It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


15. Chapter 15: From Ninjas To Needers


Louisa's P.O.V I felt my heart skip millions of beats all at once. Alex was pregnant. As in actually pregnant. With a baby. In her belly.  She clicked in front of my face a few times and I finally returned to earth from la-la land, her eyes were brimming with tears and I had no clue what to do, in some ways I felt like I should shout at her for being stupid but in others I wanted to hug her, go downstairs and eat ice cream like there was no tomorrow. I quickly pulled her into a hug and she began crying into me, I stroked her hair and tried making calming noises. I'd never known what it was like to have your daughter tell you she was pregnant and not at all ready to have a baby but I tell you one thing people, this was bloody close enough.  I had taken Alex in when she was at her life's lowest, I had taught her how to flirt, back-chat and even fight. When I took her in we had both found out that I was oldest and that showed in the way we behaved.. well sometimes. In some ways looking after her felt like I had adopted someone who had come from a terrible past and it was my job, duty to protect and look after them, putting them first and doing everything possible to make sure they live a good life.  I felt like I had done that, I helped her get back on her feet, I didnt make her pay rent as she had nothing, I helped her get her job(it took a lot of persuasion from my boss to let me have the time off) I never gave up but now I was at a loose end. I had protected her from everything except the one thing that would change her life forever no matter what she did, pregnancy. I sat her down and I sat next to her and she leant into me, her crying had stopped but she was still sniffling and in no state whats-so-ever to go downstairs and face Niall, Louis and Harry. I thought for a moment, how would I get her to ours, I pulled out my phone, continuing to rub her back and say encouraging thoughts to her every now and again. I scanned through my contacts before pressing dial at Zachs, a few rings later and he picked up Zach - “whats up princess?” Louisa - “emergency, get here as fast as you can, track the phone, meet you at the back gate.” Zach - “on it like a car bonnet” we hung up and I pulled her into another hug, we slowly pulled away and I used my sleeve to dry her tears “its ok babe, zachs coming and we'll go home and talk everything through, without any of the boys” she nodded before pausing “but zachs a boy?” I paused before winking and smirking “i wouldnt be too sure” she stiffled a giggle and I gently brushed away a few more tears smiling sweetly “theres my Alex” she smiled weakly at me and I smiled back before standing up and grabbing a pair of converse, I bent down in front of her and helped her slip them on before tying them up for her, when they were down I stood up and offered her my hand, she took it and stood up taking a few deep breaths before nodding at me “lets go” I smiled and nodded before picking up her test and the box, I shoved them in my pocket and she stared at me confused. “you'll thank me now that the boys cant find it” she nodded slowly before I walked over to the window and unclipped it, I pushed it open and could just see the back gate, I turned to Alex “you ready?” she nodded slowly, a small cheeky smile on her face, I gave her a confused look as she walked over to me and looked out “what?” she shook her head and giggled slightly “c'mon spill now” she paused before nodding at me “we could easily use the back door miss ninja” I smirked at her and winked  “they'll be expecting that” I said in a whisper as if it was a secret. She burst out laughing and I smiled to myself, at least she was beginning to feel better. I sighed before slowly edging myself out the window, I managed to shuffle along the gutter before kicking at it, causing it to break and fall dangling down the wall... right in front of a window, I cursed but accidently slipped and landed with a thud but my foot got caught in the gutter, leaving me hanging upside down dangling in front of the window, my top slowly began to slip and I was holding onto the gutter with one hand and trying to hold my top right but in the end I just gave up and tucked it into my bra, allowing my whole belly and piercing to go on show. I looked through and saw Louis with his back to me, chatting to the other 4, they realised I was there and were trying to act non-suspicious. Louis' P.O.V the girls had gone upstairs and me, niall, zayn, liam(they had both come over as soon as Alex and Louisa went upstairs) and harry were all in the kitchen and I was telling them about Finn, Jack and everything that had happened on holiday, they were all listening intently as I explained all my worries. “its just like... I care about her so much” there was a thud above us but I just ignored it and carried on “I just dont want her to fall in life you know?” The boys faces widened and I actually thought I was getting through to them “its like this Finn dude was proper wanting her body, I just know she'll end up being on show with everyone to see her you know what I mean?” they were still shocked and unresponsive, zayn especially. I clicked in front of him but his mouth moved slightly lower and I finally turned around to the window, if it was someone doing something stupid they'd pay. Louisa's P.O.V I saw Louis click his fingers in front of Zayn's face, at least someone likes the view, before he slowly turned, crap. I used all my avaliable strength to pull myself up just in time, I grabbed the gutter with the other hand and held on, I looked up at the window, alex was staring worried as hell. “its fine, im fine, is zach there?” I saw her reach up to look over the fence then she turned back to me and nodded slowly, I nodded back at her before sighing, sometimes you have to turn into ninja mode. I looked up at Alex “grab me the spoon from the table” she gave me a confused look but turned and managed to get it before coming back. “why was there a spoon?” I shrugged  “harrys room, harrys sex toys” she poked her tongue out at me and I chuckled before managing to pull my phone out of my pocket, I managed to lodge myself in the gutter before reaching down and taking off my top, Alex stared at me in slight disgust but I just shook my head and waved at her “get me one of yours from harrys room and some scissors and some string” she rolled her eyes but did as I said and soon returned with a top, scissors and string. I managed to catch them and I began snipping up both our tops, she gasped but I just shook my head and rolled my eyes, carrying on.  