash all over the floor and water go everywhere and I rushed around the corner to the bathroom, half my guts came up in the bathroom and I could feel tears flowing down my cheeks as I heard Zayn shout out.
“Louisa! Are you ok?! I cant get to you, theres glass and water everywhere!” he had panic in his voice and I tried to hold my head up to get his attention
“ge..get... lo..loui..” I managed to faintly say before I felt my head spin as I slumped down and my head hit the floor causing my eyes to close.

Zayn's P.O.V
I awoke to a smash and saw Louisa wasnt there and I instantly leapt into action. I fled from the bed and rushed downstairs and saw glass and water all over the kitchen floor, I could tell it was one of my glasses. I heard strange noises from the bathroom around the corner but the glass and water stopped me from getting to it so I shouted out.
“Louisa! Are you ok?! I cant get to you, theres glass and water everywhere!” I began to panic and I listened closely to see if she could reply
“get..lou..” was all I managed to make out before I heard a thud, I quickly ran upstairs, slipped on some shoes before rushing back downstairs, I  flung open the front door and ran to louis' flat.
I began banging on the door and shouting out
if anyone would know what to do it would be louis.
The door soon opened as well as everyone elses, Alex was staying with Louis because she didnt want to be on her own and Louisa was always over mine but her and niall were talking now, just still awkward, her and harry are still on extremely thin ice. 
Louis soon realised what was wrong, everyone did as they all came rushing over to my flat, I took them in the kitchen and they all realised that we couldnt get across. We could only see Louisa's legs and they were flopped, Louis tensed up before taking a deep breath, he isnt.
“crap..” he muttered as he went through the glass and water barefoot! Although we all saw it coming, Louis would kill himself to save Louisa, I suppose thats what happens when your a twin.
When Louis got across he instantly bent down and within seconds his sister was slumped in his arms, he held her up and took a few more deep breaths before rushing back, Liam soon arrived with a broom and began pushing it all to the side but it was slightly late, Louis' feet were already bleeding and the pain was evident on his face.
He set her down on the sofa and we all crowded round, niall was already on the phone to the ambulance, Louis got on his knees next to her head and began trying to wake her up but it wasnt working, I felt tears fill my eyes like everyone else but I felt a hand hold onto mine, I looked up and saw it was Alex, she gave me a weak smile and I managed one back before turning back to Louis, who was now frantically trying to get her up.
We all watched in pain as she just wouldnt wake up and the tears were coming out of Louis faster than ever before, niall came back
“the ambulance is on their way”
we all nodded but Louis just stared up at me 
“this is all your fault!” he shouted before jumping up and leaping towards me, his fist went flying into my face and I fell back, Liam and Niall came and caught me, holding me back and Harry and Alex stopped Louis from hurting me anymore, I felt blood trickle down my lips and I raised my hand to check, I brought it back down and saw I was bleeding. 
I looked up and saw Louis was still fuming, the others had let go off him and he was pacing back and forth shouting swear words and insults at everyone and everything.
Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Niall went to get it, the ambulance people rushed through and over to her, there were 3 of them and they put a mask over her face and began pumping her oxygen and checking everything over. 
They lifted up my top(she was wearing just my top like she always did to bed) and began feeling her belly. They ended up staying a long while and taking her blood and going back and forth from the van to do loads of weird tests.
Eventually they asked Louis to carry her into the bedroom and it took a bit of courage but he managed to get her into my room and under the blanket, he tucked her in and planted a kiss on her forehead before sitting on the floor, everyone walked out leaving the two of us, without looking up he mumbled 
“sorry but im not moving till shes up”
I nodded slowly
“i was going to ask you to stay”
he looked up slowly, I could usually tell what was wrong with his expressions but his face was just blank
“sorry.. you know.. for-”
I held up my hand interupting him
“its fine, I know why you did”
he nodded slowly and I sighed before walking out, the others were talking to the paramedics and their faces looked shocked and white. I gulped slowly before going over to them, one of them stood up
“right your zayn yes?”
I nodded slowly
“yeah... why?”
“well your girlfriend will be ok, so will the baby but shes going to need a lot of rest for the next few days and we recommend she drinks a lot of water and eats extremely healthy things and nothing too sugary ok?”
I nodded slowly then realised... baby?

