Untill I died

'Though death keeps us apart, it bonds us in strange ways.'
My name was Lawra, I was 16, I loved him, I trusted him, I died.


3. Tick Tock

Hello Munchkins! it's nearly sleep time for me but here is a speccial chapter! WOOO! Shoutout to☀☀MistaMe☀☀ for my first comment!

Tick tock. Every second of every minute of every day. Tick tock. Watching my parents became too painful, so i sit here by the big grandfather clock in Hammond's Hotel all day. I watch happy families pass by innocently. Tick tock. Oh how i envy them.

It was tuesday when a man sat next to me, he leant close and whispered "I see you" i was creeped out. "Can you hear me too?" I replied. "Yes, would you like to contact someone?" he asked. "YES! The police!" I yelled at him. "No Jeremy, turn left and come into the hallway then we will call Josh together." Oh a phone.

Tick tock. I should probably get up and leave and do something with my eternal death. Slowly i stood up. I turned towards the door and...My non exsistant heart stopped, he was there. He was looking me straight in the eyes and he was coming right at me. Tick tock.


Mwahaha! sorry it's short but i have to go! <3 -Molly


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