It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


17. Chapter 17: New Beginings


Louisa's P.O.V Alex had gone out but she wouldn't tell me who with but I just shook it off and told her to text me if she needed me. Zach had to go to work so I was left on my billy, I wandered about the house grabbing some skinnys and top, I had a quick shower and got changed before slipping on a pair of my braces, running a brush through my hair and putting on a little bit of makeup.   I wandered about and heard my phone go off, it was my reminder ringtone, I was confused till I picked up and saw it was reminding me that it was my birthday in exactly a month, yes I'm sad I make a countdown. That also meant that it was christmas in a month and a day, it also meant that Louis was turning 21 too.  I felt my heart sink as I remembered that we were still going through our rough patch.  Just as I dropped my phone on the floor it went off again, I was confused but I picked it up and opened the message without checking who it was from.  Finn - hello gorgeous, you'll never guess who's in England? Fancy meeting your beautiful boyfriend then?? Unless we're not together anymore.. Your choice princess xxxx  I paused, what do I do? I sighed and clicked reply  Louisa - yeah ok, and yeah we're still together, kinda difficult though, I'll meet you at the lion statues in a few minutes xxxx  He soon replied   Finn - ok lovely, someone's eager ;) xxxx  I smiled and clicked reply  Louisa - oh definitely :P xxxx  I sent that and quickly rushed to the door, I slipped on my red espadrilles and rolled up the bottom of my jeans before grabbing my car keys and heading out, I got into the car and just as I was about to drive off my phone went off, I unlocked it expecting it to be Finn but it wasn't...  Zayn - hey lovely, I was wondering if you wanted to meet up today? Only if you want to though, can hear all your stories from holiday xxx  I paused, shit. What the hell do I do?  Louisa - hey, I'm a bit busy today but I can meet up another day?? Xxx  I sent that and felt slightly guilty as I put my phone down and started up driving off.   I was soon parked and walking about, I spotted Finn and we both ran to each other, I leapt into his arms and he spun me around for a few moments holding on as tight as he could.  When we finally pulled away we had a few kisses but were soon walking hand-in-hand through the streets. I was leading him back to my car and he smiled at me when he saw it   "so your taking me somewhere then?"  "yeah definitely"   We both hopped in and I started up the car, I drove to the boys complex, we both jumped out and I locked it before I took his hand and led him up to the door. I knocked a few times before it opened and Liam stood there, he greeted me with a hug, I hugged back before taking Finns hand and bringing him closer.   "Liam this is Finn my boyfriend"   He smiled and shook his hand but he still had a wield twinkle in his eye, he opened the door for me and him to walk through  "me, lou, Harry and Zayn are all at mine, Niall's out but hell be back soon"  I nodded and we walked to his, Liam went in first and sat down on the sofa next to Zayn who tensed up at the sight of Finn hand in mine. Louis jumped up and Finn stepped back  "what's he doing here." he asked coldly, I tensed up  "he's my boyfriend and I was introducing him to the others, not that you need to know"  "well your my twin I should know"  An awkward silence stood but it soon disappeared as the door went and Liam rushed off, he soon returned followed by Niall and Alex. They looked at me confused but I took Finns hand and brought him forward  "Alex, niall this is my boyfriend Finn"   They both nodded slowly and Niall went and sat down next to Zayn and began whispering things but Alex came forward to him  "your dating her?"  He nodded slowly  "and your names not Zayn?"   I felt my cheeks go red and he began coughing slightly, Louis reached out and placed his hands on her shoulder and pulled her back into him, she was still confused as to why I wasnt dating Zayn but allowed Louis to pull her down onto the sofa.   "I thought the same thing" he whispered into her ear but everyone heard, it was still awkward and Zayn was looking down at the floor twiddling his fingers.   "so... You staying for dinner?" I looked up at Liam who was clearly trying to break the ice, I nodded slowly and me and Finn sat down, I released my hand from his and we just sat side-by-side.   Louis was giving him extremely obvious evils, his eyes were squinted really tight and his lips were pursed together. We began making small talk between each other but Louis refused to say anything, just carry on looking like an idiot.   Harry went and sat next to him   "want me to shut the blinds buddy?"  He shook his head slowly, before leaning over and whispering, very loudly.  "I'm staring"  Harry leant closer and followed his gaze   "why you looking at him?"   I had actually had enough, I jumped up and Louis did at the same time  "coz he's dating her! That's why Harry."  Everyone went silent as me and Louis stood there in an awkward silence.   "and why can't I date who I want?! I'm nearly 21 Louis!"  "because... Because I don't like him"  At this point Finn jumped up but I held an arm in front of him to stop him from going for him  "it's fine Finn, we were just leaving"  I took his hand and without saying anything else I stormed off, pulling him along with me.  