Alex's P.O.V
I was unbelievably shocked when they said that Louisa was pregnant, once they told zayn he stood there for a few minutes before taking a deep breath and falling backwards onto the floor, we all rushed around and harry looked up 
“yep he definitely fainted, niall get me a glass of water”
niall nodded and rushed off and I placed a pillow under Zayns head, niall brought it back and the boys poured it over his face, he jumped up and shook his head, sending the water everywhere, he thanked the paramedics and they left, he turned to us.
“swear an oath that none of you will tell Louis or Louisa.”
just as we were about to nod we heard two voices 
“tell us what?”
we all looked around and saw Louis and Louisa standing there, they were holding hands and Louisa was slightly behind Louis, sorta hoping for protection, when they were both there you could clearly tell the resemblance, the deep green eyes, the facial structure, the ruffled perfect hair, they were actually identical but just different genders.
Louis walked forward and Louisa followed, still holding onto his hand tightly and she used the other hand to reach around and hold onto his top for extra support. We all stood completely silent as they both approached Zayn.
“tell us what?” Louis said again, Louisa pulled him back slightly but he was still, Zayn was standing his ground as he stood up to Louis
“Louisa isnt...”
we all paused and me, Liam, Niall and harry all leant forward slightly to see if he would say it
“Louisa isnt what?” Louis said, his words getting sterner by the second, I dont think ive ever seen him like this before.
 Harry stepped forward and went around to Louis, placing his hands on his shoulders
“lets just take a few deep breaths and sit down and talk it all through yeah?”
we all nodded in agreement and Louisa even did, Louis looked around before nodding slowly and going and sitting on the sofa, Louisa sat next to him and he wrapped his arm around her protectively before looking at Zayn, who was now the only one standing.
“right im just going to say this bluntly and i'll take any beatings nessecary because its my fault but Louisa... Louisa isnt going to be eating for one person anymore..”
We all paused and looked over at Louis to see his response, it looked like all the blood had been drained from his face, Louisa looked exactly the same and they both turned to each other
she nodded
“your place?”
he nodded and stood up, pulling her up with him
“we're going to mine, we'll see you lot later”
they all nodded and he stopped at Zayn.
“i'll speak to you later.” he said, slightly stern but zayn stood his ground and nodded slowly. 
Louis walked out, holding Louisa's hand tight, she gave us all a slight smile before following her older brother. 
We all turned to each other slowly and harry stood up and went to Zayn
“he'll be fine bud, they just need to chat, theyre twins and know how each other are feeling without actually saying it so if Louisa really loves you then Louis should understand”
he nodded slowly and sighed, sitting down and running his fingers through his hair
“i hope so.. I really do..”

Louisa's P.O.V
me and Louis were silent until we reached the flat, we went straight to the kitchen and he began to make us two cups of teas, we drank them down and sat down at the breakfast bar opposite each other, he looked up slowly.
“your not getting rid of it, I wont let you.”
my head shot up
“are you being serious? I wouldnt do that if you forced me, its part of me now and i'll have it with or without you, zayn or the others”
Louis' lips turned into a small cheeky grin
“looks like im going to be an uncle then yeah?”
I paused before smiling cheekily back and nodding slowly
“looks like you are going to be an uncle”
the grin grew on both of our faces as he rushed around to me and swept me off my feet in a hug, he spun me around, I giggled and he put me down before planting a small kiss on my forehead before grabbing my hand
“lets go tell the others the news”
I was slightly confused but followed Louis as we burst back into Zayn's flat, everyone all looked up and Zayn stood up, ready to face his fate but his expression soon relaxed when Louis began jumping about excitedly
“Louisa said she was going to name it Louis because she loves me so much”
everyone turned and looked at me but I just shook my head but started laughing, everyone joined in and Zayn came over to me, he wrapped his arms around my waist and I looked up at him.
“I promise I wont let you down”
I smiled and he smiled back before giving me a small kiss, we turned to face the others and I leant my head into him, at least I knew I had his support and Louis' and judging by the others congratulating me and Alex planning how our kids can grow up together I have everyones support.
We spent the whole day making Zayns flat look amazing, we were having a few friends over for a little New Years Eve party. 
I think we were having Danielle, Eleanor, everyone's family, Zach and Little Mix, the boys had been close friends with the girl band and they seemed really nice although I wasnt sure on the whole Zayn and Perrie thing but its died down a lot now me and Zayn have gone public.
Everyone had soon arrived and with Louis and his big mouth everyone knew I was pregnant before they even got through the front door! 
Everyone was chatting and drinking either orange juice or wine or beer or just any drink you can think of. Suddenly a glass of orange juice appeared in front of me from behind, I jumped slightly and turned, Zach was standing there holding it out to me smiling his winner smile. I smiled back and took it before taking a few sips.
He looped his free arm(he was carrying a beer) around my shoulder and pulled me closer, I wrapped my free arm around his waist and we giggled as he gave me his sidewards hug
“so what happened to the girl that didnt want a kid?”
I laughed and leant into him
“god knows, she went away when I met Zayn”
he laughed and looked away for a bit, trying to find Zayn.
When we found him he was standing chatting to Perrie, I felt myself flow with jealousy but shook it off, dont be stupid Louisa, Zayn loves you and the baby not Perrie.
I turned back to Zach and he planted a kiss on my head 
“well Im glad I get to be an uncle”
I nodded into him
“course you are, I was kinda wondering..”
he pulled away and looked down at me
“wondering what?”
“well I know im early but I was kinda hoping you would be the godfather..”
tears filled Zachs eyes as he nodded slowly and pulled me into a hug
“i would absolutely love nothing better”
I smiled and hugged him back tightly
I really did have everyones support.
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