It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


19. Chapter 19: Nothing like a lovely shopping trip with the Tommo's

Louisa's P.O.V

I rolled over and slowly grumbled and opened my eyes, Zayn was smiling down at me 
“you look so cute when you wake up”
I giggled and placed my hand on his cheek and brought his lips to mine, he kissed back and I felt his hands trail up my legs through the thin sheet, I brought it closer to him and I ran my fingers through his hair. He pulled away slowly
“we cant kiss forever”
I nodded
“course we can, whats to stop us?”
he looked over to the end of the bed and I followed his gaze, his dog Boris was sitting there and a tray with a fully made english breakfast was there, I looked back at him and he smiled and winked
“are we talking about the dog or breakfast?”
he chuckled before getting off me and bringing the breakfast closer, I slid under his arm and layed down on his chest, he held me close and began to feed me everything he'd made. 
Boris barked and Zayn picked up a sausage, boris jumped off the bed and went to Zayns side and began jumping about, getting excited, zayn started teasing him with it before chucking it slightly, the dog obediently went to it and began chomping away. 
I laughed before kissing zayns chest a few times and leaning up closer, he planted a soft kiss on my lips before we finally finished the dinner, I realised Zayn was in his trackies and I was still naked under the sheets.
Zayn clambered out and was about to carry the tray out
“im just going to take it downstairs before im supposed to be going out with-”
he turned but I surprised him by getting out of the bed and standing there smirking at him, his eyes grew and his mouth opened slightly.
“going out with who sweetie?” I said teasingly
he began stuttering around with his words and I laughed before he dropped the tray and began walking over to me
“screw the tray and screw shopping with Liam” he managed to say before his lips landed on mine, we pulled away slightly and he reached down and picked me up bridal style, I laughed and gave him another kiss before he chucked me on the bed and slid his trackies off, turns out he wasnt wearing boxers. He pulled a packet out from his bedside table before joining me on the bed...

Zayn's P.O.V

Louisa was beautiful, there was no question about it. Although some part of me still felt bad that she was with Finn although she never came across as one to cheat, I looked down at her, she was lying with her back to me and I had my arm wrapped around her, we were both entangled in the sheets again but I didnt care, she had her eyes closed and I had a funny feeling she was going to sleep.
I kissed her shoulder/neck a few times before realising she had fallen asleep, completely out of it, I dont want to brag but I must be good.
I slowly pulled back my side of the duvet and slipped out, I searched through my clothes before pulling out some fresh clothes. I had a quick shower before getting changed.
After half an hour of sorting out my hair I finally slipped some shoes on and pulled out a piece of paper and pen, I went back into my room and smiled at Louisa's sleeping body, she had rolled over and was now lying on her back, her hair was layed out and I could see the outline of her perfect body through the sheets, I resisted the temptation to get back in there with her as I turned away and scribbled a message on the sheet before going and placing it gently next to her bed. And with that I headed downstairs and out the door.

Louisa's P.O.V

I slowly opened my eyes and moved my hands about, I felt a bit of paper and grabbed it before rubbing my eyes and concentrating on the words.

Dear Beautiful, just gone out with Liam to get a special someones birthday present, wont be too long, I promise, love you, Zayn xxxx

I sighed and began to think, what special someone could that be, I found my phone and opened up a new text, curiousity getting the better of me
Louisa – who you getting a present for?? xxxx
It took a few seconds before he replied 
Zayn – its easy to see your blonde isnt it sweetheart? Xxxx
I stared at the text confused before sighing and giving up chucking it on the bed, I got my clothes and took a quick shower before saying goodbye to Boris and slowly, slyly creeping out of the apartment. 
I crept along the corridor before hearing a slight giggle, I turned slowly and saw Niall trying not to laugh at me
“jeez Louisa someone would think your running away from Zayns apartment” 
a smirk on his face, I poked my tongue out at him
“i was... err.. just... um”
he raised his eyebrow and came closer
“just what exactly?”
“err... feeding Boris?” I said although it came out as more of a question, he laughed and nodded
“course you are Louisa, course”
I poked my tongue out at him again and he did the same before showing me his car keys
“anyway fancy coming shopping with me? Alex is buzy and I need to get the boys something for Christmas and Louis' birthday, I already got yours”
I smiled and nodded slowly
he smiled and we both went outside and got in his car, before he drove off he turned to me
“are you going to tell me what you were doing at Zayns?”
I shook my head and he smiled, nodding and turned back, starting up the car
“ok, you are still with Finn right?”
I nodded quickly
“course I am, happy as ever, never been better, wouldnt change anything” I said that way too quickly for it to be even 1% truthful.
Niall shook it off and we drove off in the direction of the shopping Centre.

