Would You Be Mine?

When you were little, people asked you what you wanted to be. You have simple answers like, a princess, a fire-fighter, a pirate. Never truly what you end up to be. You grow up to be Docters, waitresses, vets, waiters. Your fairy tale becomes reality. What you once knew, becomes what you know. You're life flashes through your eyes. Images of the past memories with your family, your friends or enemies. But they're all memories. Nothing more then the past. You learn to lose all those attachments you had and grow up. Everything you did, made you stronger. Everything you are, becomes who you were. If you were to ask me now if life had turned out the way I planned, I'd give you a simply answer. No. I never slowed down. Never wanted to be alone. If I cried that first year, the tears would all fall down freely. You learn your strengths and weaknesses. And most are found to be weakness of some sort. If you know it or not. You just got to Stan your ground.


2. Prepare For The Boys

"Jay! Will you come down here for a second?" Simon yelled from another room.

"Coming Si!" I replied hopping over objects and obsticles infront of me as I tripped over my shoes. I really got to clean up a bit. I thought looking over my room. I have a horribly messy room and bathroom. I have four bed-rooms, three bath, A lounge, a Living Room, and a Kitchen. Simon was so good to me, he took me in with loads of trust at 15 and gave me this massive sized place for the cheapest rent. He was the only one who knew my real name and my story. Yes, my name is Jay, short for Jaylee. My parents were some kind of freaks I guess. Well, they were freaks considering they left me to fend for myself. I ran down the stairs recovering from my little stumble a minute ago and came to a halt in front of Simon.

"Hey Jay, I was wondering if you'd do me a favor my favorite little American girl." He teased.

"Yeah, that's 'cause I'm the only girl you've taken in, and sure. I guess I could do you a favor, what's the ocassion?" I asked puzzled, he never asked me to do anything.

"Well, as you know, The boys are coming to stay with me here but I unfortunatly got called to fly down to L.A. For two weeks and I need someone to show them around, give them a tour and stuff." He said making eye-contact.

"So.. What does this have to do with me?" I questioned furrowing my eyebrows together.

"Well, I was hoping that person, would be you." He said smiling in hope. I stared for a minute, I was going to be pretty busy today but I supposed I could. I nodded giving in and he smiled brightly.

"Thank you!" He said smiling and giving me a hug.

"No problem Si." I replied smiling back.

"Would you like some tea?" I asked referring to the glasses at the top of the stairs.

"No thank you, I need to get going, flight leaves in an hour." He said gently, pointing towards the car outside.

"Oh, yeah, of course!" I nodded, pushing him towards the door.

"THEY'LL BE HERE BY NOON!" He yelled from his car using my American Time.  I nodded and waved him off heading back upstairs. I need to tidy up before they get here. I walked into the kitchen for breakfast seeing it's only 8 a.m. I opened my fridge and noticed I needed food to! I pulled out some eggs and milk, mixing them together and pouring them in a skillet. Milk made the eggs go way further. I grabbed the pitcher of Tea and poured me a glass. Once I was finished eating and drinking, I washed all my dishes and headed upstairs.

I needed a shower, like, really bad. I pulled out my Black Skinnies, My CM Punk Tee Shirt from Hot Topic, socks, and my Sleeping With Sirens TOMS. I made my way through all the clutter and took a shower. I washed up and soon as I got in, I was out. My towel hanging lightly on my body as I swayed side to side trying to find my hair brush and makeup. OH! I remember, I left it in my room. I quickly walked into my room seeing it was almost 9 and I still needed to do things. I moved some stuff off my bed and heading back into the bathroom. I quickly brushed my hair and got dressed letting my Red hair fall into my face. I applied my eyeliner, mascara, and cover-up before throwing my hair up into a messy bun.

I literally flew down the stairs and grabbed my wallet, shoving it roughly into my back pocket with one hand and grabbing my keys with the other. I hopped into my 97 Corvet and was on my way. I had a few things I had to accomplish before they got here. One being cashing in my checks, two I had to go to the food mart, three I had to pick up my SAT scores, and lastly, I had to clean my house. Seeing as Simon was gone, that meant they were most likely staying with me in my apartment supplex building, whatever you wanted to call it.

I pulled into The Bank and pulled out my three checks. I had to pay my insurance and my rent. After I entered those bills into the post office, I had enough money for this weeks dinner. I pulled into the food mart and put in my earbuds in. When I Get Home, You're So Dead, came blasting through my speakers and I hummed along grabbing some noodles and sauce. I pulled out my list and it read:






Frozen Chips,


And Bread.

I was going easy on the food today, I'll get the rest tomorrow. I paid for all my stuff and headed back to the Post Office. I forgot to check the mail when I was here! I dug through my pocket and got my key out. I swiftly put in the key and open it. I pulled out more bills and my SAT scores. YES! Finally! I was waiting all week for these!

I hopped in my car and opened up my mail. I scored pretty good, I'm happy with the outcome. I pulled out of the parking lot and headed home, it was now 11 o'clock and I had to clean still. I quickly pulled all my bags in and put the food away. I ran around the house cleaning random bits here and there until it was almost done. I finished the guest rooms and my room, the lounge, and the bathrooms, I had the living room and Kitchen to do know. But it was already twelve and the guys should be here soon so I'll do it later. 

The clock read 12:13, they're late, oh  well. I turned on the t.v just as the door bell rang.

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