It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


20. Chapter 20: Finally 21

Louis' P.O.V

I had just finished wrapping Louisa's presents when I heard a knock at the door
I shouted out as I quickly ran with the presents, sliding them all under my bed where I kept all my presents. I zoomed to the door and opened it, Louisa was there smiling warmly at me, wow ive missed that. I let her in and we both went into the lounge.
“i'll just get us a cocoa yeah?”
she nodded and began to wander about whilst I went to make our drinks. After id done them I placed them on a tray and carried it into the lounge, Louisa was sitting there under a blanket with two steering wheels set up for the wii and the mario kart game was ready to go.
I placed the tray down on the coffee table and clambered under the blanket with her, she gave me a wheel and the competition began.
After we had drunk all our drinks and played for about an hour and a bit she yawned causing me to yawn, we laughed and she leant on my shoulder. 
I leant my head on hers and she put our game wheels down, I turned off the tv, and she brought her legs up and snuggled into me. I lifted my arm up and placed it around her holding her precious body as close to me as I could. 
She put her arm on my chest and sighed heavily before snuggling in again and laying still. I gently kissed her head
“goodnight Louisa, I love you”
“good... Love... too” was all I could make out as a response.
I chuckled slightly before leaning my head back and closing my eyes and smiling, my sister was back where she belonged, my arms. No-one elses. Just mine.

Louisa's P.O.V
I slowly opened my eyes to hear a gentle humming, happy birthday. It clicked in me and I jumped up, instantly awake, I turned to face Louis
“its our birthday Louis!”
he jumped up, the grin hugely planted on his face
“i know! We're finally 21!” 
we both grabbed each others hands and jumped about on the sofa and ran around the flat screaming happy birthday to each other and ourselves. We stopped at the front door and smiled cheekily at each other before nodding and flinging the door open and skipping around the hallway, knocking on the lads doors screaming and jumping about. 
The doors slowly opened and the boys and Alex slowly appeared, looking very worse for wear and slightly angry.
“what the hell Tommo!?” Harry said, running his fingers through his knotted curls.
“its our birthday!” Louis shouted right down his ear, harry shoved him away before coming over to me, he enveloped me in a hug
“happy birthday Tommo number 1” 
I smiled into him and we pulled away
“thanks haz!”
he turned to louis, he had clearly woken himself up now, the smiles were evident as Louis ran and jumped,harry caught him and Louis wrapped his legs around harrys waist, everyone burst out laughing 
“happy birthday my beautiful baby!” harry shouted in a lovey dovey tone
“thank you my beautiful baby!” louis shouted back, still not removing his legs.
Everyone just sighed and I gestured for them to all walk into my flat, they all nodded but quickly rushed off to get mine and Louis' presents. We all eventually walked inside and everyone fell on the sofa, niall rushed into the kitchen with Zayn and they began making breakfast. 
Harry began flicking through the channels trying to find a good music channel, Liam began sorting out all the presents and cards whilst Alex sat next to me, she gave me a hug
“happy birthday babygirl”
I smiled 
“thanks love”
Louis opened his arms for her, she smiled and moved from her seat next to me and sat next to him, he enveloped her in a hug and held her close
“happy birthday Lou-Lou”
he kissed her forehead gently
“thanks Al”
I chuckled, she could honestly be his sister as well. I looked over at the presents, there were some pretty big ones, the biggest had my name on so I was happy about that. 
Soon we were all crowded in the lounge, harry had put on 4Music and the breakfast fix was playing, conor maynard came on and me and alex smiled, hed always been a bit of a crush.
The boys brought in breakfast and we all ate pretty quickly and niall took them all out before Liam went over to the presents, he picked up 10 cards and handed them to us, me and louis fiddled about with them figuring out whose was whos but we finally had 5 each.
We opened them all and they were from the others, we all thanked them and gave them all a hug and I managed to plant a small kiss on zayns cheek, he went slightly red but I dont think anyone noticed. 
Just as Liam was about to give us a present each the door went, me and louis instantly looked at each other before shouting
“i'll get it!”
we both tried to rush off but louis pushed me into zayn 
“hold her still, im getting it this time, you always got it”
I made a shocked face as Zayn wrapped his strong arms around my waist from behind, I sighed ad shouted out to louis
“i did not always get it! You were always just too late!”