*3 weeks later, Louis' and Louisa's birthday is tomorrow.*

Louisa's P.O.V

All of the boys had brought all their christmas presents, by now Alex had a very small bump but she always wore baggy tops to cover it up. I had been staying at Zayns every night, yep doing exactly whats going through your mind. I had brought all the boys(except Louis) a christmas present, and yes me and Louis hadnt made up yet, it got to the point where I was beginning to miss him.
I brushed away the tears and slipped my shoes on before grabbing my car keys and opening the door, just as I was about to walk out I felt someone envelop me in a hug. 
I took one breath and wrapped my arms around their waist, there was no mistaking that smell. Carrots and Cucumber. 
“i love you boo-bear”
“i love you too squishy-bear”
I smiled into him and squeezed him tighter and we held on like the world was ending and we were each others rock... I paused, im always his rock, whether the worlds ending or not. I looked up at him and he kissed my forehead gently before pulling out something from his back pocket, it was a cucumber stick and a carrot stick, although they were covered in dirt and dust.
I raised my eyebrow at him and he pulled a puppy face
“its not my fault, no-one washes my back pockets”
I laughed and kissed his nose before taking them and putting them in the bin, he followed and closed the door. I pulled out a cucumber and cut it in half before pulling out a bag of carrot sticks, I chucked it at him and he began to dig in as I began chewing away at the cucumber, We stood in silence until carrot and cucumber went flying everywhere. 
“OH CRAP! I HAVENT GOT YOU A PRESENT YET!” We both spat out at the same time, panic rushed through us as we dropped the food and ran to the front door, Louis went straight, head-first.
I leant back, ouch thats gotta hurt, he spun slightly before shaking his head and nodding at me
“im fine... I think”
I laughed and reached up and gave him a kiss before we flung open the door and closed it on our way out and rushed to my car, we both hopped in and I sped off towards the nearest Toys 'R' Us. 
“ok so we both get to the store, go our seperate ways, get the presents, big bags, in the boot, no-one sees, problem solved ok?”
he nodded and we soon arrived, after parking we both ran inside. It was huge and we both looked at each other before nodding and rushing off in different directions.
I headed straight to the Nerf gun section. Just as I turned the corner to the aisle I saw Louis turned the corner at the other end, we both burst out laughing before rushing off again.
I went to the cuddly teddys part, for some reason just as I turned the aisle corner Louis did as well. We both burst out laughing before he shouted down to me
“dont you hate mental connection?”
I carried on laughing and nodded before he shouted down
“lets try one more time”
I nodded
“ok, you'll never guess this one”
he nodded and we both rushed off again, lets hope this works.
I headed towards the section with all the electronic cars, the ones where you can actually sit in and ride around, everything was there. I began looking through them before I turned around and saw Louis standing there, only thing time he was wearing one of those terrible disguises, the glasses with nose and moustache attached. 
I burst out laughing and I could see he was trying to hold in his laughter
“ah young madam can I help you”
I carried on laughing before nodding
“well you see im looking for a present for my brother”
he nodded slowly and began to stroke an imaginary beard
“well we have these”
he gestured towards 2 segways standing up against a load of boxed ones, I nodded and carried on playing along
“well hes a bit on the stupid side so I need to know how to work them”
louis poked his tongue out before realising he wasnt in character
“well he sounds like quite a fetching charming man but its really easy, let me show you”
I carried on laughing as he checked that no-one was watching before pulling it to him and began struggling to climb on. 
I sighed and grabbed the other one 
“i believe this is how you do it”
I stepped on, only to fall straight off, he burst out laughing
“how to what exactly? Fall off?” 
I stuck my tongue out at him and he did the same before we both tried again. 
10 minutes later and we were zipping around the aisle on segways, laughing as we passed each other and gave high-fives, We were both at one end and just as we were about to organise a race we heard a stern voice coming from the other end
“excuse me but can you get off the segways please?”
A worker began walking towards us, Louis turned to me paniced
“oh no! Look wendy its captain hook! Just without the hook! Oh no! Its captain! Lets fly!”
I nodded, laughing and we both took off in the opposite direction, speeding around on the segways like it was no-ones business. The worker had gotten angry and began trying to chase us, other workers had joined in but customers were finding it funny, especially when they recognised that we were the Tommo Twins, oh the dreaded Tommo Twins, causing havoc where-ever we go.
