My Olympics

Amelia has always been good at sport, running imparticular but she doesn't think so. When her mum gets her a trainer will Amelia be inspired again and do something with her talent?
For the legacy competition.


1. The trainer

"Mum this was a total waste of money and of this guy's time. I'm rubbish at sport. It'll always be that way." Amelia told her mum. Sally, her mum, sighed.

"I've told you plenty of times before Amelia, you are good, in fact very good, you would be even better if you believed in yourself." There was a knock at the door."Amelia that'll be him, go open the door." Amelia walked off to the door muttering that she didn't want to do it. As she was about to open the door Sally shouted,

"Be nice!" Amelia pulled open the door and saw a face she recognised.

"Ummm do I know you?" Amelia asked curiously.

"Well you might of heard of me, we may have met at a book signing. My name is Ronald Marshall, Olympic Gold medallist." Amelia was about to laugh and say 'You wish' but then he did look like him just older. Amelia's breathing got faster,

"Seriously!" She said excitedly. "Are you at the wrong house or something?" Ronald shook his head.

"I don't think so. You are Amelia Jones aren't you?" Amelia nodded. "Well then I am in the right place. I'm your new trainer. Grab a water bottle and a coat and let's head off to the training centre." Amelia was still shocked. Ronald had been her hero since she was nine when he won the Gold medal in the 100 metre sprint. He retired four years later after the next Olympic Games. His name disappeared from the newspapers in the next year and she no longer had an inspiration to run; she quit her running club. She hadn't been to a single one in two years and now her hero was at her house saying he was going to be her trainer.

Amelia was interupted from her thoughts by Ronald saying,

"Come on then. We don't want to waste anytime." Amelia grabbed her coat and water bottle and ran out the door without even saying goodbye to her mum.

"Where's the car?" Amelia asked. Ronald laughed at her.

"Why do you need a car when you have legs? We're going to jog there. Come on let's go."

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