Would You Be Mine?

When you were little, people asked you what you wanted to be. You have simple answers like, a princess, a fire-fighter, a pirate. Never truly what you end up to be. You grow up to be Docters, waitresses, vets, waiters. Your fairy tale becomes reality. What you once knew, becomes what you know. You're life flashes through your eyes. Images of the past memories with your family, your friends or enemies. But they're all memories. Nothing more then the past. You learn to lose all those attachments you had and grow up. Everything you did, made you stronger. Everything you are, becomes who you were. If you were to ask me now if life had turned out the way I planned, I'd give you a simply answer. No. I never slowed down. Never wanted to be alone. If I cried that first year, the tears would all fall down freely. You learn your strengths and weaknesses. And most are found to be weakness of some sort. If you know it or not. You just got to Stan your ground.


1. My past

My life wasn't always like this. I was never known around the world, rarely someone would know my name, and I defiantly did not have a fan base or a hate base. Whatever you'd like to call it. I never knew love or hate. Never wanted to. I never knew who I was or who I was going to be. Just who I was pretending to be in a spur of the moment. All I needed was a fresh breath of air. No one understood me and I didn't understand them, let alone try to. No one really knew me and if they did, I was always the perverse, petulant girl down the street or to the ones who actually knew me I was lax. They only knew who I had become after my fathers reaping. My father was always a hoarder, always taking things we didn't need and some stuff he took from someone else. After that, I was just expunged from everyones memory. I ended up moving away because the disgrace I carried around was to heavy to carry around like weights on my shoulder. I hated everybody and anybody spared me a glance. I'd dispel the only people I got along with and I soon learned not to care. I was socially awkward. Talking would be committing Social suicide. I had already certified that I was legal to live on my own and take care of myself at the young age of 15 and now I'm 17. And my building owner, Simon, had gotten his grand kids to come stay here for a month or two and they are all going to be in my apartment building A. Room 32 next to mine. Room 33. Simon had turned out to be a father figure to me and he saved me from the cruel word out there. He shielded me from the hate when I coward away, he'd stand up for me. He's not as heartless as he makes himself seem on tv. And Hopefully his grandkids are not as absurd and loud as Simon made them out to be.
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