It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


11. Chapter 11: Let's Go See A Bull Fight At The Las Ventas Bull Ring


Louisa's P.O.V I slowly opened my eyes, sunlight was seeping into the room as I reached over and checked my phone, it was 8:48am. I groaned and fell back, my mind refreshed itself on last nights events, how Finn had saved me from getting attacked and god knows what else, how we slowly leant in for an amazing kiss, how we took it upstairs and clothes just seemed to disappear, how my idiot of a brother burst in and stopped me from spending a wonderful night with him.. I groaned, I loved Louis to death and I couldnt be happier now we're together again but he really knew how to piss me off.  I pulled myself out of bed and wandered over to my wardrobe, I pulled out a pair of dark blue hotpants, maroon halter top and my underwear. I headed over to the bathroom and turned on the shower before getting ready for whatever the day had to offer.  When I was finally done I out my stuff in my bedroom before going into the lounge where Louis was sitting on the sofa groaning. I sighed before walking over to him and looking down at him  "you hungry?".   He looked up at me, probably confused at why I wasn't shouting or swearing at him.   "your not going to swear or shout at me?"   I chuckled before shaking my head slightly  "not yet even though I'm so pissed off with you"  He nodded and looked down before getting up  "well you can order breakfast whilst I get sorted then we can go out"   I nodded slowly, he went to give me a hug but I stepped back and went over to the phone, I heard him sigh before saw him walk off into his room.   I picked up the phone and ordered us a load of stuff for breakfast.   Louis was soon ready and breakfast was soon here, we both sat down at the table and began eating. It was silent and very very awkward  "so are you going to tell me why you were kissing him yesterday?"  I looked up at him, he really had to bring up that didn't he.  "so are you going to tell me why you stopped me from kissing him yesterday?"   He turned stern and I did the same, here comes another argument  "because you've only just met the guy perhaps!"   "well he was sweet and genuine and your not in control of me Louis"  "well your my responsibility while we're away!"   "I'm not a child anymore!"  "I didn't say that!"  "you didn't need to Louis!" I stormed off to the front door, I slipped on a pair of espadrilles before opening the door and turning to louis  "your actions said it for you."  And with that I walked out, closing the door. I went off and found myself walking along the streets soon. I pulled my phone out from my pocket and saw I had a new message  Finn - your bro don't like me :P but I was wondering if you'd be brave enough to come out with me today? Only if you want to though? Xxx   I paused before clicking reply  Louisa - stuff him! :P but ok, where and when?? Xxx  He replied instantly  Finn - Las Ventas Bull Ring. Now. ;) xxx  I smiled and quickly sent him a message back  Louisa - done. Xxx  I quickly hailed a taxi and I was soon on my way to the bull ring, once I got there I paid the driver and jumped out, I headed to the entrance and saw Finn standing there smiling at me. He was wearing a vest top, shorts and flip-flops. I was greeted with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, I smiled and reached up on my tip-toes and planted a small kiss on the lips, I pulled away and he smiled at me before winking and giving me another kiss.   We kissed for about 10 minutes before he pulled away slightly out of breath  "we need to go and see this bull fight sooner or later, can't miss it"  I chuckled and nodded, he smiled and gave me another kiss before intertwining his fingers in mine and leading me inside.  Finn paid and we were soon seated and waiting for the show to start, a blonde girl approached us, she was wearing the uniform showing she works here although she looks like she could have worked on a street corner, she was wearing way too much makeup and her skirt was too high for any normal boys liking. She was carrying a tray of food and drinks and stopped by us, her eyes taking in Finn.   "anything from the tray? I can give discounts" she winked at Finn  He noticed and looped his arm around my shoulder before pulling me closer and planting a kiss on my forehead  "I'm not sure, sweetheart do you want anything?"  I blushed slightly and shook my head, Finn turned to her  "me and my girlfriend will take 2 bottles of water and a bag of pretzels please" he turned to me before quickly back at her  "and we'll take the discount too"  I was trying so hard not to laugh as she stubbornly got his requirements, he handed her the money before accepting the items and turning to me, I was still in slight shock that he had called me his girlfriend or maybe that was just for show with the fact that he wanted to together the fake girl off his back.  "are you ok love?"   I nodded slowly and he shook his head, his arm went to my lower back and he pulled me closer so he could whisper in my ear  "don't lie babe, tell me what's wrong please?"   I turned to face him, our faces were millimetres apart  "it's nothing big, just you called me your girlfriend"   A cheeky smile appeared on his face  "problem with that?"   I smiled back at him before shaking my head slightly  "no, I just wasn't expecting it"  He chuckled slightly and leant closer  "well louisa Tomlinson will you be my girlfriend"  I smiled and gave him a gentle peck on the lips before smiling  "Finn Harries I shall be your girlfriend"  He smiled and gave me another kiss before turning back to the ring as the ringmaster had appeared, his arm went back up to my shoulder and I leant into him as the show started. Louis' P.O.V Louisa had been so long and I was wandering around the room running my fingers through my hair, I picked up my phone and dialled Harry, completely forgetting how much it will end up costing me, he picked up after 3 rings  Harry - what's up bro?   Louis - eurghh lots Louisa has gone off and why did you sleep with Alex?  Harry - oh no, why? And it doesn't matter  Louis - just because she met this guy and-  He interrupted me  Harry - because your over-protective and you need to let her live her own life now yeah?  I sighed and hung up, I'll say it was bad signal. It was the truth, she was living her own life and I needed to give her space although I still didn't want her being with Finn, god this is so annoying. Louisa's P.O.V The show finished and Finn lead me out hand-in-hand. We were laughing and joking as we walked along until I felt my phone go off in my pocket, I saw I had one new message... From zayn?  Zayn - hope you having a good holiday babe :) maybe when you come back we can meet up and you can tell me everything :) xxx  I paused, Finn noticed and looked at me confused   "you ok babe?"  I looked up at him and nodded before smiling and putting my phone away, I took his hand and he smiled and we began walking along together.   Finn took me along the streets till we reached his house, I smiled and we went inside, he looked around and saw jack was in the lounge watching tv  "wheres mum and dad?"  "shopping and Aimee is out with Lisa.. Oh hey Louisa, didn't think we'd see you again"   Finn smiled and pulled me closer and looped his arm around my waist  "she's my girlfriend now so you will be seeing more" he said, grinning wildly  Jack smiled and jumped up  "well that's good just as long as you can survive Louis, damn he hated you"  Finn shrugged and began to walk out the door, pulling me along  "like I care what Louis thinks"  I nodded and smiled  "I second that"  He turned and smiled at me before looping his arms around my waist and leaning down to give me a kiss, I kissed back and looped my arms around his neck and began fiddling with his hair causing a small groan to arise from his throat, I smiled and he pulled me upstairs into his room before closing the door and tugging at my top..  
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