Louis walked back in carrying a few envelopes, he poked his tongue out at me
“and you were just too early”
I poked my tongue out back at him and he went and sat on the sofa, zayn slowly let go and I joined him, he had 4 he handed me my 2 and opened his one.
We both got one from Simon and the SyCo team, louis quickly opened the other one, I noticed these two had the same handwriting. 
I saw the word on the front and I instantly knew who it was from, Son. 
Louis finished reading the inside before looking up at me slowly, the others had obviously guessed and harry slowly turned the music down.
“do.. do you want to be excused?” Louis asked, knowing that the card I held in my hand was from my mum, someone I hadnt since I was 5 and now I was 21 and this was my first birthday card since then. I shook my head slowly and slid my finger under the crease, I opened it up and pulled the card out, Daughter. 
I felt tears prick my eyes as I slowly opened the card and read the inside out aloud.
“dear Louisa, you are probably wondering why ive sent you a card, well my second baby is now 21... I dont even know where to start but i'll give it my best shot... ive missed you so much, so very much, more than anyone could ever imagine... Every night I dream of that day when your father took you away from me and most importantly Louis... I know you found him and are back to your troublesome ways, ive read all about the airport and Toys R Us.”
“I spent so many long years trying to find you, the one person I needed in life. I even met a new man and you probably know this but you have sisters now but dont worry your not someone in the past, I have a canvas of you and Louis in the lounge and they look at it everyday hoping that they'll meet you... Louis agreed to letting us all come down for dinner so I suppose i'll see you then, we can chat a lot easier face-to-face, so until 6pm... Happy Birthday Louisa, I love you, From Mum xxx”
tears fell down my face as I slowly lowered the card, Louis was crying too and he instantly pulled me into a hug, I hugged him back and everyone sat there in silence, knowing how much of a big deal this was for me.
We hugged for a few moments before I pulled away slowly, louis wiped away my tears and I wiped away his, this was why he was my brother, I was his rock and he was mine. He gave me a gentle kiss on the head before pulling me closer, I snuggled into him and we leant back facing the others, Alex saw the look on my face and jumped up and went over to the presents
“anyway... lets change the subject for the moment yeah?”
we all nodded and I took a deep breath before standing up and grabbing Louis' hand
“c'mon lou, get up”
he laughed and jumped up, we walked around to the presents, harry turned on the music and The Fray began playing, me and Louis smiled at each other before Alex gestured to two presents
“heres your Louisa and heres yours lou-lou, by the way Louis has two boxes because we need to go out and get the second part to yours”
I stared at her blankly but she just shook it off, gesturing for us to open the boxes. We instantly dove in, she had given Louis the new latest Nerf Gun and bullets along with 3 cans of Lynx and the frays new album signed which he wanted. 
I turned to mine and finished unwrapping it, it was a vivarium(a lizard tank) I looked at her confused but she just smiled and nodded to it, I moved it slightly and smiled. I had a lizard when I moved out and Alex came in but he unfortunately passed away and Id always been talking about getting another one, just never had the time to actually go and sort it all out.
I jumped up and gave her a hug
“thank you!” 
she laughed and nodded
“its fine, I knew how much you wanted one after Yoshi”
I smiled and nodded before turning to the others
“i had a lizard before we all met called Yoshi but he passed away and I always complained about getting another one just never found the time” I turned to Alex
“we'll go collect him tomorrow or something, probably wont have time today”
she nodded and smiled
“i'll go with you”
I nodded and turned to louis who went over to her and enveloped her in a hug
“thank you baby”
she smiled and hugged back before they pulled apart
“thats alright lou”
We turned to the others and Liam was holding 3 parcels
“unlike Alex I have 2 packets for Louisa and one for lou”
louis began to fake cry but we all laughed it off as we took it off him thanking him, we both sat down and unwrapped them.
Liam had brought Louis a new rolex watch and a superman top and he gave me a long red dress from Harvey Nicks, wow I love him, and a pair of Gucci earrings.
We both gave him a hug and thanked him, he smiled and shook it off before saying happy birthday again and sitting down.
Niall was next to hand us presents, Louis let me unwrap mine first so I did, Niall had given me a flowery dress, 3 tops and a gold necklace with a locket on the end, I looked at him and he gestured for me to open it, I smiled and unclipped it. On one side there was a picture of me and Louis as babies and the other had a picture of us now, I smiled and jumped up giving him a hug
“thank you niall, its beautiful”
he smiled 
“glad you liked it lovely”
we pulled away and I went around everyone showing them the inside, louis beemed when he saw it, I sat back down and held back my hair, he took it and clipped it behind my neck, allowing it to dangle. I smiled and turned to Louis who went to his present from Niall.
