It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


13. Chapter 13: Bye Bye Finn


Louis's P.O.V The day passed and soon it was night time and Louisa still hadn't returned, I began pacing around the room running my fingers through my hair, I went over to the window and saw it begun to rain, more and more panic flowed through me, what if she's been attacked like she was going to be the other day before Finn saved her. Finn had saved her. Without Finn I would have probably lost my sister forever. Without Finn I woul- I shook myself, why did I keep thinking about Finn all the time, I paused and then it clicked in me, she was with him. I rushed to the door and slipped on some shoes, I ran about and found a hoodie, pulling it on and the hood up I rushed downstairs and ran out the hotel, I began running through the streets, not caring that I was getting soaked in the process, I know he had saved her but something about him didn't click in me, something that made me want to protect Louisa more than ever before, like he'd hurt her. After about half an hour of running I got slightly puffed out, I began walking slowly, the rain was still hitting hard and I had to keep flicking my hair out of the way, I looked about slowly recognising where I was, I turned a few more corners and I was soon standing outside their house. I walked up to the door and slowly reached up and knocked, a few seconds later the door opened and Jack stood there, his face turned from smiling to guilt. He sighed before nodding and moving out of the way slightly, opening the door for me to come through, I walked in slowly and flicked my hair about even more, he shut the door and we faced each other, we both knew what our twins had done and he knew that I was not happy about it, really not happy. I looked down before back up at him “I'm taking her home tonight” He looked at me confused “I thought you were here for longer?” I nodded slowly “We were until she met your twin.” Jack tensed up slightly “There's nothing wrong with my twin, yours is the one that couldn't look after herself.” I felt myself tense up as we both glared at each other “She can. Just not when she's got this sex-driven cock sending her down the wrong path in life.” I saw fire burning in his eyes and I could tell he wasn't liking the way I was talking about Finn but in all honesty I hated hearing the way he talked about Louisa. No-one does that and gets away with it. Louisa's P.O.V I looked at Finn, his face showed the same amount of worry, we had been leaning over the banister listening in to Jack and Louis' conversation that sounded like they were about to beat the living daylights out of each other, I sighed and leant on Finn's shoulder, he looped his arm around me and gave me a kiss on the forehead, I didn't want to go home now, I wanted to stay here and be with Finn, my Finn. I sighed before going down on the first step, Finn quickly grabbed my hand, I turned to face him, worry and panic all over his face “What are you doing? He'll take you away” I nodded slowly, realising that no matter what I did me and Finn just couldn't last. “Stopping them from killing each other” Sadness waved over his face “But that means you have to go home” I nodded slowly and we both looked down, Finn took a deep breath and lifted my head with his hand before gentle caressing my cheek, I leant into his hand and sighed, I looked up at him “I love you” I smiled and nodded “I love you too” and with that he planted his lips to mine, I felt his tongue glide along my bottom lip and I granted him access, his tongue was soon massaging mine and I actually felt so gutted I couldn't stay with him, even for one more night. We pulled away, all too soon, and he wiped a tear from my cheek “You'll be fine princess, if it's meant to be then we'll see each other again, I promise” I nodded slowly before giving him one more kiss and he interlaced our fingers before I walked down first, Louis and Jack both looked up at us and Louis stepped forward to me but I held up my hand “I'm going with you, but you stay away from both of them, Finn and Jack, no fights or I'll leave you forever” Finn and I stood there still holding hands, he gave me a gentle reassuring squeeze, Louis sighed and nodded realising he didn't have much choice, Finn looked at jack “And you don't hurt Louis, you wouldn't like it if someone hurt me so how do you think Louisa would feel if you hurt him” He sighed and nodded slowly, stepping back slightly, we both looked at each other and nodded before back at Louis and Jack, who both looked at each other before offering out their hands, they shook it still glaring at each other but only slightly, I think mine and Finn's sentences hit them both in the heart. Jack didn't want Finn to get hurt and Louis didn't want me to leave him forever. I