Love Is In The Air!

Jorden is a 16 year old girl who loves her family dearly, until one day a terrible incedent happens which her mother and her move to london. it is great there, then Jorden find out she likes this one guy, but does he like her back?


3. The incident

Jordens POV

well dads going diving for shelfish today, i hope he will be careful.'Dad when are you leaving''Im leaving in 10 minutes love'dad replied to my question.'Ok dad'i just replied.


'Cya darl, mum just went to work i will catch you the biggest shelfish'. 'ok dad' and i gave him a hug


why hasnt dad come home yet im starting to get really worried, he should of rang by now. Grr he should have rang already.

nobodys POV

BRING BRING BRING! Jorden leaped up to answer the home phone thinking it was her dad,'Hello is this the daughter of Anthony Stiller''yes why who is this'Jorden said to the strang voice at the other end of the line.'well he has been brung into the Royal Sydney Hospital,'OMG, WHY''Well he has been a victom of a sivere shark attack''OMG' jorden yelled and stared crying.

Kassies POV

we were just walking to jordens house when we heard her crying and screaming,we then all ran to her house and banged on the door.'what's wrong jorden' I yelled when we all ran to jorden.She told me about a lot of things that has happened, she cried and cried until she was dry out of tears,I hate to see one of my best friends crying like that and it just made me get heaps upset and I almost started crying.
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