He unwrapped it and allowed the contents to fall out onto his lap. A massive scrapbook fell out, we flicked through the first few pages and it was all about mine and Louis' story, of going through 5 years together then getting split for 15 and he had photos of when we were younger together then he'd obviously got photos from Alex when I was with her and ones of me and Louis and then ones of us now we're back together, there were a lot of comments he had put in there of things about me and Louis, hed even put in different newspaper cut outs from all the trouble we caused and just pictures the paps had taken.
We both smiled at him before getting up and giving him a hug, even though it was at the same time, the others laughed and Harry began looking through and showing us different things and laughing at some of the stuff people had said.
When we finally sat down and stopped laughing at mine and Louis' fail at being normal Harry got up and picked up a few presents before putting them on our laps, we found out whos was whos before I let Louis open his first, the first one was a pink baby blanket, Louis and the other, even Alex burst out laughing but I just sat there confused, louis smiled and turned to me
“originally me and harry had matching baby blankets but they got ripped by mad fans so he got me another one and im guessing he has the blue at his?”
he turned to harry who grinned idioticly and nodded, everyone carried on laughing but Louis reached over and gave him a hug before turning to the others, the next one was a new nerf gun  that the boys had broken on their last tour with Big Time Rush in America, a load of bullets were the last packet and he turned to me.
I smiled and began to open my first one, I laughed as a boxed up Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Harry Styles doll fell out, everyone laughed and harry smiled
“so you wont miss us when we go away”
I laughed and got up to hug him, he hugged back
“happy birthday princess”
I smiled and gave him a quick kiss before going and sitting back, louis was looking at them
“but theres only 3” he said confused, harry hit his arm playfully
“its christmas tomorrow shut up!”
“oh” louis said quietly, he did a very obvious wink wink to harry and everyone just carried on laughing.
I unwrapped the last packet and smiled as I clipped the jewellery box, it was a beautiful silver ring with a pearl surrounded by diamonds, he had brought earrings to match, I smiled 
“aww harry they're perfect”
I decided to give him another hug before returning next to Louis, I slipped on the ring and put the others down.
I looked up and saw Zayn holding a few parcels, we accepted them and sorted them out before Louis let me open mine first, I smiled, we were really adorable on our birthdays, always taking it in turns to open presents so it was fair, if Louis had opened 5 and I only had done 4 no matter how big the present Louis would always wait for me to catch up with him.
I unwrapped the first one, it was a photo frame and the picture inside made Louis smile... 
Now whenever I was over Zayns, which was every night, we usually took funny photos, whether we were kissing, drawing on each other or just mucking about.
The picture was when we were both lying in bed on our backs and I was leaning half on him and half off but we were gazing into each others eyes lovingly, I smiled, I kinda did love him, the frame had loads of love hearts and the words “ Your birthday calls for so many special words but none can match up to I Love You... I really do” engraved around the edges, I looked up at Louis slowly, biting my lips nervously.
To my suprise he didnt go nuts at keeping it a secret, begin to warn Zayn about hurting me or go all soppy on me he just smiled and kissed my forehead before nodding slowly at Zayn, who nodded back just as nervous as me, I could tell he thought Louis would give him a warning. 
I turned to the others who were all smiling although Harry sighed heavily before reaching into his pocket and pulling out a tener, he sighed before walking over and handing it to Niall, who smiled and laughed 
“thanks bud, pleasure doing business”
we all looked confused till Harry sat back down and sighed again, leaning on his arm
“we had a bet on when you two would either admit it or get together, this was closest”
everyone started laughing and Louis held his hand
“you still got me bro”
we were all laughing at their little scene
“yeah but you got Eleanor too”
Louis jumped up instantly and rushed off shouting something along the lines of 'oh crap!' we all gave each other a confused look as Louis rushed back in topless with one leg in a pair of jeans and the other hopping about, he went into the kitchen and we heard the kettle begin to boil as he hopped back out. 
Before any of us could ask anything he did the only thing you could do hopping about on one foot in a rush... fall over.
