My Olympics

Amelia has always been good at sport, running imparticular but she doesn't think so. When her mum gets her a trainer will Amelia be inspired again and do something with her talent?
For the legacy competition.


5. An unwanted surprise

Amelia saw Ronald's nurse so she headed in that direction. The nurse beckoned for Amelia to come faster. Amelia jogged over. She noticed that Ronald was no where to be seen.

"Amelia, Ronald is having a heart attack. The paramedics have taken him away. If you want to see him before he goes to hospital then I'd go now." Amelia nodded worriedly.

"Which wa-" The nurse cut her off.

"That way." She said pointing to her left. "Go quickly." Amelia ran off in the direction that the nurse had pointed. She saw the paramedics carrying Ronald on a stretcher. She caught up with them easily.

"Let me go with him, please." The older looking paramedic shook his head.

"You can't come if you aren't family, which you're not, are you?" Amelia shook her head.

"Can I say goodbye to him here then?" The man sighed and nodded his head. "Ronald please promise me that you will fight. You can't go now. I still need you." Ronald gave a weak laugh.

"Amelia sweetie, you are an Olympic Gold medalist. You don't need my help or my advice. There are plenty of others that can help you train. Anyway, I will always be there in your heart and in your memories." Ronald said in a croaky voice - most likely because he was in pain. Warm tears started to pour from Amelia's deep brown eyes.

"Ronald, for the last three years you have been like a father to me. I will miss you more than I would miss running on my own two legs. I love you...Bye." The paramedics came back over,

"We really need to get this guy to hospital, like now, so we have to go." Amelia nodded and walked away forcing herself not to turn back. She eventually heard the engine start up and the ambulance speed away, sirens screeching.

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