It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


14. Chapter 14: Welcome Home Arguments


Alex's Point of View. I picked up my phone after it rang a couple of times. Me - "hello" Louis - "hey Alex, I was wondering if you could come pick us up?" Me - "from Spain? F that Lou!" Louis - "no, no, no, I meant we came home early and I sorta forgot where I parked the car and I might have just lost the parking ticket by accident" I sighed. Me - "fine, I'll send Harry to get you" Louis - "ok, but you and Har-" I quickly interupted him before he could continue. Me - "forget about that Lou! I'll get him to come pick you up. End of. See you later."  I hung up quickly. I sighed as I looked at the number on my mobile's screen. The number I had to ring. Harry's. I hesitated before clicking the green call button. I put the mobile to my ear. It rang a couple of times and then...  "Alex. I'm so glad you called. I need to..."  "Harry this isn't a personal call. I'm ringing because Louis asked me to." I replied bluntly.  "Oh" he said disappointingly, "What does Louis want?"  "He needs you to pick him and Louisa up from the airport"  "But they're not meant to be back for a couple of weeks."  "They came home early."  "Can't you go get them."  "Louis asked for you and I haven't got a car so just do it." I hung up to stop myself from causing a bigger argument. Harry's Point of View. I stormed out of my appartment. I got into the car and started to drive to the airport. All I could think about was how Alex always managed to choose her moments. Whenever I talked to her now, which was very rarely, it felt like being stabbed by a knife.  I pulled up outside the airport and got out of the car.  "HAZZA!"  I turned around to see Louis running towards me. He pulled me into a hug.  "Alright Lou? How was your holiday?" I asked, trying to break free from the hug that was cutting off my circulation.  Louis pulled away and Louisa threw her bags at me.  "Let's just go shall we?" she said, obviously annoyed.  We packed up the car and as we sat down, Louisa pulled out her phone. Louisa's Point of View. As soon as we sat down, I pulled out my phone and rang Alex.  Me - "Hey Alex. Harry's just picked us up."  Alex - "Good"  Me - "Are you alright babe? You sound..." I was cut off by Harry coughing loudly and turning on the engine of the car and starting to drive us home. Alex - "Yeah... it's just..." Louis cut in, trying to talk to Harry.  "Harreh... YOU SLEPT WITH ALEX WHEN WE WERE AWAY! How could you!? I feel empty inside." Louis pulled a sad face as he moaned at Harry.  "Lou just leave it." he replied blankly. Me - "Babe, what happened?"  Alex - "Well... I was talking... To Niall... And Niall... Kissed me... And Harry thought I was cheating... As he saw Niall kiss me... And he tried to fight Niall... And I jumped in between them... And Harry... Hit me... I don't know if it was an accident or not but..." I felt the anger bubble from deep down in my stomach. My hands clenched into fists. I hung up on Alex.  "OI! Curls! You have a lot and I mean a lot of explaining to do." I hit him on the shoulder  "Ouch, Louisa what!" he snapped.  "Yeah Louisa. What's gotten into you?" Louis asked.  "Why don't you ask your best friend who hit my best friend..." I replied  Louis stared at me. Then at Harry.  "Harry stop the car!" Louis shouted.  Harry pulled over and Louis got out of the car. Harry got out and Louis walked round to the same side Harry was on.  "Lou..." Harry started to say.  Louis interrupted him by slapping him round the face. Harry looked at Louis, his hand on his own cheek.  "I can't believe you Harry. The number one rule about dating is that you don't hurt them! Did that hurt?" Louis asked, annoyed.  Harry nodded. Louis sighed. He pulled Harry into a hug.  "Sorry, bro. But you can't just hit someone. It's just not fair on them." Louis whispered.  Harry pulled away and looked down at the floor.  "I know Lou. It was honestly an accident. I was going to hit..."  "So you were going to hit someone else?"  "Yeah. I was gonna hit Niall. He kissed her. It made me so angry and upset inside. I could see it wasn't her fault but I couldn't believe my best mate did that to me."  I got out of the car and walked over to Harry. I hugged him. I looked over at Louis and mouthed "Thanks". Louis was about to mouth something back but I looked away. Harry, Louis and I got back into the car. Harry started to drive again and Louis kept trying to get my attention but I ignored him.  "Hazza! You're driving to slow!" Louis whined.  "If I go any slower, I'll be arrested for driving to slow like a special someone did who is sat right next to me" Harry chuckled.  I let the boys bicker as I was too tired to argue with them. I shut my eyes. Alex's Point of View. As soon as Louisa hung up, I started to panic. What if she beat Harry up on the way back from the airport. What if she had caused Harry to swerve the car and crash.  My phone started to ring. I picked it up without even looking at who the caller was.  Me - "Alex here."  ... - "Hey Alex. It's Niall." I hesitated for a moment. Me - "Hey Niall. What's up?"  Niall - "Nothing much."  Me - "Can I ask you something?"  Niall - "Sure, ask away."  Me - "Well the double trouble Tommo twins are on their way home from the airport. Fancy coming round to help me prepare a welcome home party?"  Niall - "Sure be round soon." He hung up. I went upstairs to make myself look decent. After a while, there was a knock at the door. I opened it and the young blond walked in, carrying lots of bags. He put them down on the sofa.  "Right. Where do we start." Niall said in his gorgeous Irish voice.  We soon got to work and set up lots of banners. We laughed as he fell off the stool into a pile of pictures that I had printed off of the laptop from the Tommo's holiday which were plastered all over twitter. I helped him up and we quickly finished off decorating. We took a step back and looked at our handiwork. Niall took my hand in his and pulled me close. He moved my hair out of my face and kissed me. I kissed him back, fully enjoying the taste of his lips.  We didn't realise that the door was open until there was a coughing sound. We quickly pulled apart to see Louisa, Louis and Harry stood in the doorway.  "Welcome home." I said awkwardly, trying to smile.  I saw Louisa shake her head as she walked over to me and pulled me into a hug. Over her shoulder, I saw Louis talking to Harry, and Niall walked into the kitchen, obviously feeling embarrassed. Louisa pulled away and looked me up and down.  "Have you gained weight whilst I've been away?" she asked, slightly concerned.  I looked down. I could clearly see I'd gained a bit of weight. I looked at Louisa who mouthed, "upstairs, now!" I nodded and followed her upstairs into her bedroom. She closed the door behind me and walked over to the chest of drawers. She opened one and handed me something. I took it without looking or realising what it was.  "Go into the bathroom and read the instructions then tell me." she said.  I walked into the bathroom. When I re-emerged, Louisa was sat on the bed twiddling her thumbs. She looked up when she saw me. I gulped.  "Louisa..." I started to say  "Yeah, Alex?" she said anxiously.  "I'm pregnant."  
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