About 30 minutes later we heard a bing-bong noise and the tannoy(the creepy voice that goes through the whole shop) come on.
“would the two people riding the segways please dismount and return them please”
we both just carried on laughing and louis turned to me
“its always us causing trouble”
I turned to him
“i know right”
“wait... your still driving?”
I nodded
“so are you”
“but... but we're both looking at each other”
“so whos looking up front?”
we both gulped and turned slightly before screaming.
we both screamed as we went flying into a massive wall of teddy bears, after several crash and bangs we both sat up slowly, I reached up to my head and felt wetness, I brought it back down and saw a small trickle of blood.
Workers and customers rushed over and 3 staff began helping us out, they ushered the crowd away and began to tell us off, no matter how old we were, they got me a cold bag of ice for my head though.
10 minutes later and we were both sitting on a bench outside Toys 'R' Us with a broken segway, literally, the handle bar was crooked, one wheel was missing and it was covered in scratches and marks.
I sighed and turned to Louis
“well now we're banned from that store”
he nodded slowly
“yup, at least we got our segway though”
he said, lifting it up and planting it back on the ground only to watch the other wheel break off and roll down the street. We both sighed and nodded slowly, he turned to me slightly
“it didnt need wheels anyway”
I nodded 
“course it didnt”
we both sat there nodding slowly before I sighed and took the bag of ice off my head and planted it on Louis' special area before standing up and heading to the car, all I heard was screaming and a few bad words but I just chuckled.
We both got in and drove off to the nearest shopping centre. This time we both went seperate ways and I headed into one of the jewellery stores, I soon picked out a 24ct gold chain and a braclet to match but the bracelet had a small plate of gold on it, I headed straight over to the engravers and placed an order to have the words 'Squishy and Boo Forever' engraved onto it. I watched them do it and I was soon heading into Jack Wills. I brought 4 tops and then headed into Argos, I scanned through the catalogue before placing an order for the biggest Nerf Gun and 3 packs of spare bullets, I collected them and headed towards the exit of the centre, just as I was about to leave I happened to glance into Hollister and behind the counter I saw the one person I wasnt expecting to see. Finn.
Just to wind him up I held my head up high and sauntered in, a few people began to recognise me as Louis' twin and I had to sign a few things and have a few photos before I found a red flowery dress, 4 tops, 3 pairs of shorts and 5 jumpers. 
I went over to the counter and it turned out Finn was going to serve me, I dumped all my stuff down and he instantly recognised me, I held my head up as he began to scan and instead of neatly folding and packing them in a bag he just shoved them in. 
Unfortunately for him the store manager appeared, after hearing he had a small celeb in his mist.
“Finn Harries, pack them clothes properly this instant! You do not treat our guests like that! Otherwise I'll have to take the action no employee wants do you understand me!”
Finn growled slightly and nodded before taking them all out and he began to fold them, the manager approached me
“i am very sorry about this Miss Tomlinson, hes not our best guy”
I smiled and shrugged it off
“its fine, im used to guys being pains, I live with Zayn so im used to it”
we began jokily laughing but I could tell Finn clenched up at the name of Zayn, he didnt like it one bit, ha his fault.
“oh thats lovely, im sure all the boys arent that bad”
“oh they are, they may act lovely but they're little monsters although they all are very supportive, especially Zayn, he always knows how to comfort a girl”
yet again Finn clenched up, wow I was having too much fun. A customer came up and began to talk to the manager, he bid me goodbye and went off to deal with them, I turned back to Finn.
“thats £428 please”
I plugged my card in and we waited for it to load
“you dating Zayn now?” he said quietly
“what do you care? You left me, I moved on”
I put my pin and paid for my stuff before putting it away, Finn handed me the receipt and I put it in the bags before taking them and beginning to walk off but I turned to face him one last time
“have fun with the rest of your life, im sure you'll see the wedding in the newspaper”
I smiled one last smile before walking out and heading to my car. I dumped it all in the boot just as Louis arrived carrying a load of bags. He smiled at me before placed them in the back seat, seeing as mine filled the whole boot. 
We both got in and I started up the car headed back to the boys complex so I could attempt to wrap up the presents at Zayn's although my wrapping is about just as bad as Louis'... yeah its that bad. 
Oh well it cant be that bad, just as long as I dont get distracted then I should have the presents wrapped and sorted for tomorrow... OMG its my birthday tomorrow.
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