nodded and Louis went over to the front door and opened it, it wasn't raining any more and the night looked quite calm, he turned to me and I nodded slowly before going over to Jack and giving him a hug, he smiled as we pulled away before nodding slowly at Finn, I turned around and saw him leaning against the wall, hands shoved in his pocket, head hung low. I took a deep breath before going over to him and lifting his head up slowly, tears pricked his eyes and mine followed. “Remember what you said” He nodded slowly and I felt his hands wrap around my waist I rested mine on his arms and looked up at him, he slowly began to lean down before planting his lips on mine for one last time, our lips moved in sync for a few minutes before I pulled away slowly, it felt like my heart was getting tugged apart by my own brother and Finn, someone I don't think I've ever been so safe with before. “bye” he nodded slowly “bye” I slowly edged my way out of his grip before I walked straight out of their door, avoiding Louis' gaze, he followed and Jack closed the door behind us, I began walking straight ahead, towards the hotel and I knew Louis was following, it was silent and extremely awkward. Tears were falling down my face as we arrived at the hotel, by this time we were walking next to each other as Louis had caught up, he stopped at the reception but I carried on walking although I heard. “We'll be checking out tonight, get there bright and early to surprise them” I heard a chuckle in his voice but I pulled back from doing anything, I went straight up to the room, he soon arrived and I went straight to my room, closing the door behind me. I soon had all my stuff packed and I walked out to see Louis trying to close his suitcase, he had brought it all into the lounge and it was all layed out on the sofa, if I wasn't in a bad mood with him I would have laughed seeing him jumping about trying to close it without noticing that half on his trousers were hanging out the other side, I tried to make myself laugh but I just couldn't, I was that annoyed with him. Once he finally realised I was there he quickly stood up and began walking about with other stuff, trying to make it less obvious that he was struggling, I sighed and walked over to his suitcase before opening it, taking out the jeans, folding them up properly and putting them back allowing the case to zip up on my first try. I picked it up and placed it on the floor by the door and he watched me, I went to my room and brought out my case and put it by Louis' and I turned to him “all packed?” he nodded slowly “thanks... for helping me with mine I mean” I shrugged and looked away “it was nothing” he nodded and stepped forward “look Louisa about Fi-” I held up my hand “I don't want to talk or hear about it, lets just go” He paused before nodding slowly and he rang the bell for assistance, a few minutes later and a bell boy was taking our stuff to the entrance, we both signed out, thanked them and went outside to the taxi that had been called for us. Once our stuff was in the back the driver headed off towards the airport, I leant my head on the window and sighed, some holiday this turned out to be. I pulled my phone and earphones out of my pocket and shoved them in my ears and began playing Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time, I sighed, this isn't exactly what I'd call a good time but hey ho its a good song. We soon arrived at the airport and after about half of an hour we had all our luggage sorted and we were boarding the plane, once we were seated and buckled up I pulled my bag up onto my lap and began rummaging through, until I found something that practically brought tears to my eyes, the flip recorder he had given me when we were flying over. The crumpled up post-it note was there too and I felt the tears falling down my eyes, I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked to see Louis “You okay?” I nodded slowly and brushed them away, he obviously hadn't seen it, he nodded slowly, realising I was probably still upset about Finn as he sighed and leant to the side and closed his eyes, I stopped my music and pulled out the flip properly, I began fiddling around with it until I found a way to see what we had recorded already, I sighed as I pressed play and it began. We were both sitting down chatting about our little incident with the cart at the airport and how Louis was going to buy us Segways because the police wouldn't give him theirs. We were both acted like right idiots but the part that caught me was at the end when we said we would record everything we did together, before I leant my head on his shoulder and he leant his head on mine and gave me a kiss before saying 'I love you squishy bear' in which I replied with 'I love you too boo-bear' and we both smiled before