Love Is In The Air!

Jorden is a 16 year old girl who loves her family dearly, until one day a terrible incedent happens which her mother and her move to london. it is great there, then Jorden find out she likes this one guy, but does he like her back?


8. Waking up in One Directions house

OMG I just slept in one directions house! I was so excited, I then smelt the smell of lemon-sugar pancakes.

I ran downstairs to see all of the boys gathering around Harry which was finishing the pan cakes.'good mornin babe' HArry noticed me and said, 'morning guys' I replied.'not much of a morning person are you Jordie, I can change that, mwahahaha' Louis said while doing his evil laugh,'oh uh, ARGH, PUT ME DOWN NOW!' I screamed while he picked me up and took me outside in the cold, then he through me into the pool and ran inside locking the door.

'YOUR GONNA PAY FOR THIS LOUIS TOMLINSON!' I screamed while getting out of the freezing cold water.god he can be stubborn sometimes.i went up to the door Louis locked and started banging on it untill Harry came and opened it for me.

'babe u wanna help me give Louis hi payback, 'sure,this will be funny, let's get Liam to tape it and Zayn can get the stuff needed'. They heard what we said and came running into the kitchen,'count me in!' the two boys said at the same time. While Louis was watching a movie we all went into Liam's room and disguised our plan
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