Love Is In The Air!

Jorden is a 16 year old girl who loves her family dearly, until one day a terrible incedent happens which her mother and her move to london. it is great there, then Jorden find out she likes this one guy, but does he like her back?


7. Date

mum and i went shopping into this massive new shopping centre, it was heaps expensive, mum paid. nothing had cought my eyes untill we went into this cool dress and shoes called Dress & Shoes, i looked around in there for a while until i tried on this beautiful, red, glittery, mid thigh legnth dress and its matching stilettos to go with it.' ok thats the one, lets go and i will pay' mum said and i answered with a 'yay, thanks mum'. 


Its almost time to go on my date with Harry Styles, butterflies are in my stomach and im so nervous.i cant believe its with Harry Styles, i better make the most of it in case he figures out he dosent like me. im too ugly for a guy like Hazza, oh well.

I had just finished getting ready, i just had to put my stiletos on when the doorbell rang. omg he is here, im excited.

Harrys POV

jordens mum was very nice, she let me in and called for jorden to comedown ffrom her room.when she came down my jaw just dropped. her dress was beautiful, no she was the prettyest girl i have ever seen,when i could open my mouth all i could bring out were 'wow you look stunning''thanks' she softly said while blushing. i loved it wwhen she blushes, she looks so gorgeous.

Jordens POV

when harry said i looked stunnimg, my cheeks started going a bright red and my face astated burning up.' you dont look bad your self 's all i managed to spit out.'lets go, cya' he said to mum


we went in to this fancy resturant which was italian, it turns out its closed so harry drove us to Nandos, then we went to his house and ate, yes we did buy some for his mates. we got to his house that he sahares whith the 4 boys, as soon as we walked in the door the boys came running over,the blonde one was screaming 'NANDOS, NANDOS, NANDOS, NANDOS!','oh god' harry muttered to himself.

then thay all intro duced them selfs, so there were Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn who hazza shares with. we all sat down at the table and ate. we then watched a movie, when we were chosing what to watch, liam tried to run to his room so the boys pinned him down, he mannaged to get out and brings down toystory1,2 and 3, while we were watch the toystorys, liam sat next to me and stared showing me pictures of turtles. by the time it finnished i was far asleep.

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