It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


12. Chapter 12: I Hate You Harry Styles!


Alex's Point of View. There was a knock at the door. I groaned. It had been 24 hours since the incident with Harry and I hadn't enjoyed a single minute of it. I'd gone through at least five tubs of Ben and Jerry's and I was halfway through my sixth. I ran my hand through my hair which was now tangled and knotted. I rolled over and fell off of the sofa, knocking over the tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream that was next to me. I groaned again, slowly stood up and edged towards the door. I opened it.  "Hey"  I tried to slam the door in his face but he put his hand out and stopped it. He frowned slightly and I felt myself falling for his gorgeous green eyes again. Then, he looked away, thank god, and walked past me and sat on the sofa. I shut the door and walked over to him, slightly annoyed at him for turning up now.  "What do you want Harry?" I asked angrily.  "Look, babe, I just wanted to say sorry for yesterday. I honestly didn't mean to hit you..."  "Whatever Harry. I'm not your babe. You apologising isn't going to change anything." I snapped.  "So this is it is it? Do you no longer love me? Just 'cause I accidentally hit you. I've put up with all the shit things you've put me through!"  I turned away, feeling the tears brimming in my eyes.  "I... I... No... Longer..."  I felt his arms wrap around me. I tried to pull away but he held a firm grip on me. He span me around so I was facing him and he pressed his lips against mine. They felt soft, warm and inviting. I sent my knee flying upwards. His grip instantly disappeared as he pulled away quickly and he fell to the floor. He rolled around on the floor, his hands covering his lower regions (as Louis would call it) and his eyes were jammed tight shut and was obviously in alot of pain and he started groaning.   I walked into the kitchen, feeling pretty happy with myself. I poured myself a glass of Cider and walked back into the living room. I sat on the sofa and put my feet up. I turned on the tv and turned the volume up so I couldn't hear Harry, who was still on the floor in pain. I took a sip of cider and smiled. Oh revenge is sweet.  Eventually, Harry stood up, still in pain but not enough for my liking. I sighed and stood up. Why couldn't his pain have lasted longer.  "What is your problem?" he said, annoyed.  "My problem? Well let's see shall we? Firstly, you are way to overprotective. You accuse me of cheating. You attack the guy you thought I was cheating on you with. Then, you hit me. You constantly ring or text me. And now you've come into my house, uninvited, grabbed me, kissed me without my permission and then asked me what my problem is? You have a nerve Harry Styles!" I replied, getting angrier by the second.  "I can explain most of that!" he shouted.  "No you can't Harry! When I first met you I thought, this guy may be the one. But blatantly I was wrong. You're an obsessive jerk!"  "Well at least my family didn't disown me! Now I have a clear idea of why they did! You only give a damn about yourself. You're way to picky and you're clearly not good at anything you do!"  He stopped, realising what he just said.  I took a step back, the tears reemerging in my eyes. I felt dizzy. I grabbed onto the arm of the chair to stop myself falling.  "I hate you Harry Styles!" I said, the tears streaming down my face. "Please just... get out!"  He stepped towards me but I turned away, wiping the tears from my eyes and hoping, praying he wouldn't make it worse for himself by staying and trying to convince me that he was sorry. He reached out but then realised that this was it. The end of... us. He slowly backed away and he walked over to the door. He glanced back then left.  As soon as the door closed, I rushed upstairs to my room. I slammed the door behind me. I collapsed to the floor and started to cry even more. Nothing I could do could stop the tears which felt like they were being sucked out of my heart. My head started to fill with pain and I couldn't see. I crawled along the floor and climbed onto my bed and ripped off the necklace that Harry had bought me on that special day that he had proved he loved me. It was the most important thing to me. I looked down at it and a tear fell onto it. I pressed my lips against it. Forgive me. I threw the locket across the room.  
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