We were soon outside of the complex and Finn got in the drivers seat, I gave him the keys and he headed off, I wasn't sure as to where he was going but he looked like he was doing some serious thinking as he kept running his fingers through his hair and gripping onto the wheel tight.   We arrived at a hotel and he jumped out, rushing around to my side. Just as I was about to get out he stopped me, I wound down the window and stared at him confused  "what's wrong?"   He sighed and looked at me  "I'm dumping you"  I felt my heart smash into millions of pieces  "you being serious?"  He paused before nodding  "yeah your brother wants me dead, your best friend wants you dating his mate, they all want you with Zayn so just go with him and forget about me"  And before I could say anything he leant forward, planted one last kiss on my forehead and rushed off into the hotel.  Tears fell down my eyes as I slowly got myself out of the car and into the drivers seat.   I was now crying uncontrollably but I still started up the car and drove off, towards home, that's all I wanted, to go home, have a nice bath, get some ice cream, snuggle up on the sofa with Zayn and watch cheesy films till I fall asleep.  I paused... I did not just think what I thought i did... I wanted to snuggle up to Zayn... I shook myself and carried on driving, although I ended up outside the boys complex, I slapped myself before pausing and slapping myself over and over, god I'm an idiot. Zayn's P.O.V I was actually devastated knowing that Louisa was with Finn. As soon as she left I had used the 'I'm tired' excuse to go across the building to my flat. Everyone could tell that it wasn't the real reason I wanted to be alone but they just went along with it.   About half an hour later I decided to finally make something to eat, I had decided on a few cheese toasties as something small but then realised I needed cheese. I slipped on some trainers and grabbed my keys and wallet before walking out and locking up.  I headed outside and strangely saw Louisa's car, she was sitting there, her eyes looked like they had been crying so much and she was slapping her cheeks over and over.   I walked over confused and bent down to look in, she carried on for a few seconds till she paused mid-slap and looked at me, red instantly covered her cheeks. She began chuckling slightly and I laughed and opened her door, she got out slowly and I smiled weakly at her, she had hurt me and she knew it.  "do I need to know why your slapping yourself?"   She paused before shaking her head, she looked down and trailed off slightly, I took a deep breath  "look I know your with Finn but i was wandering if you wanted to come have dinner with me? It's only cheese toasties but I just need some cheese"  She paused before nodding slowly.   "cool, wanna come with me to the shops then?"  She nodded slowly and closed the car door, locked it and we began walking to the shops. Louisa's P.O.V I couldn't tell him I split with Finn, I just couldn't. Or should I say finn split with me. My thoughts trailed off the whole time we were shopping, walking back and making them.  We both sat down on the sofa with our dinner and a glass of wine for me and a beer for him. Zayn put the tv on and zoo lander was on so we decided on watching that to pass the time,   We were soon finished with our dinner and he put them in the kitchen before returning.  Roughly halfway through I found myself yawn slightly, when I finally finished I saw that Zayn was closer and staring at me, I stared back and it felt like we were in this unbreakable lock, when we finally pulled our gazes away back to the film the sex scene was on.   We instantly turned back to each other and before I could think or do anything Zayn's hands were holding my face to his and we were already kissing really heatedly. He pulled me on top of him and I hovered above him, I could feel him getting aroused and it only made me kiss harder.   Zayn's hands traveled down along to my bum, holding me in place right above his private manly area. I grinded deeper onto him and heard him groan as I brought my hands forward and began fiddling about with his belt buckle. I managed to pull ourselves up and he climbed off the sofa, our lips still locked together, tongues dancing wildly.   I felt him use his hands to wrap my legs around his torso, before he wrapped his arms around my waist and balanced them on my bum.   He stood up holding me close to him, we carried on kissing as he carried me but ended up pushing me against a wall, we pulled away for a few seconds as he turned the tv off.  I took this to my advantage and began kissing his neck, I heard him groan in delight as he fumbled with the buttons on the side of the tv, trying to find the main one.  "I won't make it to the bloody bedroom if you carry on"  I smiled and carried on, yeah right was I stopping. I sent my lips everywhere and Zayn carried on moaning till he just gave up and managed to flick the main switch on the wall with his foot before returning his lips to me, we began kissing again as he balanced me around him in the place that made him feel best before he grabbed hold of my bum and we began stumbling about trying to walk through the house. After bangs, bumps and thuds we finally made it to his room, he instantly went straight and we both fell on his bed, his was above me and instantly left my lips so he could guide them along my body.  Pretty soon clothes were being removed and certain actions were happening.  
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