We all rushed over to him instantly and began to help him up although Niall couldnt really do much as he was rolling about the floor laughing, tears were falling from his eyes and everyone was still laughing but louis wasnt finding the funny side, I brushed his hair down
“whats the rush Lou?”
“ellie will be here in about-”
we were interupted the doorbell, Harry sighed and got up walking off
“i'll get it, you get smitten boy over there sorted”
I nodded and helped him up, Liam and Zayn dragged him by his arms into his room and they shut the door, Louis tried to stand up but his trousers had got so twisted he just collapsed again, I laughed but then got to helping him get them off and I chucked them on the side before fumbling through his wardrobe and picking out a pair of shorts and loose top, I chucked them at him and he got changed before he came up to me, I pushed his shoulders down and ran my fingers through his hair and attempted to make it look decent.
He smiled and gave me a kiss before taking my hand and heading out of his door, we went into the lounge and saw the others all sat down, Niall had recovered from his little teary moment and there was a really pretty brunette sitting next to Liam and Zayn.
Her face lit up when she saw Louis and his did the same, I smiled to myself and watched as he removed his hand from mine and walked over to her, she stood up, after giving Liam the presents and wrapped her arms around his neck, he wrapped his around her waist before giving her a gentle kiss and a hug
“happy birthday Lou”
“thank you sweetie”
they had another kiss before Louis let her go but took her hand and led her over to me, she was slightly edgy and I smiled to myself, she was clearly genuine as she was scared to meet his twin
“Louisa this is Eleanor, my beautiful girlfriend and Eleanor this is Louisa, my beautiful twin”
she smiled at me
“hi” she said quietly, I chuckled, so nervous bless her, I decided to try and make her feel more comfortable
“hey, its amazing to meet you, louis has told me everything”
I said before pulling her into a hug, she laughed and hugged me back, clearly happy I was fine with her, we pulled away
“same with you, he doesnt shut up”
we both laughed and I nodded
“yep that sounds like Boo”
we both laughed and she smiled at me
“happy birthday by the way, I wasnt sure what you wanted so I hope its ok”
I looked confused as she went over to Liam and picked up the presents, I smiled, she got me a present. Me and Louis both thanked her as she gave us our presents, Louis gave her a kiss before we all went and sat down, Louis turned to me but I shook my head and gestured to his, he smiled before turning to his and opening it.
Eleanor had brought him a mug with a picture of the two of them together with happy birthday Louis imprinted on it, he smiled and gave her a kiss before opening the other one.
5 new tops fell out and a pair of trackies, Louis did need some new ones. The last was 2 pair of espadrilles. He gave her another kiss and hug before turning to me.
I opened up mine and smiled, a necklace with my name on was there, I smiled and saw the two tops it was on, the first one was a picture of me and Louis saying 'watch out, Tommo Twins are about' I laughed and saw the other one saying 'bitch please, I trash segways I'm that cool' I laughed and showed Louis, he burst out laughing and gave her a hug, I smiled and got up to give her one
“thanks a lot, they're perfect”
she smiled and nodded
“that's good, I was worried you wouldn't like them”
I shook it off
“no they're brill”
she smiled, happy we were getting along.
Everyone was soon sat about, I sighed and stood up
“well before anything else happens I need to go have a shower and get changed”
I grabbed my presents and began to walk out my room only to hear Louis say
“dont even think about it Zayn”
everyone started laughing but I walked out and went into my room. I had the quickest shower known to man-kind before getting changed into my new top that Eleanor got me, the segway one and some black skinnys. 
I went back into the lounge and saw everyone all flopped around, there was now a brown, curly haired girl next to liam and he had his arm around her.
“oh Louisa this is my girlfriend Danielle, Dani this is Louis' twin Louisa”
she jumped up and came up to me, smiling
“hey, ive heard a lot about you, happy birthday”
I smiled and hugged her. I went and sat next to Zayn who had moved over so I could sit next to him, he stretched out his arm so I leant into him, Louis reached over and gave me a small parcel, I saw he had one
“its from Danielle”
I gave her a smile before we both opened them at the same time, there was a small gold charm bracelet in mine and it had different charms, I looked closely and saw there was the 1D logo, a microphone, a 21, a lipstick, a key, a nerf gun, a segway, a plane, a camera and a heart with the letter Z in. 
