My Olympics

Amelia has always been good at sport, running imparticular but she doesn't think so. When her mum gets her a trainer will Amelia be inspired again and do something with her talent?
For the legacy competition.


2. At the training centre

"Wow I haven't run that far in a while." Amelia exclaimed tiredly.

"Well you're going to do that distance just about everyday for the next three years." Ronald told her laughing at how out of breath she was.

"Ha very funny. Why three years though. That's when the next Olympics are, you're not planning to enter me in them are you?" Ronald looked at her seriously.

"That's my aim. I have cancer and it is a very rare type. I have only three years left more or less, the doctors say. They said I will most likely live to see the games but very soon after, my time will come to an end. Your mother tells me you are a very good runner but you lack self confidence. My second aim is to get you believing in yourself. Please, do this for me." Amelia thought about it and she smiled,

"I suppose I could do it. I don't promise I'll get any better but I will try." Ronald surprised Amelia by giving her a big hug.

"Thank you." He said smiling kindly." Let's get started. Stretching first and warming up. Right, twenty star jumps, GO!"

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