Untill I died

'Though death keeps us apart, it bonds us in strange ways.'
My name was Lawra, I was 16, I loved him, I trusted him, I died.


1. A deadly love

The thing I regret the most is not that I trusted him, it's that I cried. I did not look him in the eyes while  he brought the knife up, I did not fearlessly call him a coward. I sat in the corner, I cried, I screamed for help, I gave in.

It was love. I was sure of that. Love at first sight. He looked at me and smiled, later that day he asked me on a date, I said yes. That night he called and cancelled, i sat at home and watched t.v. Home alone once again. Then the knock at the door.


He put me on the bed, i screamed for help. Slowly he forced his private between my legs. He took me. He held his hand over my mouth as he raped me, he smiled as he removed the black mask, i screamed again. He finished and left me in the corner. He brought the knife down on me. I died. 

The police found no evidence. He wore gloves, he did not come, he had shaved. I was alone. Dead and alone.


Mwahaha! Hey everyone! hoped you enjoyed next chapter will be up soon!  

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