It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


21. Chapter 21: Best Birthday Ever

Louis point of view

When we were all back in the lounge we all flopped but I went over to the tv and pulled out a webcam and began to plug it in and open up the internet, I had a smart tv cause im cool like that.
I went on twitter and everyone watched me confused but stayed silent as I connected up to twitcam and sent out a new tweet
@Louis_Tomlinson: birthday twitcam with everyone!! :D come watch!! we have cookies... well maybe not cookies but please come watch xxx
I sent that out and clicked broadcast live. 
We were all in the screen because the cam was far back so it was easy, we began chatting away to everyone, it was mostly thanking them all for the birthday mentions.
I looked at us through the screen and saw that Zayn had his arm around Louisa and she was leant into him, I began to see certain tweets when people had also noticed it, I smiled and nodded at Louisa who nodded back, she looked up to the camera
“i need to say something...”
she looked at Zayn who nodded and they both turned to the camera
“we're...” she trailed off and zayn sat up
“in a relationship and before any of you ask I do have Louis' permission and no hate because shes literally part of the 1D family”
she smiled at him and he kissed her gently before we turned back to the screen, instead of getting the hate I was expecting her to get they were all sending in the loveliest messages saying how they always wanted a sister to get with the boys and that they were happy it was Louisa with Zayn.
“is that Zouisa they have trending?” harry said, jumping up and going closer, he turned and nodded 
“that it is” he said grinning and sitting down, we all began having a laugh and chatting with them, about what they wanted for christmas, what me and Lousia got for our birthday and everything else random. 
I stopped talking and looked about at everyone slowly, They were all huddled up so we could all fit, laughing, smiling and the occasional kiss every now and again. I smiled to myself, this really was the perfect life for anyone. Twin sister. Beautiful girlfriend. Best mates. Perfect. 