turning it off. I sighed and closed it down before putting it back in the bag, I put it on the floor and looked over at Louis, who was leaning against the chair, mouth half open snoring slightly. I sighed again, before leaning over gently and buckling him in his seatbelt before doing mine and reaching over and closing his mouth slowly before hesitating but giving him a small peck on his cheek. I turned around slightly and closed my eyes allowing myself to drift off, re-running through my day at the bull ring with Finn but also, quite strangely, my times with Zayn and seeing those tweets... Louis' P.O.V I slowly opened my eyes, feeling extremely groggy, I was about to look over at Louisa until I realised that she was leaning against my shoulder, fast asleep by the sounds and feels of it, I felt a tingling in my cheek and brought my hand up to it and stroked it gently, I looked down at her sleeping against me, it felt like she had kissed me... I shook the idea away, she hated me from taking her away from Finn, I couldn't help it, I felt something bad about him and I wasn't about to let her get hurt from that idiot. I sighed and leant my head back before bringing it forward, I saw her bag open and saw something shimmer from inside, I was overgrown with curiosity as I used my foot to slide it around and hook it over so I could lift my foot and grab it, I finally had it on my lap and I rummaged through till I saw the flip I had got her to record all our memories, I pulled it out and saw that it was still on, that's what was shimmering.. but if it was still on that means... I looked down at her, she had watched it recently. I opened it up and rewound the recording before clicking play and watching us act like absolute idiots... By the end of the film I genuinely felt like an idiot.. I had ruined our holiday by taking her away, even if she had met a guy and he would probably have just been a holiday fling anyway, I could tell she had a little thing for Zayn, every time she saw him her eyes lit up, along with his, his filled with hearts and lust but I wasn't about to do anything about that just yet. The plane soon landed and I reached my arm over her shoulder and she flopped into me, hitting her head on the armrest and shooting up, rubbing it slowly “Ouch! Boo-Bear!” she moaned, I smiled and had to bite my tongue to stop myself from laughing at her, her hair was everywhere from fidgeting in her sleep and she looked cuter than ever but most importantly she had called me Boo-Bear again.. “Sorry Squishy but I just cant help it” She was silent for a few minutes before she obviously remembered she was supposed to be angry at me, she stood up and tried to get past “Move Louis.” I sighed and stood up before allowing her to get past, she pushed past before rushing back, picking up her bag, glaring at me and leaving. I sighed and followed her slowly. We went through Customs and Security and were soon trailing our bags out the main doors after dealing with about 20 billion million fans... ok so maybe there weren't that many but you get the idea. Louisa turned to me “Where's the car then?” I paused before looking around and raising my hand slightly “Yeah... about that” I dragged out my sentence and heard Louisa sigh in frustration. “Oh brilliant, you just had to go and loose the bloody car when we need to get bloody home to see the bloody others how bloody brilliant” I allowed her to carry on ranting how 'bloody rubbish' things were whilst I pulled out my phone and scanned through my contacts before clicking on Alex's name, I held the phone up to my ear and after a few rings she answered Alex - “hello” Louis - “hey Alex, I was wondering if you could come pick us up?” Alex - “from Spain? F that Lou!” Louis - “no, no, no, I meant we came home early and I sorta forgot where I parked the car and I might have just lost the parking ticket by accident” I heard her sigh on the other end of the phone Alex - “fine, I'll send Harry to get you” Louis - “ok, but you and Har-” I said cheekily, tempted to bring up their little thing that I needed to that to them both about but she interrupted me sighing angrily Alex - “forget about that Lou! I'll get him to come pick you up. End of. See you later.” And with that she hung up, I paused and slowly put my phone in my pocket and turned to Louisa “Harry is coming to get us” She nodded slowly and dragged her suitcase to a bench and sat down, I sighed slowly and dragged mine over to her, parking it and sitting next to her, she huffed and turned away, I opened my mouth to speak and somehow she knew as she turned around, stuck two fingers up at me before turning away again. I tried not to chuckle as I leant forward and ran my fingers through my hair, this was going to be a long wait..  
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