It's Gotta Be You My Twin Sister

Louisa and Louis are twins who were separated at 5 years old. When they finally find each other, Alex, Louisa's best friend, is also dragged into the world of One Direction. However, Alex creates tension between two of the boys.


10. Chapter 10: A Knife To The Heart


"she... She got beaten up?"  he nodded slowly  "yeah but I think she ran into something, theres a massive bruise on her head so far but Finn's making sure its ok"  I raised an eyebrow  "whos Finn?"  "my twin, your not the only ones, my names Jack, he found her"  he offered me his hand and I shook it  "Louis"  he smiled and nodded  "i know exactly who you are, the joker from one direction, plus Louisa hasnt stopped wanting you"  "why hasnt she answered her phone?"  he shrugged  "i dont know, shes still feeling groggy and has probably fallen asleep on Finn... or the other way around, they're so alike its scary"  I tensed up slightly at the idea but I didnt let him see it as he began to walk off  "come on, i'll show you back to mine"  I nodded and followed him and the little girl, she turned around to me and smiled  "im aimee, their sister, your my favourite in one direction"  I smiled, she could have only been about 13 and she was adorable, bless her, i nodded at her  "im louis, Louisa's brother and thank you"  she smiled and offered me her hand, I smiled and took it, she held onto Jacks with her other one and we walked through the streets until we came across a fairly big house. Jack and Aimee walked straight through  "guys we're home and we found him"  We heard no answer, I looked at him confused and he gave me the same look, he walked over to a room and I followed, he opened the door and we walked in slowly.   There was a massive TV and 2 sofas with a few more ornaments and decorations, im guessing this was their lounge  "well... they were in here when I left..."  we both looked around slowly and Jack rushed about checking the whole downstairs  "ok so im genuinely confused at where they are now"  his sister pulled on my arm and pointed to the stairs, we nodded and Jack went up first, then me, then aimee. We arrived on their landing and there were 5 doors, aimee went straight into one and im guessing by the pink walls it was hers, the one next to it had its door open and it was clearly the bathroom, the one next to that was also open and it looked like their parents room as there was a big canvas of the three kids on there, wow Finn and Jack did look alike.  Jacks was next as there was a sign on the door, it was open and you could see his room, it looked pretty cool to be honest with lots of gadgets, the only door that was closed and where Finn and Louisa could be was Finns room.. I turned to Jack and he could tell the expression on my face and he managed to jump in front of me and put his hands on my shoulder just before I could burst in.  "lets not be too hasty, maybe she just needed some rest and hes making sure she gets it"  I paused and raised my eyebrow at him, he sighed and shook his head  "ok so thats not the best idea I could think of but I know Finn wouldnt do something like this.. hes not like that... at least not what I think"  I sighed and gently pushed him out the way before flinging open the door and looking in, the word 'shit' was instantly heard from two people. Finn and Louisa. Louisa was lying there on a bed in her underwear and a boy that looked just like Jack only with his hair swept over the other side and a bigger build on his shoulders was lying on top of her in his boxers.   I tensed up and watched as he leapt off of her and she jumped up and came over to me, I grabbed her wrist and pulled her behind me ignoring her remarks of 'it wasnt his fault' but I just held her tight and forced her to stay behind me whilst Finn slipped on some trackies and a top   "dont ever go near my sister again!" I shouted, fire rushing through me, how dare that little shit go near her like that  "louis it wasnt like that" I ignored her and held her behind me, jack jumped in front of me before I literally attacked his brother  "it did seem like a mutual agreement and at least we stopped it before anything else happened right?" he offered, trying to calm me down  I paused and sighed, nodding slowly before edging closer to him and whispering in his ear  "but if he comes near her again I swear to god i'll do things that will get me kicked out of the band and in prison, got it?"  I pulled away and he nodded, I turned around to Louisa who was looking at the floor, tears in her eyes and at that moment I felt a pang of guilt but it soon went away as I said sternly  "get your clothes on, we're going home"  she stood still and I sighed, trying not to loose it again  "Louisa I said get your clothes on, now."  she looked up at me, anger burning in the centre of her eyes but she soon pulled away before going over to her clothes and slipping them on, she was just about to walk over to me when she stared at me before walking over to Finn and grabbing his face and pulling it to hers, planting a very passionate kiss on his lips, he kissed her back and I pushed jack out of the way before yanking Louisa away and bringing my clenched fist into Finns cheek.  He instantly retaliated and brought his smashing into my cheek, I fell back and grabbed Louisa's hand before pulling her out, jack held back Finn whilst I didnt stop walking until we were on the streets, it was pitch black and I didnt loosen my grip on Louisa's hand until we arrived at the hotel.  I sent her straight upstairs whilst I apoligised to the staff for causing a stir, when we arrived at our room Louisa instantly stormed off into her room, I followed but she slammed the door in my face and I fell back in pain.   "Louisa open the door"  she didnt answer so I just opened the door slowly and looked in, she was lying face down on the bed and I could hear her sobbing, I felt even more guilt but I wasnt about to just let her sleep with some guy shes just met, hell no.   I walked forward and I heard her muffled voice  "get out."  I shook my head for a moment then realised she couldnt actually see me, I walked forward a little bit more  "look Lou-"  she interupted me by sitting up, grabbing a pillow and chucking it at me   "I SAID GET OUT!"   she screamed at me, I stepped back a few spaces, shocked at seeing her like this, I saw tears were pouring out of her eyes and I could feel my eyes brimming, I nodded slowly before turning slowly and heading to the door, just as I reached it I turned around to speak to her but she was sitting there crossed-legged pointing to the door, I sighed and walked out closing the door behind me.   Tears fell down my eyes as I pressed my ear against the door and heard her mumbling to herself  "he had no bloody right... seriously who does he think he is... im an adult now... jesus... god I hate him..."  I closed my eyes, now thats a knife to the heart. Louis' P.O.V It was getting darker and Louisa had still not shown up, I threw on a top and slipped on some shoes and headed downstairs, I looked about in all of the hotels facilities but she was nowhere to be seen, I know I let her go out by her own but she knows how worried I can get.  I headed outside and began to look through all the streets. I pulled out my phone and dialled her number... no answer. Damn. I put my phone away and began jogging about looking through all the alleys.   I carried on running shouting her name until I heard someone call out  "LOUIS!"   I turned instantly and instead of seeing Louisa ready to give me a hug I saw a guy who looked about my age and a little girl, I sighed and walked over, really not in the mood for fans right now  "ok I can sign a few things and take a few photos but I really need to find-"  the guy interupted me  "your sister thats currently lying on our sofa after being beaten up but shes getting looked after by my twin?"  I paused and took a couple of deep breaths, trying to take it in   
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