It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


18. Chapter 18: Harry finds out the truth

Alex’s Point of View.

I picked up my phone. I dialled the number on the screen. It rang a few times before he picked up.

… - Alex… Hey. How are you? I haven’t talked to you since…

Me – Hey Harry. This isn’t a social call. I need help getting the awful Tommo Twins a present for their birthday next month. Can you come shopping with me? Say we meet at about 11 at the fountain?

Harry – Yeah I guess. But on one condition. We need to talk about what happened. About…

Me - Okay we’ll talk. Gotta go bye.

Before he could reply I hung up. I sighed. I didn’t want to talk to him. I just needed his expertise in what to get Louis as they’re practically in each other’s pants all day and all night. I smiled. I ran my hand through my hair as I grabbed my bag and keys. I walked out the door and headed into town.

When I arrived at the fountain, Harry was already waiting for me. He smiled when he saw me and pulled me into a hug before I could pull away from it.

“I’ve missed you.” He whispered.

I pulled away.

“Look. We’re here to get the twins a present. Not to dwell on the past… On things that will never be.” I said harshly.

He sighed as we walked through town. We went into clothes shops, toy shops (for Louis), jewellery shops. Every shop you can think of we went to… pretty much.

I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I took it out and pressed the green button.

Me – Alex here?

Niall – Hey babe. Fancy meeting up today. I have something planned.

Me – Hey Niall, I can’t today, I’m shopping for the Tommo’s present. Do you mind if we meet up tomorrow Hun?

I saw Harry’s hands tighten into fists.

Niall – Sure. That’s great. Love you.

Me – Yeah. Those three words right back at you.

Niall – Aw come’ on. Say them then.

Me – I love you too.

I rushed through those words as if the world was ending. I saw the tears forming in Harry’s eyes as he looked away. I gulped.

Me – Bye Niall.

I hung up. I looked down at the ground as we continued to walk, now in an awkward silence.

“Harry… I…” I started to say.

He turned to me and pushed me up against the closest wall. His eyes scanned my face and his hands were either side of my arms.

“Excuse me sir…” An old woman started to say.

“Don’t worry. Nothing to see here.” Harry replied to her dully.

Harry looked down and slipped one of his hands around my waist. I quietly gulped. He ran his other hand along the front of my body until he suddenly stopped. His hand was on my stomach. He looked up at me, eyes wide. He took a couple of steps back.

“Harry… I was going to tell you.” I said, getting quite worried.

“You’re… You’re…” He stuttered.

“Pregnant.” I finished.

“How? Who? When? Where? Why?” He asked slowly.

“I think we can both guess the how, why, maybe when, maybe why and… who’s… it… is…”

“That’s why you didn’t want to get back with me… Because… it isn’t… mine… is.. It?” He looked down.

I put my hand under his chin and kissed him.

“Of course it’s yours stupid. I mean… I wasn’t expecting to get pregnant…” I trailed off.

He took a step back.

“How long have you known?” He said.



“Since Louisa and Louis got back from holiday…” I said, my voice slightly squeaky.

“You’ve known for all this time? Then you go out with my best mate… Telling him you love him… Does he know you’re pregnant? Does he think it’s his?”

“I… He… He doesn’t know. I wanted to tell you but I was just so angry at you. Harry… I love you. It’s always been you. Since the moment we met.”

He shook his head.


“What do you mean no, Harry?”

“I don’t want this. You’re dating my best friend. Alex. I love you but you can’t lead Niall on like this if you don’t love him. It’s wrong. Just like that thing inside of you is wrong.”

“You… You don’t mean that. I’ll break up with Niall but I’m keeping the baby.”

He sighed. “That isn’t the point. I no longer want that child if you have done all of this just to get at me.”

Harry turned and started to walk away.

“Harry! Wait!” I called after him.

“See you around Alex.”

And with that, he was gone.

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