My Olympics

Amelia has always been good at sport, running imparticular but she doesn't think so. When her mum gets her a trainer will Amelia be inspired again and do something with her talent?
For the legacy competition.


4. The moment of truth

"Amelia Jones" The speakers boomed, "Of Great Britain". The crowd roared. Amelia waved at the camera, her heart racing. This is what she had been training for. 'The moment of truth - London 2012' she thought. She saw poor ill Ronald, in the stands near the track - with his great britain flag on his chair with 'Amelia' printed on it - and waved. He smiled but she knew he couldn't wave back because he was almost fully paralysed.

A year and a half or so after Amelia started training with him his left arm stopped working then soon after that his other arm and eventually his legs stopped working as well. He moved into a hospice where he could be looked after by someone. Training carried on but Ronald just had to sit at the side of the track in his wheelchair and coach from there.

"Places please" The official called. Amelia places her feet on the starting blocks and her hands behind the line. Her heart was racing. The crowds went silent, "Ready, set, BANG!" The start gun went and Amelia threw herself forward and started to run; she started to run faster than she ever had before. Amelia glanced sideways and saw only one person, that person was in a South African kit. She knew that the woman was the world record holder and to beat her it would mean she was definately a legend. This thought gave her a boost. Amelia felt her arms and legs pumping harder than they ever had before.

Amelia could see the finish line now and she was ready to win. She glanced sideways expecting to see the South African lady but she wasn't there. Amelia turned her head further round and saw the lady was at least a metre behind. I am winning! She thought. There was an almightly roar from the crowd. I've won! she thought. Amelia looked at the time and it said 'World Record'. She had got 10.69 seconds.

Amelia started her victory lap while the crowd was still cheering.

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