It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


2. Chapter 2: 15 years later


Louisa’s Point of View. I slowly pick up a photo which has been by my bedside table since I was 5. The one of me and my Boo Bear. I kiss the photo before I place it back. I miss him. Every day for the last 15 years I have thought of him. I smiled to myself as I walked downstairs. Alex, my best mate, was sat on the sofa watching re-runs of “One Direction; A Year in the Making.” Her eyes were glued to the screen and she was in tears. I fell onto the only part of the sofa which she hadn’t taken up. She had just seen the part where Harry Styles was talking about how he couldn’t understand why some people hated him. I have to admit, I couldn’t understand why either. Then, Louis Tomlinson was on the screen. I tensed up for a moment. Boo Bear. My Boo Bear was on TV. I still hadn’t quite got over the fact that my twin brother was famous. Yet, no-one knew about me. He never talked about me in interviews and neither did my mum. But, in this one programme, he did talk about me. By the end of his bit, he was practically in tears, like I am now. Alex pulled me into a big hug. She knew exactly how I felt. I told most of my friends that I was Louis Tomlinson’s long lost twin but only Alex believed me. She was the only one who could see it. However, last time I went to a signing and saw Louis, he didn’t recognise me. Well, I’m not surprised; it has been a long time since we last saw each other. The fans had been too much and he just dismissed me, thinking I was one. I had walked out of my dad’s life as soon as I was 18. Alex was kicked out by her family when she was 16 and she was living on the streets. I had bought a house and seen her lying in the street. At first I had thought she was dead but I quickly realised she was just asleep. I bought her breakfast and we started chatting. She had told me about her life and her ambitions. I offered to let her stay at my house and she accepted. Since then, she has spent every waking hour working so she can help pay the rent. After a couple of months she was given a job as a journalist for a magazine. She has been working there for nearly 2 years now. Alex was like a younger sister to me. I loved taking care of her. She was the only one who was allowed to call me Squishy Bear, the name that Louis used to call me. Alex pulled away and walked into the kitchen. She made me some toast and handed it to me. She then grabbed her laptop and started searching her emails. She takes her job really seriously. She interviews famous people such as Example and Rihanna. She screamed in excitement. “Guess who is interviewing the latest boy band which is practically taking over the world!” She cried. “Who?” I laughed. “Me! Duh.” “So when are you interviewing them?” “Tomorrow.” She stopped. “Do you want to see if Louis will recognise you?” she asked quietly. “No” I replied. I couldn’t believe it. My best friend was going to be interviewing One Direction. Louis. My Boo Bear. The day passed in a surreal blur. And when night finally came, I couldn’t sleep. Even if I did go to the interview Louis wouldn’t recognise me. He’d dismiss me as a fan. He wouldn’t care. He knew everyone knew he had a twin and even I knew that lots of people where pretending to be her. Me. I slowly shut my eyes. I woke up to my phone vibrating on my bedside table. I slowly sat up. I had 3 missed calls from Alex and a text from my boyfriend Liam. There was also a note on the side. It read:   “Louisa, I left early to get to the interview in plenty of time. Should be finished about 1. Breakfast is downstairs. If you want to pop in feel free. Alex”   I looked at my clock. 12 o’clock. Wow I’d seriously overslept. Thank god I wasn’t meant to work today. I looked through the text Liam had sent me. Hey babe. It’s not working out between us. Sorry. Talk soon. Hope we can still be friends. Liam. I felt my heart stop for a second. How? Why? What had I done? I threw my phone at the wall. I got up and got dressed into my Superman top, red skinnies, espadrilles and white braces. I walked down the stairs and ate my breakfast. I pulled my hair into a side ponytail and walked out of the house. I started walking towards Alex’s work, checking the time on my watch. It usually takes me half an hour to get there but I got there in 20 minutes. My watch read 1.15pm. I barged into Alex’s office. “You would not believe what Liam just said to me! He’s always doing this! I hate him.” I stopped. Louis slowly stood up. We looked each other up and down and before he could say anything, I rushed out of the room. Alex quickly followed me and dragged me back into her office by my hair. “Alex! Let go of my hair! It really hurts ya know!” I shout. “Squishy Bear! SIT!” She replies angrily, pointing over to an empty chair. I quickly do as she says then she puts her finger to her lips just as I’m about to start talking. She turned back to the boys. Louis had sat back in his seat and had gone really quiet. Alex sighed. “Ok. Interview over.”  The boys stood up. I walked over to Liam and said, "Sorry. When I came bursting in, I was talking about a different Liam. No-one could ever hate you" I smiled. "Don't worry about it. Maybe see you around." He smiled back, just before he and Zayn left the room. Louis quickly followed them, but he stopped just before he left to take one more look at me. Then he left. I looked down. Then Harry and Niall ambushed me. "Give her my number would you?" Harry smiled. "No give her my number" Niall butted in. I laughed, "Sure." Harry and Niall left and I looked at Alex who was back on her computer, typing up the interview.   Louis' Point of View I recognised her. Could she have been Louisa? My twin? She looked like me and she dresses like me? When Harry and I arrived back at our flat, I went straight to my room. I pulled out the box of old photos I kept under my bed. I started looking at the ones of me and my twin. I felt the tears slide down my face. I looked down at the photos and carried on flicking through them as more tears fell, i tried to brush them away as i pulled out my phone and loaded up twitter @Louis_Tomlinson: talk about a flashback...   Louisa's Point of View When I got home I went straight to my room. I pulled the top with peter pan on it from the back of my wardrobe. I then looked at old photos of me and Louis. I started to cry. The picture was of me and Louis on our 5th birthday together, we were hugging each other really tightly and louis was giving me a small kiss on the forehead, more tears fell as i held the photos and the peter pan top closer to my heart.
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