Once I was done I reached out to her “pass me your phone” she chucked it down and I slowly crawled along the gutter to the side of the house before bundling my phone in both our tops before chucking them down and watching them hit the floor. I crawled back around and went to the back door before tying the spoon around the string and tying it to the door. I crawled back around to Alex and helped her out the window, we both sat on the gutter and I told her my plan. “right so I call my phone on yours, ive got that scream ringtone on so Louis, Niall and Harry rush out the front door to it because the front door is quickest to where the sound will be coming from, they'll be puzzled for a bit with our tops, You'll knock on the door as I jump down, zayns frozen by the sight of these” I gestured to my boobs before carrying on “Liam gets the door and is frozen in shock by the spoon, you jump down, we both run to the back gate, escape, go with zach to ours and we'll work out the rest later my brain hurts” she chuckled before enveloping me in a tight side hug, I chuckled and gently bashed her before pressing dial on my phone “ready?” she nodded and the call finally came through, screams were heard coming and I quickly jumped down, just as Alex knocked on the door, Zayn was stood in shock as I began slowly trailing my fingers along my body flirtily, waving my hair and putting my fingers in my mouth, liam was at the door and the others had clearly ran off. Alex soon appeared next to me and I blew Zayn a really flirty kiss and the call-me sign before we both held hands and ran off to the back gate, we flung it open and literally jumped into Zachs car. What an escape. He gave us a confused look but shook it off as he pulled his top off and chucked it at me, I slipped it on and we buckled up before he drove off to ours. We were soon there and I jumped out and helped Alex out, the three of us went inside and were soon seated on the sofa with Zach flicking through the channels, me fidgeting around trying to get comfortable as well as staring up at the blank wall that had my un-finished art piece. I sighed, I never did get to finish that. Alex continued to eat her ice cream and Zach soon clicked that something was wrong as he turned off the tv and went over and sat next to her, he didnt have to say anything he just pulled her into his arms, she leant into him and began softly crying, he began comforting her and I watched in awe, if I was Alex's mum then he was definitely her dad.. not in that way, crap, just forget I said that... slightly awkward. It soon came out to him that she was pregnant, he promised to stick with her whoever the dad was and whatever the situation, even saying that he'd be a father figure if the dude didnt stick around. We all had a group hug and carried on chatting about it, she told Zach that it was harrys and he was slightly pissed but seemed like he wasnt going to kill him... yet. She was obviously keeping it and we began having chats about being able to take it places when it was born “if its a girl she can come shopping with us” I giggled  Alex nodded eagerly  “and we can buy her all those little cute outfits we always see” she said quickly, we both began squealing and getting excited but Zach just sat there with his arms folded, shaking his head. “it will be a boy and he'll want to come to football with me” we both burst out laughing and I placed a hand on his shoulder “Zach babe you cant even watch 5 mins of football without asking whether its Man U or Chelsea winning, even when Arsenal and Fulham are the ones playing” I poked my tongue out at him and Alex carried on laughing, Zach gently shoved me before pulling me into a massive bear hug, I hugged him back and Alex jumped up  “can we watch our old videos till we fall asleep?” me and Zach exchanged a glance and smiled knowingly at each other before turning back to her and nodding, she smiled and jumped about as she rushed upstairs to go and find our old camcorder and all the wires, we took it everywhere and recorded everything we did together. Zach turned to me “your going to be an auntie” I sighed and nodded slowly “and you an uncle” he chuckled and nodded  “yeah although I was going more for Grandad” I nodded slowly “funny thing is I was thinking Grandma” he nodded slowly “but we're clearly from the other side” I winked at him “oh no we aint” I edged closer and he yanked me close to him “i know! I cant hide it anymore! I love you Kim Blake!” I pulled away shocked “oh no! Not another name!” I put my hand over my forehead in fake fainting “hes cheating, oh no! Whatever shall I do!” we both burst out laughing before hugging again and Alex walked back in  “got it all” we nodded and Zach set it all up whilst me and Alex got sweets, chocolate, ice cream and drinks, we got Zach some beer out, I had some wine and Alex had orange juice.  15 Minutes later and we were all snuggled on the sofa, Zach in the middle with his arms around us, one big blanket covering us watching all our old times together, laughing and commenting the whole way through. I guess no matter what families go through you will always need your best friends, whether their pregnant or not.  
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