Untill I died

'Though death keeps us apart, it bonds us in strange ways.'
My name was Lawra, I was 16, I loved him, I trusted him, I died.


2. The Walk

Hello Munchkins! I hope you all enjoy chapter 2 of Untill I Died!

When you die, there is no light, no happiness, no angels flying around in heaven. There is nothing but pain and then very slowly darkness. You are alone, forced to walk as a ghost on the streets and there is nothing you can do. I walk past a store, it is littered with newspapers and magazines. The titles are all tne same. 'Girl murdered. Killer on the loose.' 'Family of dead girl want justice.'  'Mother of Lawra Levcos pleads: Please come forward!' 'No leads on Levcos case.' They went on and on. They were never ending.

When would my family's pain end? When will my pain end?

My mother fell into dangerous habits. 3 painkillers for her 'headaches' everynight, washed down by half a bottle of vodka. So did my father. He would go into the basement and drink untill he passed out. then when he woke up he would drink what was left and go to bed. They would quietly meet in the kitchen, my Mither for her painkillers and my Father for His alcohol, but he would always leave her the vodka. It was a wordless agreement.

I had to watch my Mother and Father slowly kill themselves, but to them they were already dead on the inside.

Sorry it's short! The next chapter will make up for it! -Molly <3  



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