Louisa's P.O.V
I was so glad people accepted me as Zayns girlfriend, I turned and looked at Louis, he looked like he was in a daydream but the smile on his face was evident, I could read that boy like a book and he could do the same. 
I smiled at him and he smiled back before opening his mouth
“I wanna live while we're young, we wanna live while we're young-”
the boys all pounced on him, shouting at him to shut up, we all laughed and they all sat up from behind the sofa slightly in pain with completely messed up hair, louis shook his head slightly
“jeez guys, dont all jump at once”
harry sighed
“dont go singing the new song then”
louis paused slightly and bit his bottom lip
“oooppps, my bad”
we all carried on laughing as Louis apoligised to the people on twitter for the song mistake and everything went back to normal. Another half an hour into the twitcam and we were all running out of things to say and do so we decided to call it a night.
Me and Louis thanked everyone one more time before we all said bye and logged off. After saying goodbye and thank you to the others they soon dispersed to their own flats. Liam and Danielle went to Liam's, Harry went to his, Niall and Alex went to Niall's, Zayn was waiting by the door as I turned to Louis, he smiled, Eleanor was standing a few feet behind him like Zayn was for me.
I looked up at Louis and he sighed heavily, the smile on his face said that he was happy, very very happy. I walked up to him and sighed
“happy birthday Louis”
I looked up at him slowly, he looked down at me and nodded slowly
“happy birthday Louisa”
I put my hands on his shoulders and reached up and gave him a kiss on the cheek before slowly stepping back. He smiled and stepped back, Eleanor wrapped one arm around his waist and I felt Zayn interlace our fingers as we walked off. 
Just as I got into Zayns flat I saw Louis' wrapped up presents on the side, crap! I grabbed them quickly before flinging open the door and rushing out only to go smacking into Louis's chest as he was running.
Presents went everywhere as we both fell on the floor and they ended up landing on our heads, we were shocked for a bit before we both burst out laughing and moved over so we were sitting next to each other leaning against the wall, he brought all the presents closer and I handed him his and he gave me mine.
“you first squishy”
I nodded slowly and opened one, a silver bracelet, It had a small locket love heart on and I opened it to see a picture of me one side and a picture of Louis on the other, I smiled and leant on his shoulder as I took it out and he clipped it onto my other wrist. 
He pulled up one of his and unwrapped it, he opened the jewellery box and the chain and braclet were revealed, he smiled warmly and looked on the gold plate to see the words I had got engraved, Squishy and Boo Forever' he smiled and kissed my head before taking it out and handing it to me, I clipped it around his wrist before clipping his chain in place.
He turned to me and just as I was about to open another one Zayn and Eleanor walked out of Zayns and Louis' flat, they instantly saw me and Louis sitting together with our presents and smiled before walking back inside and shutting the doors. I smiled and louis lifted his arm and I snuggled into him as I pulled up another one.
I unwrapped it and saw a beautiful pale blue dress, it was strapless and came to just above my knees, it had a blue sash going just under my boobs and was covered perfectly in beautiful gems. I held it up and jumped up and faced him, he looked up at me smiling as I held it up against myself
“its beautiful Louis, absolutely beautiful”
he smiled and nodded
“just like you, I thought you might want to wear it tomorrow as its christmas and everyone dresses up for christmas”
I smiled and nodded eagerly, I would probably try it on tonight if I didnt get distracted by Zayn but I couldnt wait to wear it tomorrow. I folded it gently and placed it on the paper as Louis picked up another present.
I watched as he unwrapped it to reveal the nerf gun and 3 sets of bullets, he burst out laughing and looped his arm around me pulling me closer
“oh I really do love you”
I laughed and nodded into him
“as do I”
we decided to try and work it but it was just too confusing for this time, we put it down and I picked up another present, I unwrapped it but it was a cardboard box, I looked at him confused but he just winked and gestured to it with his eyes. I decided to proceed with caution.
I slowly undid it and looked inside, 3 small pieces of paper were there, I pulled them out and read them over and over, if I was reading this right Louis had brought me 2 backstage VIP tickets to go and see Example in a few weeks time, I squealed with delight as I picked up the other bit of paper, a picture of Example was printed and in his own writing were the words 'look forward to see you at the show, happy birthday Louisa, Love Example xxx' I began squealing and clapping about a lot more and Louis blocked his ears just laughing. 
I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a kiss before leaning on his shoulder
“your the best brother ever lou”
he nodded against my head
“i know and your the best sister”
I smiled and he picked up another packet, he unwrapped it and the 4 tops I had brought in Jack Wills appeared, he smiled as he looked through all of them, he fell in love with them all and held them close and gave me a hug as I reached out for another one. I pulled it closer to me, this was my last one from him and I unwrapped it slowly, as if to savour the moment. 
A Canvas was lying on my lap with 2 smiling faces, mine and Louis'. We were on the beach and we were sitting side-by-side with our amazing sand-castle that broke after 5 minutes was in front of us, we were smiling and I was leaning my head on his shoulder and his head was rested on mine. 
I smiled and felt tears prick my eyes as I saw that he had got words imprinted in the top left corner.
'For your 21st, one of many memories, I love you, forever and always, love your peter pan'
It was in special caligraphy and I loved it to pieces, I smiled and gave him a kiss on the cheek before he grabbed his last packet.
He unwrapped it and 2 tops and a pair of shorts from hollister were lying there with a handmade CD rested on top. 
He picked it up confused and I smiled at him
“its everything we've gone through on a dvd”
his lips formed a smile as he planted a kiss on my head
“i love you squishy”
“i love you too boo”
he sighed and stood up and offered me a hand, I took it and he pulled me up, we reached down and grabbed all our presents and rubbish before turning to each other
“well... night night princess”
I smiled and nodded
“you too prince”
and with that we both walked back in to the flats, I put all the stuff on Zayns sofa and he came out to greet me but I stopped him from doing anything by holding up my hand then holding up one finger, he nodded and I rushed back out just to almost bump into Louis again, I smiled, he had come back too. 
We enveloped each other in our arms and held on as tight as we both could, he buried his face in my neck and I copied his actions.
“you really are my everything Louisa, no matter what”
I smiled into him and nodded
“and your my rock Louis, even when we argue”
I felt him smile as he gripped slightly tighter
“we'll be together forever right squishy?”
I felt tears prick my eyes, this is exactly what he said the day I left 15 years ago, I nodded slowly and we pulled away slightly, he pressed his forehead against mine and brushed away my tears
“course we will boo” I paused “course we will”
he smiled weakly before planting a kiss on my nose and pulling me in for another hug. When we finally pulled away he smiled at me
“guess we really arent kids anymore”
I shook my head slowly
“no, we're 21 now, both in stable relationships with the best friends anyone could ask for”
he nodded in agreement
“with the best jobs”
I nodded and we both looked up into each others eyes
“with the best family” we both said at the same time.
Smiling we both turned slowly and walked back into the flats. I closed the door and saw Zayn standing there in trackies, I smiled and walked up to him, he smiled and wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck, fiddling with the back of his hair, he leant down and planted a little kiss on my lips
“i have a suprise for you birthday girl”
I giggled and he gave me another kiss before slipping from my grasp and coming behind me, he placed his hands on my eyes and began walking me forward, I laughed at how silly I must have looked but I went along with it.
A few minutes later he removed his hand and I opened my eyes, we were in his room but it looked so much more beautiful. 
He had cleaned up and made the bed perfectly, candles and rose petals were everywhere and he had the light off so it was just lit by the glimmer of the flickering candles. Zayn reached past me as I slowly walked forward and pressed play on his music station, David Stewart & Ed Sheeran – Heaven began playing and I turned to him slowly, the lyrics clearly began talking about sex and I saw it in Zayns eyes.
I smiled as I walked up to him, I placed my arms on his shoudlers and leant up to his ear, I bit at it gently causing him to shiver in delight and wrap his arms around my waist
“i want my birthday present”
I pulled away slowly and stared up at him, he smiled and came down to me, allowing his lips to hover over mine
“your wish is my command”
and with that he began to kiss me hungrily before he scooped me up bridal style and chucked me on the bed before climbing on with me returning to where we were, best birthday ever...
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