I Can Love You More Than This


1. New School, New Life

This is my FIRST story! Hope you like! Leave comments please. :)


Hi. My name is Gabrielle. All my friends call me Gabi.. Well guess what? I'm loosing all my friends, over a move.. My mom just got married to this snot-rag of a guy named Rick... I absouletely hate him so much. He's that type of guy that always is "joking around" with me and it's so annoying. Well anyway... I'm the new girl at Richmond High. Actually my first day of school is tomorrow. I'm so nervous... Oh and guess what? I'm Niall Horan's cousin. Yeah, the big superstar Niall Horan, from One Direction. I actually haven't seen him in forever since he's been gone on the USA tour, and before that, he's been so caught up with One Direction stuff. It gets overwhelming sometimes, but I sorta get over it I guess. So anyway..


"Gabi! Come on! You'll be late on your first day!" My mum screamed from downstairs. "Coming!" I fixed up my mascara and brushed through my starightened hair. I hopped down the stairs and grabbed my vera bradley backpack off of the kitchen table. I kissed my mom on the cheek and ran out the door, unlocking my car. I threw my bag onto the passangers' seat, grabbing my schedule as well. I sighed and started my car, looking down onto my schedule. I backed out of the driveway and into the awaiting busy street. I sped off down the street and arrived at Richmond. "Wow" I muttered at the sight of the huge school in front of me. I grabbed my schedule and backpack off of the passangers' seat and stepped out of the car. I looked back down at my schedule and read the first class. Mrs. Beaner, room 312. I stumbled inside and walked down the hallway which seemed like forever. I looked around at each room number. Room 311, Room 313, Room 314. "What the hell? Where is it!?" I mumbled. "Ouch!" I yelled as I tumbled to the ground, my books flying everywhere. I landed on the ground and saw a hand reach down to help me up. I grabbed the hand and they pulled me up. Pushing my hair out of my face, I looked up at the person. Taking a few steps back, I squinted my eyes. "Niall?" the young boy had blonde hair with brown underneath, sparkly blue eyes, and a brace face smile. "Oh my god Gabi!" he smiled and pulled me into a hug. He pulled away and I picked up my books that had fallen. "Sorry bout that!" he exclaimed and picked up my last book that was at his feet. 'Oh it's fine. Just startled me!" I exclaimed, as Niall grabbed my schedule and scanned it. "Looks like we've got Beaner together!" he smiled and led me to the classroom. I stepped inside and everybody stared at me. Finally Niall spoke up and I stepped towards. "Hi Mrs. Beaner. This is Gabirelle, she's new here and well yeah I saw her lost in the hallway and it turned out that she was in here!" he smiled and I looked down at my feet. "Hi Gabirelle. You can take that seat next to Niall in the back." I nodded and headed to my seat. "Looks likes it's going to be a long day." I sighed and sunk into my seat.



I sighed and packed up all my things. I looked down at my schedule and read the next thing. Lunch! "Come on Gabi." called Niall from the front of the room. "Coming!" I yelled and ran out the door. We went to my locker and grabbed my lunch. I followed Niall outside to his awaiting friends. "Hey! This is my cousin Gabi!" Niall announced and all the guys waved at me. Let me tell you something. I've got a little crush on Harry... Yeah I know.. It's been a crush for about 2 years.. But, I've never met him but he seems so nice. "Hi." I heard some really attractive voice ring through my ears. I turned around and saw Harry with that cheeky smile on his face. "Hey." I replied, probably sounding like an idiot. "I'm Harry." he said, putting his hand out for me to shake. I grabbed it but instead he kissed my hand. I probably blushed alittle bit. I heard some chuckling from behind me and I quickly turned around to face a laughing Niall. "Oh shut up Niall!" I giggled. I also noticed a few girls sitting at the table as well. "Hi Gabi! My names's Liam and that's my girlfriend Danielle." he said pointing to a curly haired girl who waved at me. I waved back as another guy walked up. "I'm Zayn and that's my girlfriend Perrie." He assured me and pointed at a blonde girl sitting down next to Danielle. "And I'm Louis! That's my girlfriend over there, Eleanor!" he smiled and pointed to a really pretty girl sitting on the other side of Perrie. I smiled and waved and sat down next to Niall. "So you happy to start here?"


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