With your love

cassie and sam are normal teenagers. 18 years to be exact. they had just gotten off school for summer break and decided to go on vacation. the vacation was going good until they go into a cafe and meet a strange boy. the vacation goes elsewhere when they meet this mans sibling. the man leads the to meet his brother who just so happens to be in the band One Direction. the man is greg horan and his brother is niall horan. things happen they become really close with the boys and may fall in love ;)


2. Chapter 2

"hello" i heard a voice say from behind us

me and sam quickly turned on our heels to see who had said that and it was the one the only PAUL!."hi" sam said quickly "ya hi" i said realizing this wasnt a dream. "are you girls ready to come inside?" "of course" sam beamed. "well lets head on in."


we were at a photo shoot. when paul sudenly walked in the room with the two most gorgeous girls everbut i liked the one on the left with the bangs.

"hi" the girl with the bangs said "im cassie."

so the gorgeous girl with the bangs was the girl i talked to on the phone. on the phone she sounded adorable but shes just amazing.

"im sam" the other girl said shyly

she was cute but i looked over at zayn. his jaw dropped. you could definitaly tell he liked her "hello bebz" zayn said to sam "vas happening?"

" oh not much. yunno" sam replied cooly.

i couldnt keep my eyes off of cassie though. there was something about i just liked.

" so these were the girls greg was with? THEYRE HOT." louis shouted. "why would you talk to greg?" louis said turning to cassie and sam who had taken a seat on the red velvety couch that was in the corner. they were spread out and cassie had her legs on sam's lap. " well i wanted to go get some coffee and decided to drag sam along with me and when we got to the coffee shop we ordered our drinks and sam went to a table but there was only one chair. and the only other chair was at gregs table but our table was right next to his so i asked for the chair he said ya and i sat down and after a while he folded his newspaper up and turned to chat with us. we ended uup talking for a while and then you called him." she said turning to me. " so i ended up talking to niall for a while (A/N hahah that rhymed im smart XD) and here we are" she said continuing on.

" so you met my brother at a coffee shop this morning?" i asked the girls " yup" they replied to me grinning evily.

"so where are you staying?" harry suddenly asked. i totally forgot the lad was there.

"well were staying at some hotel. i think its the newberry hotel? right cassie?" sam said

"ya i think so" cassie said

"WE ARE TOO!" louis yelled practically in liams ear

" shut up louis" was all liam said this entire time.

"what floor are you on?" harry asked. i think he has a keenest interest in cassie.


"what floor are you on" harry asked me staring into my eyes with his gorgeous green orbs. but i dont like him i like niall my friend victoria likes harry. "what floor are you on?" harry repeats a little louder this time "oh....yea....umm...2" i said slowly and quietly back to harry. i then realized niall was staring at me a loving look in his eyes. "umm...sam can i talk to you?" i whisper in her ear. "ya sure." she replies "excuse us for a moment?" i asked the boys. " ya sure but dont get lost." zayn says and winks at sam. Someone has a cruuuush.

"what is it you want?" sam says quickly

"well i think someone likes youuu." i jokingly said to my bestfriend
"ya well someone like you too." she snapped back at me. WOW someones on their period. i couldnt help but giggle a little.

"what was that?" she snapped at me again.

"oh nothing" i said happily skipping back into the room with the boys

"well we have to go but since were staying at the same hotel we should probably give you a ride" liam says as soon as sam walked into the room

"okay me and sam said in unison it seems shes mad at me for some reason..


in the car

i was sitting next to niall in the back when niall suddenly turns to me

"do you want to come back to our hotell room when we get back?" he whispers into my ear.

"of course" i whisper back grinning at him. he just sits there and beams at me. i giggle "whats so funny back there?" zayn yells back to us from where he was sitting next to sam, his arm around her."oh nothing i say back giggling even more and niall starts laughing. our laughter was suddenly interrupted

"hi were one direction. YOU GOTTA HELP ME! IM STUCK INSIDE YOUR PHONE!ANSWER IT CAUSE I MAY BREAK IT! PLEASE! HURRY! ITS STUFFY IN HERE!"my phone went off and i shushed it from going to the next ringtone by the boys (i had smushed them all together in one large ringtone.) the boys burst out laughing as i answer my phone. its my friend victoria "where are you?" her familiar voice rung through my head

"PUT YOUR PANTS BACK ON!" louis yelled from where he was sitting " shut up louis" me and liam say in unison both flashing him death stares

"louis? as in tomlinson?" victoria practically yelled into the phone.

