Love Is In The Air!

Jorden is a 16 year old girl who loves her family dearly, until one day a terrible incedent happens which her mother and her move to london. it is great there, then Jorden find out she likes this one guy, but does he like her back?



Jordens POV

All the boys finished getting dressed and had to go to the studio, so I went shopping with El who I met last night. We went into this shop that mum now works at, it's got lots of girl clothes and as soon as I walked in my mum and another random lady came running up and hugging both of us.

'Jorden honey this is Anna, she works with me now'.'awesome mum so you got the job then why didn't you ring me','just because I thought you would be busy''ok then this is Elenor, I guess you already know her ay mum'.'yes I do darling' mum said, after 3 more minutes of talking we went clothes shopping, and since mum was working there so me and El got a %50 discount which was good because they were designer clothing.

'I love this I said to El while holding a short red dress on my body.' OMG that suites you perfectly, buy it! Or I will buy it for you!''Alright alright!' I said while looking at some other clothes.

So I ended up walking out of the shop with 27 pieces of clothing, El has 23 pieces. By the time we went through all of the other shops we ended up having about 50 things each, that is what I call a good day shopping!

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