Untill I died

'Though death keeps us apart, it bonds us in strange ways.'
My name was Lawra, I was 16, I loved him, I trusted him, I died.


4. Falling

He stared at me. I screamed, knowing nobody could hear me. I closed my eyes and pushed my fists into my eye sockets. Tiny coloured spots filled my vision, then stars. And when i opened my eyes, i was falling.

Falling for seemingly forever then suddenly i was back. His fists were clenched. "I did it." he said shamefully. "Samuel, samuel, samuel!" the man on the phone said quietly. "It's not over yet." the man chuckeled. "What do you mean, not over yet?" Samuel questioned. "Just because she's dead dosen't mean you're off the hook!" he smiled evily. I screamed again. This time it was a scream of rage. "I HATE YOU!" i yelled. trying to punch them both and then suddenly i was falling again.




And then i hit the ground. My bones felt broken. i couldn't move. i wass dead and alive. I was stuck in the middle. Full of hatred and vengence. Not knowing what was happening. I need help. There must be other ghosts. Or was this my own personal hell? Was i forced to be alone forever? Help me.



Always falling.


WOOOO! Hello my Munchkins! sorry for no update! i've been sooo busy! but i promise more updates! So what do you think so far? Now i know this is probably very confusing BUT stick along for the ride and it will slowly make sense. I hope ;) -Molly <3

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