Love Is In The Air!

Jorden is a 16 year old girl who loves her family dearly, until one day a terrible incedent happens which her mother and her move to london. it is great there, then Jorden find out she likes this one guy, but does he like her back?


11. Does he really like me

'so how are things between you and Hazza', El asked me.'I dunno, i really like him but i dont think he likes me the wa y i like him','what if i ask mim to ask you out somewhere like the fair thats coming up''ok the'.


i was going to get my breakfast in our new mansion when i got a text          

hazza ;) : heyy wanna go to the fair with me today, sorry its such late notice but pleeeeeease come, Hazza and i got a small question for ya xxx :P

me : sure Hazza, i will be around in 30 mins, c ya then :P xxx

hazza ;) :ok , i wish time would hurry up :(

me : aww poor Harrry me too but as hard as you try it unfortunly wont happen

hazza ;) :i know

i just laughed and got in the shower for 15 minutes and then got into my 3 button highwasted denim short-shorts ans a tight black tank that had PRINCESS printed in rainbow on the front, also with my purple and black vans. i put my make up on, but not too hevily, then i curled my hair with my curling iron and left to go to their house and when i got their Louis opened the door and yelled  'Harry your date is here' i could feel my cheeks burning. Louis then lead me to the couch where niall  was stuffing his face with chocchip cookies and just mannaged to spit out inbettewen chews 'hi Jorden, ya know Hazza hasnt stoped talking about ya since we bumped into you at the airport'

OMG is all i could think                                 

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