My Olympics

Amelia has always been good at sport, running imparticular but she doesn't think so. When her mum gets her a trainer will Amelia be inspired again and do something with her talent?
For the legacy competition.


3. Your great!

"Now we're all warmed up I want you run 100 metres. I will time you." Amelia got in the starting postiton.

"I will fire this gun after set and you run like the wind. Okay. Got it?" Amelia nodded. "Ready, set, BANG"

Amelia shot up like a lightning bolt and she was away. She ran as fast as she could. It has been a  long time since she had tried this hard. Her arms and legs were pumping. She could see the finish line and it gave her an adrenaline boost. She was getting faster and faster and then she crossed the line. Amelia started to slow down. When she stopped her breathing was heavy. Ronald came jogging over, clapping.

"That was brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!" Amelia blushed." So fast! 10.83! A little speed demon, that's what you are!"

"Really! I was that good! Let's go again!"


"Amelia 10.79 this time. Maybe we should leave it here for today. Now I know that you really are amazing I can plan things for the future. Right collect your things and let's jog back home as a warm down."

Amelia jogged home feeling very proud of herself.

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