I laughed and looked up at her
“thanks a lot, its beautiful”
she chuckled and smiled back
“thats fine, Liam helped me pick out some of the charms”
I smiled and took it out and handed it to Zayn and he clipped it on for me before pulling me closer, I smiled and looked over at Louis who was trying to clip his own bracelet on, it was the same style as mine but a little less feminine, everytime Eleanor tried to help him he would say he could do it on his own.
I laughed and shook my head at him
“Louis, let Eleanor help you”
everyone nodded and Louis finally gave up and offered it to her, she had it clipped in a few seconds and he came jumping over to me to look at my charms, I showed him mine, he had the 1D logo, a heart with a H in, a heart with a E in, a microphone, a cd, a phone, a nerf gun, a segway and a plane. We gave each other a kiss on the head and he returned to Eleanors side.
When we were all seated we all nodded slowly and sighed
“so what are we going to do today?” Alex said slightly bored
we all shrugged and sat there for a few minutes, Louis looked up and I did as well, we both smiled and jumped up at the same time
“Bowling!” We both shouted out at the same time, everyone laughed but nodded in agreement, we all got sorted, Louis was wearing his new shoes from Eleanor and I decided to wear my necklace from Niall and ring from Harry, I had just clipped my earrings in from Liam when Louis shouted out 
“coming squishy?”
“nearly done boo”
I slipped on louis' other pair of shoes Eleanor brought him before rushing downstairs, Louis was waiting at the front door and chuckled when he saw me in the shoes, he gave me a peck on the head before we both walked out, we were all in different cars but he led me over to his.
I got in the back and saw that Eleanor was in the front but Zayn was in the back with me, I smiled at him and sat in the middle, I buckled up and he drove off, I felt Zayns hand rest on my leg, I smiled and allowed him to rest it there. 
The day went by very fast, probably because we were having a really good time. We went in teams for bowling and I went with Louis for a few, then with Zayn and Alex, everyone kept swapping who were with so everyone went with different people. 
We went for pizza afterwards and we even got a few birthday presents from fans that found out where we were going.
Mum and the girls came over, Louis brought them into the lounge and I was snuggled into Zayn, I jumped up instantly and the girls went over to the other boys. I paused and Louis stepped forward slowly
“maybe you two should go into another room?”
Jay nodded slowly and I agreed, slowly walking forward. She walked out and I turned to Louis
“come with me please?” I pleaded, whispering to him.
He shook his head and placed his hands on my waist
“this is your time together, I'll come in soon”
I nodded slowly, unconvinced, he kissed my head slowly
“you can do it, I love you squishy”
I smiled 
“love you too boo”
I took a deep breath and walked into Louis' room where mum was waiting... here goes nothing...

Louis' P.O.V
I watched as Louisa closed my bedroom door, my heartbeat kept picking up and I walked back into the lounge slowly, this was horrible. I went and sat next to Eleanor and looped my arm around her shoulder, she leant into me and we carried on watching the film, Daisy soon came and decided to place herself on my lap, I sighed laughing and allowed her to lean back so I could watch the film although I had to move my arm from Eleanor but she was fine with it.
Half an hour later and the door opened, Louisa and Mum walked in, we could all tell they had been crying but they were holding hands and smiling so I smiled back, I gently slid Daisy off and went to them and we all had a three way hug. I held on tight and they did the same, leaning into me because I was the tallest. 
Suddenly I felt two small arms wrap around my bum, I pulled away and looked down, Pheobe was outstretched to us, I smiled and reached down and scooped her up. 
The other girls came over and we were soon in a hug, the others were all smiling, Louisa pulled away slightly and gestured for Alex to come over, she smiled and nodded, I pulled away and gestured for all the others. 
They laughed but agreed and we were all soon in a massive hug with me, mum and Louisa in the middle, mum was nearly in tears and I kissed her head
“i love you mum” I mouthed to her
she smiled warmly back at me
“i love you too sweetheart” she mouthed back, she looked at Louisa who was smiling at her 
“and me mum” she mouthed back
a tear rolled down mums cheek and she chuckled, trying not to burst into tears
“i know, I do too” she mouthed to her and I beamed down at them. Mother and Daughter back together again, after 15 long years, it was only then that I noticed Louisa's hand, there was the ring harry got her but another one.
It was gold and had the word 'Daughter' printed across the front, I smiled and reached down and kissed it gently, she smiled at me and we all began to pull away slowly.
The girls were soon getting tired so mum decided to take them home, after long goodbyes and promises that me and Louisa would go and see them tomorrow they finally left and we waved them off.
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