It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


22. Chapter 22: It's Christmas!...And Harry Styles Ruined It

Alex's Point of View.

I slowly opened my eyes to find that I was in Niall's room with him asleep next to me. I quickly looked under the covers. Phew. Wasn't naked so didn't do it with him. I sighed. I quietly got up and walked downstairs. The christmas tree was all lit up and there were heaps of presents underneath. I stopped the urge to run over and rip open the wrapping paper. I felt hands slip around my waist and pull me close into their owner's body.
"Morning beautiful. Happy Christmas." Niall whispered.
I turned around to face him and kissed him. 
"Merry Christmas." I smiled.
There was a knock at the door. We both stared at each other before Niall went and answered it as I went upstairs to get changed.
As I came downstairs, I heard lots of laughter. Louisa, Eleanor, Danielle and the boys were all huddled around the Christmas tree, eager to open their presents. Louisa was holding one of Louis' presents out of his reach.
"Louisa! Give me my present!" he whined.
"No" a cheeky smile was plastered on her face. She turned and got up when she saw me. She pulled me into a big hug.
"Merry Xmas!" she cried.
"Thanks bubba." I laughed, quickly snatching Louis' present from her grasp and lobbing it at him, accidentally hitting him in the face with it. Everybody started laughing and Eleanor planted a kiss on him where his present had struck him.
Niall walked in, slightly confused at why everyone was laughing and slipped his hand round my waist. I saw Harry roll his eyes.
"Louisa and Louis, why don't you open yours together?" Niall laughed, smiling at me.
The Tommo twins grabbed their presents and ripped them open. Liam and Danielle had given them both matching tops which read, 'beware the awful Tommo twins are about!', Harry had bought them both a few hollister and jack wills tops. Zayn gave Louisa a massive ring, which only just fit on her finger as it was so large. He gave Louis an iPad. Niall and I gave them some chocolates, I know that it was boring but it was their b-day yesterday, and a pair of Supras.
Harry got: 5 pairs of Calvin Klein boxers from Liam and Danielle, 2 tops which read: 'bitch, I'm Harry Styles' and a box set of the films Love Actually and Titanic from Louis, Louisa and Eleanor, a scarf from Zayn, a Ralph Lauren checkered shirt from Niall and a suit jacket from me.
Niall got: yep you guessed it, ALOT of FOOD! He smiled as he looked through all the expensive chocolates, sweets and a black card for Nandos. However, I gave him 2 hoodies from Jack Wills and some Supras cause I thought I'd be original.
Zayn got: a bracelet from Louisa which read "Zayn the vain is my man! I love you", a new mirror from Liam and Danielle, a new hairstyling kit with gels from Louis and Eleanor, and some aftershave from Niall and I.
Liam got: batman stuff from most of the group but Louis got him a photo frame with a picture of Liam, Danielle and Woody in it from when they went to Disney Land Florida.
Both Danielle and Eleanor got dresses and fancy beautiful tops from everyone. But Louisa and I bought them both necklaces which had a photo of them and their boyfriends in them.
Now it was my turn to open my presents. I opened Louisa and Zayn's first. "To my beautiful girl, to all the happy memories. From Louisa. And all the memories we will all share. From Zayn." I slowly opened the present. Inside, was a digital photo album. I scrolled though all of the photos of us and the photos of us with the boys. I smiled and hugged her tightly.
I opened the one from Liam and Danielle next. Inside was a purple halter neck dress. I held it up in front of me. I smiled and gave them both a hug. Then I opened the present from Louis and Eleanor which ended up being the latest One Direction cd, a pair of hoop earrings and a pair of pink stilettos. I thanked them and moved onto the present from Niall. He'd bought me a pair of skinny jeans, some makeup, a pink over the shoulder bag and a new notepad (for work.) I smiled and kissed him.
Then there was Harry's present. I unwrapped that one slowly. There were a pair of new wedged shoes, headphones, stripy top from Ralph Lauren, the silver diamond ring I had wanted when we were together and... Some baby clothes? I looked up at him. He smirked and the others all crowded round.
"Hazza? Why have you bought Alex some baby clothes?" Louis asked.
"Ask her." Harry replied.
Louisa was at my side straight away.
"Look we don't know what Harry is talking about, do we Alex?" she quickly said.
I sighed, "Louisa chill. I had to tell them sometime or other."
Everyone looked at me.
"I'm pregnant. I'm due in about 6 months time. I have to go for the scan just after new years before any of you ask." I said.
Everyone looked between Niall and Harry. Niall ran upstairs. Everybody looked back at me.
"So? I'm guessing it's Harry's then?" Liam asked.
I nodded, feeling slightly uneasy. There was an awkward silence before Louis ran up to Harry and started hitting him.
"Louis! What the hell?!" Harry cried
"What about us Hazza! I went away on holiday for a couple of weeks and now look what you've done! What were you thinking! Didn't anyone ever teach you to use protection when doing" Louis started trying to make gestures by forming an O with two fingers and pointing with another finger. Louisa quickly grabbed his hand before he could start making the movements with his hands.
I sighed, "I'm gonna talk to Niall. I wasn't gonna tell anyone until after Christmas but that was obviously ruined!" I gave Harry a boggy look.
I walked up the stairs and into Niall's bedroom. He was sat on the side of the bed, his head in his hands. I sat down next to him and put my arm around his shoulder.
"I'm sorry Niall. I was gonna tell you it's just..."
"Just what Alex? You blatantly still love Harry otherwise you wouldn't have his kid. No wonder you wouldn't bloody sleep with me!" he said angrily, pulling away from me. "It's over Alex. You should have told me you were pregnant!" he threw a photo frame from his bedside table into the wall. "Get out! get out!" he shouted.
I quickly got up and backed to the door. "I'm sorry" I said, tears running down my face as I turned and walked down the stairs. Louisa rushed to me but I pushed her out of the way. Everybody stood back as I marched over to Harry, my hands clenched into fists. He was about to say something when I slapped him round the face.
"OH MY GOD HAROLD EDWARD STYLES, YOU HAVE TO RUIN EVERY F****** THING! I wanted to tell Niall in my own time so it wouldn't be a huge shock and what do you do? You had to go and pull a f****** stunt like this didn't you!" I shouted. I felt Louis grab me and pull me back, just as Louisa stepped forward. The boys were about to stop her when she slapped Harry around the face.
Then she kicked him in the lower regions. He fell to the floor.
"AND THAT'S FOR BEING A DICK!" she finished. She turned to me, "Come on Alex, I'll take you home. Louis..." Louis looked at her, slightly scared. "I'll see you in a hour. Promised we'd see mum and the girls. Oh and please hurt him even more for me!" she gave Louis an angelic smile. He nodded as we walked out of the door.
Louisa drove me home. As soon as she pulled up, she turned to me.
"Will you be alright?"
"Yeah, I'll be fine" I replied, still upset.
She pulled me into a hug. After a couple of minutes, I pulled away and got out of the car and went into my house. I waved as Louisa drove off and then shut the door. I went up to my bedroom and lay on the bed. I slowly felt my eyes close as I drifted off to sleep. Worst Christmas ever!
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