"why yes love." louis said taking my phone away from me.

"im your ringtone love?" niall whispered into my ear as louis talked on my phone with victoria "actually you all are." i whispered back matter of factly.

"oh your in love with harry you say?" louis almost yells into the phone. you could tell he was trying to get harrys attention. "shes in love with me?" harry said to louis who still hadnt given me my iphone 4S back to me. " what does she look like?" harry asked turning to face me. "well i could show you a picture if I EVER GOT MY PHONE BACK!" i said hinting to louis to give it back." okay love here you go." louis says handing me back my phone. i open the photos app and open the library named "@ school wif da gurlls" and i found a really pretty photo of victoria. she has nice long chocolate brown hair and big brown eyes. she has to be way prettier than me. i open the picture and show harry the picture " oh my gosh." harry says completely astonished "shes fucking beautiful" and i could tell at that moment that we had a couple on our hands. it then started to rain outside. i looked down and realized i was in shorts and a tank top with a hoodie and a necklace with a mirror pendant. sam was wearing almost the exact same thing but different colours i was wearing white short shorts, sams were red. my tanktop was a pretty floral one sams was a solid white one. my hoodie was purple sams was bright pink. my necklace had a mirror pendant sam's had a colouful owl.(A/N filler sorry :( )

We finnaly arrived at the hotel and quickly got out and raced to the doors. once we were inside we looked at the elevator. it was broken so we raced up the stairs. liam and harry walked behind us not racing up the stairs. louis beat us all. zayn was running with sam holding hands. niall was practically dragging me behind him. louis laughed at the sight of me and niall. "what? niall is really fast." i said pouting. "ya sure. niall has to be one of the slowest people on earth. besides you of course" zayn said jokingly(i hope) louis unlocks the door to the hotel room runs into a bedroom grabs a pile of fabric and and goes into the bathroom. zayn sits down at the table and sam sits beside him. they start talking when zayn stands up and drags sam into one of the bedrooms im guessing is his. niall looks at me and i realize he's soaking wet. i then realize i am too. he stands up "im going to go change and ill get you something to change into then we can pop in the film. ok?" "ya great" i say smiling. and he leaves me there sitting on the couch. i pul out my iphone and go on twitter. i look at my direct messages. one was from louis

From: louis tomlinson

@cassie_loves1D be safe ;)

i open up a new tweet

From: me

@louis_tomlinson i wouldnt be so sure ;) JK

and i sent the tweet. niall then enters the room and sits down holding a ball of fabric. "i read your tweet to louis" he says holding up his blackberry bold. "oh it was nothing" i say embarrased. "oh no i laughed" he replies. "oh good" "so you can go change in my room and ill make some popcorn. ok?" "great i say beaming.

i walk into the room everything was shoved into the closet which niall left open. i unfold the clothes he had given me a pair of sweats and a sweater. the clothes were too big but i put them on anyways. i walkde out of the room just as niall was popping the DVD in the player. i sat on the lazyboy chair as niall sat down in the other. he had just finished making a gigantic bowl of popcorn. "what film did you put in?" i ask niall " paranormal activity" OH how i hated that film. "but i hate those kind of films." "well you can come sit with me" niall says in his adorable irish accent. so i went and sat with him on the large lazyboy cuddling up to him. it got right to the part i hate when there was a loud bang. niall stopped the movie and went to go see what made that sound. he walked into louis' room and saw louis on the floor with the bed broken. "LOUIS WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?" niall yelled at the boy who was spraled out on the floor. "well i got bored on my laptop so i decided to jump on the bed. i went to do a backflip when the bed broke." niall and i looked at the older boy who had sat up and sat criss-cross. me and niall burst into laughter.


is this long? i sometimes can't even tell. well i hope you like it and yea......

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