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cassie and sam are normal teenagers. 18 years to be exact. they had just gotten off school for summer break and decided to go on vacation. the vacation was going good until they go into a cafe and meet a strange boy. the vacation goes elsewhere when they meet this mans sibling. the man leads the to meet his brother who just so happens to be in the band One Direction. the man is greg horan and his brother is niall horan. things happen they become really close with the boys and may fall in love ;)


1. Chapter 1


so me and my bestfriend sam are in my bedroom in canada and we just got off school for summer break. your thinking of what to do for the summer. randomly my bestfriend sam say "LETS GO TO EUROPE. WE COULD GO TO IRELAND!" and next thing you know i was on my laptop getting tickets to ireland but the only flights to ireland are to mullingar BIRTHPLACE OF NIALL HORAN FROM ONE DIRECTION. and i thought to myself "maybe we'll meet the boys while were there." then i booked the flight to mullingar which leaves in two days


i was at cassie's house and we were talking about what to do over the summer vacation when suddenly i got the greatest idea "LETS GO TO EUROPE.WE COULD GO TO IRELAND!" so cassie grabbed her laptop and booked a flight to mullingar. i was so excited! but the flight left in two days. that saddened me. i wouldnt have time to see my family before we left.


at the airport

"do we really have to be here this early the plane leaves in like forever?" sam whined to me. i sat up in the airport chair a little taller and looked down at my bestfriend who was lying down in the chairs with her head in my lap. "its so we arent late and miss our flight. if i could id be at home sleeping" it was currently 3 in the a.m. and we were both tired. i pulled out my iphone and started to listen to i want. i then dozed off dreamily when i suddenly got woken up by a lady on a speaker "last call for flight 12 to mullingar. last call." "HOLY SHIT! SAM! WHY DIDNT YOU WAKE ME?!?!?" i call. we then grab our stuff and rush over to the pretty girl standing by the desk we handed her our boarding pass.

i looked for our seats in working class and saw that we were booked for first class! i had never been in first class before. sam sat down next to me and pulled out her ipad. she started playing angry birds. she was great at that game. she almost always won i watched her drag back a big white bird and shoot it at the little green piggys when a flight attendant walked by saying "please turn off all electronic devices the plane is about to take off." i watched as sam turned off her ipad and the flight attendants started thier little presentation. i always enjoyed that short presentation it always made me feel safe. dont ask i dont know why. i suddenly let out a huge yawn and fell asleep on sams shoulder.


i was suddenly woken up by the flight attendant on the speaker "we are about to begin landing in mullingar ireland the current time here is 9 o'clock in the morning. please buckle up your seatbelts the seatbelt sign will come on shortly". i sat up and looked at sam she was still playing angry birds. she then turned her ipad off and turned to look at me "are you excited i thought about it while you were asleep and we might have chances of actually meeting one direction! i mean just think about niall!" i didnt tell her i liked niall. i thought she liked harry. "do you think me and niall would look good together?" "of course" i said faking a small smile. i couldnt tell her now that i liked niall.

after a couple moments of silence sam turned to me and said "do you like any of the boys? i mean you and zayn would look great together!" i beamed knowing she actually thought about me and one of the boys together.


as soon as we landed we took a cab to our hotel. i wasnt even tired cause i slept on the plane. so i turned to sam and asked "are you tired i kinda want to go get soem coffee. you wanna come with?" sam turned to me from looking out the window of our hotel room "what? ya sure whatever" she grumbled i just turned around heading towards the door and she followed me out. we walked outside of the hotel and went searching for a coffee shop suddenly sam said "oh look a coffe shop. lets go there." "sure" i replied. as we walked into the coffee shop i saw a man siiting alone at a table alone reading the newspaper and sipping on his drink. he had a name tag but i couldnt see what it said. so me and sam walked up to the counter and ordered our drinks i just ordered a tea while sam got some extraodinharry cappucino thing with cinnamon and whipped cream on top and she went and sat at the table next to that name tag guy. there was only one chair at the table she sat at so i would have to get one from another table.

i walked over to our table and put my drink down i turned to name tag guy and read his name tag it read "HORAN" i couldnt help but immediatly think of one direction. i asked the man quietly "could i maybe take this chair" he looked up from his newspaper and said "oh yeah totally greg by the way" "thanks greg" i said smiling a little. i sat down with sam who smiled at me. greg turned to us folding up his newspaper and beggining to chat with us. i finally said "do you have any siblings?" he looked at me from where he was looking out the window and replied "yeah actually my brothers niall horan from one direction. but im trusting you guys not to tell anyone. but do you wanna hear a secret?" he said with his strong irish accent "sure" me and sam replied in unison. me beaming brightly "well" greg started "the boys are in town. if you want i could introduce you guys to them" we were then interrupted by gregs phone ringing "hullo?" greg said into his phone "no niall i cant take you there right now im busy" greg said into the phone you could hear the person on the other end of the line. they were whining. "but greg its an emergency im hungry" greg just simply said "no niall im out with company" "are you with a girl?" was all i heard next "yes but no its not a date. theyre simply just people i met at a coffee shop do you want to talk to them?" "sure" was all you heard from the phone and next thing you know greg was handing me his phone "hullo?" i said into the phone "hello" the person replied "who is this?" i said into gregs phone "niall. may i ask who this is?" "cassie" "well cassie id love to chat but.. LOUIS STOP EATING ALL THE FOOD!... sorry but i have to go me and the lads are going out to a photo shoot id love if you could meet us there though." niall said "okay where should i go? and can i bring a friend? is greg supposed to come?" i shot these answers at the irish lad. " first off you can come to the mullingar buisness park ill have someone there to show you in. second of course you can bring a friend." "AS LONG AS SHES PRETTY!" i heard a voice shout from the background. i sure thought sam was pretty but how should i have the mentality of whoever shouted that "and third greg can come if he wants to" i looked at greg who had heard all this because i had put the phone on speaker greg simply just said i have to work but i could drive you there if you would like" "great" i said beaming "so niall ill see you in a little while ok?" "fantastic love. i have to go bye" "good bye" i said into the phone. hung up. then handed greg his cell phone. "thanks he said standing up and walking to his car. me and sam followed close behing him. we hopped in gregs car and he started driving. the radiio was on and want u back by cher lloyd came on the radio. greg turned up the volume and almost instantaniously greg, sam and i were belting out the lyrics.

we pulled into a parking lot. i read the sign near the entrance "mullingar buisiness park" it read i started thinking "in a few minutes ill be meeting one direction." i just realized this it all gappened so fast. i glanceed at sam she looked so excited

we got out of the car. "thanks greg" me and sam both said. we closed the door and watched as greg drove away

"hello" a voice said from behind us

me and sam both turned on our heels to see who it was


A/N: so whadda ya think of it so far? its so long huh? is it atleast good? it scares me you wont like it cause i worked so hard! well anyways hope you enjoyed it!

love you all

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