It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


16. Chapter 16: "Those Three Words Are Said Too Much, Or Not Enough"


Alex's Point of View.  I slowly opened my eyes. I couldn't believe I'd slept right through the night after I'd found out I was pregnant. Louisa and Zach were asleep next to me, Louisa snoring slightly and Zach muttering about something in his sleep. I smiled. I put my hand on my belly. I couldn't let Harry know about this. I mean sure he has a right to know I'm carrying his child but I was still angry at him. I just wanted to pay him back a bit more before telling him. Louisa stirred and opened her eyes. She smiled at me, then started laughing at Zach who was still asleep but now talking about him and Louisa stealing an old man's Porsche, getting on a cruise to Australia and trying to throw Louisa off the side of the boat. I laughed along with her. Then she stopped and she looked at me with a stern look. "Kitchen... Now!" she said. I followed her into the kitchen. She sat down at the table and I sat down across from her. "Okay... We need to talk about how you got... Well... Pregnant." she sternly said. "Louisa... You now this happened... Me and Harry... Had a special hug... And then... Whoosh... Pregnant. Do you want me to go into any more detail cause I'd prefer not to." I replied. "A special hug? You mean sex. Anyway... I thought you'd been taught to always use contraception." "We did use contraception... I don't know how it didn't work. I mean... It's not like Harry has super sperm." She laughed, "No I don't think he's that good." I rolled my eyes. "So... When are you going to tell him?" she asked. "I... Well..." "Alex! You have to tell him. It is his child isn't it?" "I suppose... It's just... He hurt me and I will tell him eventually... Just not yet." "Fine. But make it fast though. I think Niall's  trying to make a move on you." "He is? I mean... Oh..." Louisa rolled her eyes just as Zach walked in. "What's up Ladies?" he asked "nothing... Just girl chat" Louisa replied "oooh. Let me hear the gossip." Louisa smiled evilly. "Well, I've just come onto my period..." "Okay. I'm outta here." Zach said quickly, grabbing his stuff and leaving. I walked upstairs to my room as Louisa chased after Zach. I pulled out my phone and rang Niall. Niall - "hey... What's going on? Where did you disappear to last night?" Me - "Us girls just needed our privacy... Fancy going to the cinema?" Niall - "who else is going?" Me - "Oh... No-one. Why? Do you want me to invite anyone else?" Niall - "No... no. Just me and you will be perfect. See you soon.  He hung up. I smiled. Part 1 of my plan would soon get underway. I met Niall in the cinema. We ordered our tickets and lots of food and walked into the screening. We chose the seats at the back, in the corner. As the film started, I rested my head on Niall's shoulder. Eventually, Niall put his arm around me. I looked up at him as he pulled me closer. I pushed myself up slightly so I could reach his lips. We started to kiss, his lips in sync with my own. He pulled me closer and ran his hand down my back. The film went by really quickly and it was soon over. He took my hand and led me out of the cinema, to the car. We got in and he drove me home. He came into the house and picked me up, kissing me. He carried me upstairs to the bedroom. He placed me on the bed and continued to kiss me, trying to take my top off. I pulled away. "Niall... No..." I stuttered. "Aw. Why not?" he said, trying to kiss me again. "because... Because..."  because I'm pregnant maybe? I thought. "I want to take things slow" I finally managed to say, "I rushed it with Harry and I ruined it. I don't want to ruin my chances with you... So... Let's just take things slow, okay? He slowly got up. "Okay. I love you Alex." I felt my stomach sink. I could feel the guilt building up but I ignored it. He didn't really love me. He couldn't. He wasn't allowed to. "Thanks." I replied, putting on a fake smile. "Aren't you gonna say it too?" "Those three words, are said too much or not enough." He kissed me again, "I like your logic." he whispered.
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